The Best 10 Offline iOS Games For 2021 | Games Only on iOS

The Best 10 Offline iOS Games For 2021 | Games Only on iOS
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Offline Mobile Games are the only fun thing in boring places where there is no internet. In this list, you will find. The Best 10 Offline iOS Games and 8 of the games in this list are only available on iOS. You can also see the second article, The Best 25 iOS Offline Games and Android. You will find Various games on iOS and Android.

1- The Pathless:


The Pathless game is charming with its scenery, its attractive soundtrack, and the open world is full of exploration. In addition to simple control mechanisms that make playing more fun, and the beautiful main story combined with beautiful landscapes. And the animation that has been carefully created. The Pathless is a charming game with all What the meaning of the word means.

The story of the game is that you are a fisherman who sails towards an island that is controlled by a curse that has transformed the creatures in it into demons. And your goal is to stop this corruption and return the creatures to normal. Simple game control: left screen for movement and right screen for shooting arrows. Firing arrows is an essential aspect while on the move, as the more you hit targets on an island. The faster you get and the more difficult places you can reach.

The Pathless is Offline iOS Games only available on iPhone devices, and you can play it wherever you want. A very beautiful exploration and navigation game. In addition to puzzles that you can solve with the help of your eagle and bow. The game is a unique experience and you should try it.

Download Offline iOS Games: AppStore

2- NBA 2K21:


NBA 2K21 basketball simulation sports game, game features the realistic simulation of NBA basketball season. The game mode is realistic. You can play online or iOS Offline Games. There are several modes (MyLeague, MyGM) in addition to the MyCareer story mode. Where you create your player and lead your adventure in NBA matches and challenges.

If you want to play offline, you can play against the AI team against a team or you can play in the one-man control mode. NBA 2k is one of the best games in the simulation of a sports season, playing in these modes is very fun and sweeping, and 2K has the best graphics in first-class sports games, shooting the ball in the basket is difficult. But you will get used to it, where the player has Pointing the shooting stick toward the basket And shoot the ball.

Download Offline iOS Games: AppStore

3- World of Demons:


A game is available in the Apple Arcade service. Which are a type of Hack And Slash game. You play in the game with four different samurai characters and fight against demons named Oni. The most characteristic of this game is the mastery of the developers. Of the Hack And Slash fighting style in an amazing way on the phone screen. Where you can Launch a wide range of different attacks depending on how you press the buttons on the screen. There are very many combos, and if you want to enjoy the game more, learn some combos.

The game world is linear. Consisting of stages, and in each stage, you fight a group of demons. It may seem boring. But you will find great fun in fighting demons, the game is full of content, a long story, and a lot of side missions and multiple difficulty levels. You can play with four characters in this game. And each character has specific abilities and specific weapons that you can only use with a suitable character. Add to that the captivating story is full of interesting twists and turns. World of Demons one of The best Offline iOS Games.

Download Offline iOS Games: AppStore

4- Slash of Sword 2:


A tactical fighting game and a story full of options, Slash of Sword 2, the second part of the series is available on iOS only and is Offline Mobile Games, meaning you can play it anywhere you want, there are many options in the story of the game, and the options that you choose will affect the course of the events The story and influences the characters ’attitudes toward you as the story progresses.

A top-down game camera, this camera helps you to see the battlefield better and put appropriate tactics at an appropriate time, the combat system in this game is a tactical system in which you need to make the right decisions, in addition to exploring the game world, different cities, forests and caves, story The game tells that you have been charged with a murder you did not commit and were sent to fight in the ring as punishment.

Download Offline iOS Games: AppStore

5- Dive Inside:


Number fourteen on this list is Dive Inside. If you want to discover the depths of oceans and seas, this game is for you. The idea of the game is somewhat strange but interesting, where you play the game with a diver exploring the depths of oceans and seas, and you do the role of a treasure hunter, that is, your search for treasures and valuables within the oceans.

Dive Inside is iOS Offline Games, and you are on a dangerous mission to find some valuables, and the most important thing you should pay attention to during the game is oxygen because if oxygen runs out, you will hit anything and die, Dive Inside is an exploration game you have to try.

