The Best 20 Games On TapTap Store 2022 – For Free

The Best 20 Games On TapTap Store 2022 – For Free
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TapTap store always offers new games with creative styles and ideas. It Offers games that are not available in the Play Store and Apple Store. In this list, you will find the Best Games on TapTap Store 2022.

Also, one of the Most Interesting features of this store is the Amazing Chinese games that you can try before they are released. In addition, too many distinctive Android and iOS games.

Each game in the store has a group to discuss with game developers and group members. You can share your fun moments in a Game or your problems with a group.


I didn’t mention the popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, etc.

1 | T3 Arena:

[Free – 8.7/10 – Online – 878MB]


T3 Arena is currently the number one most popular game on TapTap Store. Best Games on TapTap Store 2022. It is a 3v3 shooting game in the style of Overwatch. It offers various characters in different ways of playing, and each hero has his role.

You can choose between long-range, close-range, support, etc. The game features a maps design and heroes full of colors, smooth control, and different game modes such as:

  • Team Deathmatch (3v3): The first team to reach 20 kills wins.
  • Crystal Assault (3v3): the bomb mode. Defend or Attack. Detonate the Crystal or prevent the enemy team from detonating it.
  • Control (3vs3): dominate different areas on the map.
  • Payload Escort (3v3): One team defends the Payload and must deliver it to the end, and the other team must prevent them from Delivering the Payload.
  • Payload Race (3v3): Each team has its Payload, and whoever delivers it first wins.
  • Free For All (Solo): 6 Heroes compete against each other to get the 12 kills first.

02 | Metal Revolution:

[Free – 7.6/10 – Online – 781MB]


METAL REVOLUTION is a classic fighting game with a diverse futuristic style. The game is only available on Android and will be available on iOS soon in TapTap Store.

The game offers deep gameplay mechanics, Easy control, and impressive futuristic graphics. You can try the game at 60 frames per second.

Great variety of characters. Both in terms of design and abilities. There is also a story mode, in which you will get to know the story of each character. METAL REVOLUTION is a fun fighting game for both casual players and fighting game lovers.

In addition, the maps are unique, a mixture between the past and the future in a wonderfully artistic way. Ranking mode offers Difficult and fun challenges and Unique rewards.

03 | Alpha Ace:

[Free – 6.7/10 – Online – 908MB]


Fans of Counter-Strike, FPS, and classic Shooter games, this is a suitable game for them. It offers an interactive first-person battle game in different game modes, Classic and completely new.

Alpha Ace is one of the best TapTap Store games in 2022. It offers realistic weapons variety, freedom to choose any character you want, HardCore 5v5 FPS, and smooth performance on devices.

But the most characteristic of shooting games is the different and varied modes.

  • Demolition Clash (PvP): Fun interactive tactical quick battles.
  • Team Clash: Get points by killing enemies, unlimited weapons, and respawn.
  • Point Grab: Collect the Largest number of points in a specific time using certain weapons.
  • Endgame Mode: A well-known shooting game mode (bomb mode).
  • Costume Party: This mode offers fun and funny games to change the atmosphere.
  • Titans Arcade: Unlock weapons whenever you kill someone.
  • Rocket Man: Fight with a rocket launcher.

04 | eFootball PES 2021:

[Free – 8.0/10 – Online – 1.87GB]


eFootball PES 2021 is one of the biggest mobile sports games Not Only in the Tap Tap Store. It offers the same gameplay as PES2019 acclaimed as the best sports game of 2019.

The game is also available on the Andriod TapTap Store and iOS. It contains many licensed clubs and leagues. Iconic Moment Series add-on that allows you to relive the Most Important Moments in the careers of football stars.

You can compete with your friends near and far. Also, get into competitive sports events if you’re a professional. You can include legendary players such as D. BECKHAM, F. TOTTI, D. MARADONA, S.Gerrard, G. BATISTUTA, and FERNANDO TORRES.