Download Offline iOS Games: AppStore

6- Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker:


Like what is called Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, a game full of adventures and worlds that you will discover, and while you are in the adventure you will face many challenges, puzzles, and enemies, you can discover the world with your friends if you want to play online, this game is designed for exploration and adventure.

Each area in this game has been carefully designed, charming cartoon graphics and attractive colors, and also Offline Mobile Games you can play it wherever you go, you will develop your character by collecting weapons and tools that will help you overcome obstacles and puzzles, if you like adventure games I recommend this game to you.

Download: AppStore

7- Oceanhorn 2:


This game is a The Legend of Zelda mobile version, the game is full of adventure. The story of the first part differs greatly from this part, as the timeline 1000 years before the story of the first part, and you play the role of a knight who tries to unite between two warring states, and you also have followers that you can control in the fighting to help you, adding many improvements to the part First.

A camera in this part is a third-person perspective behind the dense, which helps you in solving better puzzles and facilitate a few battles, amazing graphics in this game and especially animation with a 60 fps mode, Oceanhorn 2 is an adventure game that you should try, in addition to that Offline iOS Games.

Download: AppStore

8- Incredible Mandy:


If you like platform games, puzzles, and art, this game is for you: Incredible Mandy, a third-person game with loads of puzzles and fights and a semi-open world full of collectibles, with an interesting story. The game features well-designed levels, challenging puzzles that depend on the surrounding environment around you to solve, and that the game is iOS Offline Games.

You will enjoy this game exploring beautiful landscapes and solving various puzzles, the game is visually attractive and charming to the eye, except that sometimes some details are not visible, but the experience remains fun, simple game control arms of joystick and buttons. The story of the game is an adventure in dreams to search for lost memories and forgotten people.

Download: AppStore

9- Monument Valley:

A challenging, mind-provoking puzzle game, Monument Valley, the game features a beautiful and thought-provoking design, a great soundtrack, a world atmosphere, and a smart design. Each level in this game is a work of art, the game invites you to do something more than play, when you play, make sure that you Use Good Headphones, to enjoy the game more and hear the charming graphic music.

Monument Valley is one of the best iPhone games and Offline Mobile Games you can play it wherever you want, you can play the game with one hand and this shows that simple control will help to play the game on the bus or anywhere. The story of the game is that you play a silent princess and you must travel through the abandoned ruins in order to place a geometric shape at the top of all deserted ruins, on your way you will face some enemies. The most unique thing about this game is the increasing difficulty of the puzzles.

Download: AppStore GooglePlay

10- Criminal Case


The game of investigation and hidden objects number one Criminal Case, in this game you play the role of a detective who must solve a series of murder cases in an exciting and hidden adventure character, you have to investigate the crime scene to search for evidence and find the killer.

The game is free and also Offline iOS Games, some levels in the game are very difficult, you will find it difficult to find evidence.

Advantages of Criminal Case: Investigate the toughest crime cases and the hardest crime survey in a corrupt city full of crimes. You can play with your friends if you want, examine samples and examine the autopsy report and forensic evidence to find suitable evidence to find out the killer, you can also question witnesses and suspects and Finally bring the killer to justice.

Download: AppStore GooglePlay

Conclusion Offline iOS Games:

These Are The Best 10 Offline iOS Games that you can play without the Internet in 2021, games from No. 1 to No. 8 are all available only on iOS, while No. 9 and 10 are available on Android and iOS.
if you do not like any game in this list, you can go to the other list. In it you find The Best 25 iOS Offline Games and Android, you can see and you will find the game that you like because the list is varied and there are different types of Offline Mobile Games.

I hope I can help you in choosing a game to play. and if you liked the article, chose a game, or there was a comment or criticism. you can tell us about it in the comments below the article.

Offline iOS Games list:

  • The Pathless
  • NBA 2k21
  • World of Demons
  • Slash of Sword 2
  • Dive Inside
  • Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
  • Oceanhorn 2
  • Incredible Mandy
  • Monument Valley
  • Criminal Case
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