Organize current matches Played in the world for a more realistic experience. In addition to the Realistic gameplay mechanics as well.


05 | Weapon Shop Fantasy:

[Free – 8.9/10 – Online – 78MB]


Weapon Shop Fantasy is a simulation and management game in the style of pixel graphics. Player reviews are positive and highly rated. Try unique role-playing and simulation in Weapon Shop Fantasy.

You have to collect resources, Train staff, craft weapons, and defeat enemies. The game contains many role-playing elements with a large selection of simulation elements.

You can learn Useful skills and create special skills if you want. Defeating enemies helps you collect rare resources. If you are unable To defeat enemies, You can steal resources and escape.

Gather employees to work in your store and send them on adventures to get rewards. The game is only available on TapTap Store Andriod

06 | Sausage Man:

[Free – 8.2/10 – Online – 1.07GB]


Online, Multiplayer, Battle Royale, shooter, with design and graphics full of colors and fun, are the characteristics of Sausage Man. You will enjoy the game more with your friends.

You can use a Huge variety of different weapons. In addition, realistic shooting physics makes the Experience of light-up guns, revivals, and tactical armor even more enjoyable. The gameplay is fast, tactical, and detailed.

The game world is full of liveliness and activity that you can laugh and have fun with your friends. Also, the game offers various customizations for your character and different skins.

Sausage Man is one of the Best Games on the TapTap Store and is available on Android TapTap. iOS Coming Soon.

07 | Flash Party:

[Free – 7.7/10 – Online – 945MB]


Platform fighting games are always fun and Interesting because of the unique gameplay, diverse fighting mechanics, and the different ways to defeat your enemies depending on your character and the map you play in.

Flash Party is one such fun game. There are several modes in the game, and each one has its winning method 1v1, 2v2, Brawl, Arena, and Soccer Showdown.

As usual, Platform fighting games Always have many characters. Flash Party offers that. Experiment with the heroes and choose what suits your playing style. In addition, the many maps and different ways of playing.

A game directed to the person who wants to enjoy his time with his friends. Available on TapTap Store Android and iOS. And the reviews of the players are Mostly positive.

08 | Bright Memory Mobile:

[Free – 8.2/10 – Online – 1.5GB]


You will find this paid game on Google Play and other stores, but TapTap Store offers it For Free. It is one of the most popular and Best Games on the TapTap Store.

Bright Memory Mobile is a PC game made on the mobile platform and featuring HD graphics, only powerful phones that you can run smoothly. It needs a Snapdragon 855 / Kirin 980 processor to run smoothly.

First-person shooter game. You can control and customize different skills and abilities and use them to make unique combos.

The game is available on Android and will soon be available on iOS. The only problem with the game is that it requires a powerful device to enjoy it, and not all players have good mobiles.

| MORE Mobile Games List:


09 | Grand Criminal Online:

[Free – 7.8/10 – Online – 884MB]


Grand Criminal Online introduced GTA mobile game elements in a fun way, multiplayer PvP action game in the open world and different modes RP, sandbox PvP, and sandbox PvE.

You will not only play a criminal in Grand Criminal Online. You can choose between the character of an ordinary employee, a businessman who invests in corporate stocks, or a criminal and a gangster.

Game Features:

  • Good mobile graphics and smooth control
  • Various modes that you can try. You can play with your friends, complete missions, and challenge your enemies from two players.
  • An open world where you can move from suburbs and countryside to cities and skyscrapers.
  • Dozens of types of cars and vehicles. Arsenal of weapons, knives, grenade launchers, and machine guns.
  • Customize your character with the look and feel you want.

A game directed at GTA fans. In the atmosphere of gangs and theft and various missions and challenges. New content is added periodically to a game to improve it. For example, Add drones for bombing from the air and many other fun additions.

10 | Lost Light:

[Free – 7.0/10 – Online – 1.82GB]


Lost Light is an RPG survival shooter game. Your main objective is to build your strength by collecting resources and necessities and surviving against the enemies. You can infiltrate and steal resources or attack directly on enemies and loot resources.

The game offers a variety of battlefields, From forests to factories and ports. Also, many weapons that you have to learn. Learn ways to survive, provide the necessary resources, deal with hunger and pain, and make tactical plans.

The weapon customization system is Very Deep. to offer a more realistic weapon experience. Each weapon supports up to 12 adjustable parts and hundreds of items. In addition, different playing styles are sometimes stealth and sometimes face-to-face combat.

Lost Light gives you the freedom to play alone orally with your enemies and help each other out. It also offers Cross-Platform Play, which allows you to play with PC players and communicates with each other.

| MORE Mobile Games List:


11 | Land Of Eno:

[Free – 6.5/10 – Off/Online – 261MB]


Land Of Eno is one of the latest roguelike games in an open world that you can try without an internet connection. The world of Eno offers Random challenges as well as various random bosses.

You can choose from many characters, customize and choose equipment and in a Random way, face various bosses in different ways. The game implemented the roguelike system in a Fun and not boring way.

Also, one of the Most Important features of the game is the Graphics (charming and enchanting colors.) Which is Characterized by the design of beautiful landscapes. Land Of Eno, One of the latest and Best Games on the TapTap store, is only available on TapTap.

12 | One Piece Fighting Path:

[Free – 7.9/10 – Online – 1.59GB]


Fans of the anime world will love this game. One Piece Fighting Path is a Great quotation from the anime. Same character graphics and locations, same character voice actors, you can use the same character abilities.

The game offers a 3D game system in a hack and slash style. You will have a lot of fun as you hit one combo after another in a fast way. In addition, to navigation and exploration, the main element in the World of One Piece. (Fishing, collecting treasures, getting characters into a crew, collecting ships, etc.)

You will explore an open world, collect your crew, and visit all the islands in the original anime story. You will meet Zoro, Lie Busanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, and Merry.

One Piece Fighting Path is one of the best mobile anime games available on Android, iOS, and the TapTap Store.

13 | Dark Divinity: The Calling:

[Free – 7.2/10 – Online – 691MB]


Dark Divinity is a 3D RPG set in the world of Dark Fantasy. The game story tells about an investigation into the abnormal phenomena in a city. Face many terrifying monsters and bosses.

Your goal is to Find Out the cause of these phenomena and eliminate evil by using different characters. You can choose from 100 heroes divided into 6 Factions, wizard, tank, support, archer, and assassin. Choose the heroes that best suit your playing style and equip them with various equipment.

In the dark fantasy game world that offers dozens of maps, You will fight different bosses in an Automatic and fast way. Also, there is a PVP mode in which you recruit 5 Heroes, equip them, and compete with other 5v5 players.

The game consists of two Main systems, an RPG that offers a varied gameplay experience and different elements to enjoy and a roguelike system that offers random encounters against random enemies on Different maps.

14 | Be a Pro – FootballTest:

[Free – 6.4/10 – Online – 871MB]


Be a Pro – Football The latest and Best games on TapTap Store, An exciting soccer game that offers a realistic PVP experience.

The game focuses heavily on PvP matches. That makes improving your skills and developing yourself in the game a must. Also, focus on collecting the best teams and collecting the best players.

Fast and Exciting Be a Pro – Football game experience. In addition, the smooth and realistic graphics help to provide a more enjoyable game experience. The Experience of dribbling, passing and 3D action makes matches look somewhat Realistic.

And don’t forget the many licensed players and Champions League and Player transfer market

15 | Streamer Simulator:

[Free – 5.3/10 – Online – 159MB]


Simulation games are Very Popular at this time on PC. Especially YouTubers and streamers’ simulation games, In this center, you will find the most famous of these games on the phone.

The game allows you to live the life of a streamer with all its circumstances and problems. You will start learning the basics of doing a live stream. Will work hard to save enough money and buy the equipment you need to become a streamer.

You will work in all areas to collect money, as a delivery driver, a taxi driver, and a cashier. After your launch in the field of the live streamer, your Special needs begin to appear, and you have to take care of them. Like, such as renting a house, buying food, etc.

The game has an open world to work in and learn to become a streamer. The game offers an outstanding experience, and you can try it on TapTap Store Games. Only available on Android.

16 | Pokémon UNITE:

[Free – 8.3/10 – Online – 621MB]


Pokémon UNITE is A 5V5 MOBA game featuring the characters of the Pokémon world. The main objective in the game is not to destroy the enemy base like in other MOBA games. But to score the Largest number of points. The game is a mixture of basketball and Arena MOBA fights.

Teamwork is the key to victory in these games. You Must know how to take advantage of your team. Understand your hero and the heroes of your team to defeat the enemy. You will play the same characters in the series and with the same special abilities.

The Rank system provides an enjoyable and challenging experience at the same time. The game has won several awards, including:

  • 2021 Google Play Best Competitive
  • 2021 Google Play Best Game 2021 Google Play Users’ Choice Game

Pokémon UNITE is one of the best Best Games on the TapTap Store and Mobile.

| MORE Mobile Games List:


17 | Ace Racer:

[Free – 8.3/10 – Online – 1.57GB]


Ace Racer is a car racing game With tons of real cars and a Huge Variety of customizations. One of the best features of the game is UNIQUE ULTIMATE.

Each car has its own ULTIMATE. For example, flash through walls, transform while driving, and drift at high-speed.

Miscellaneous tracks. You can play in the city, countryside, forest, northern lands, and beautiful landscapes, you can choose what you want.

The game contains more than 80 Real cars from 25 Well-known car manufacturers. The game allows you to Own any Car you want.

In addition, customize cars from decals, shiny wheels, and headlights to even a license plate. The way to play and drive is easy and not complicated.

18 | Clash Mini:

[Free – 8.0/10 – Online – 123MB]


Clash world in a strategy board game. You have to collect, summon and develop characters from the world of Clash and use them in your strategic battle, Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, Archer Queen, and more.

You have to lead your army, choose suitable heroes and appropriate strategies, and change the course of a battle by smartly switching between heroes.

Matches in Clash Mini are fast and exciting, with Matches lasting 5 minutes. Three-dimensional combat system. Compete with players in the rankings and rank in the list of the best players in the world.

Clash Mini is a light and Nice game to enjoy during your spare time. One of The Best Games on TapTap Store 2022, available on Android and iOS.

| MORE Mobile Games List:


19 | Omega Legends:

[Free – 8.0/10 – Online – 832MB]


Omega Legends is a sci-fi, shooter, battle royale game. The game offers a futuristic gameplay system based on the abilities of different characters. Any character can control the course of the game in any way you want stealth, quick attacks, healing or defensive play.

The game focuses heavily on PVP competitions and challenges players in different modes.

  • Survival mode: fight for first place.
  • Covert Operation mode: Compete for players to collect the most points.

The game offers dynamic maps that help improve the competition with players as the Terrain is constantly changing. The game is optimized to run smoothly on most devices.

20 | Play Together:

[Free – 7.5/10 – Online – 856MB]


Play Together game focuses on gathering with your friends and enjoying your time in the game by doing Many different and varied activities.

You can meet new friends in the game, go shopping with them, and enjoy playing many games. There is a large audience that loves this type of game.

There are many customizations and additions that you can make to your character and your world. You can live another life in this game world.

Play Together is the 2021 Google Play Best Pick Up & Play Award. Available on Android And iOS. It is considered one of the Best Games on the TapTap Store.

| The Conclusion:

I hope you find the perfect game you are Looking for it. You can tell us in the comments which game you chose. Also, any advice or criticism, Share it with me. I will appreciate it.

| Question Of the Day:

What do you Prefer, One store that combines all the games or a variety of stores, each one has its games??

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