Best 15 City Building Mobile Games For Android & iOS Of all Time 2022

Best 15 City Building Mobile Games For Android & iOS Of all Time 2022
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City Building Mobile Games always combine creative ideas with relaxing mechanics. So many players love this type of game. The problem is that many City Building Games in the market, and it is difficult for a player to find the game wants.

But fortunately, we have collected this list in which you will find the best City Building Mobile Games for Android and iOS. Highly rated Games with beautiful creative ideas.

| What is City Building Mobile Game:

It is the game in Which you create, manage and improve your city or shelter, moving buildings and organizing. City Building Mobile Games features creative ideas that you can apply.

Your goal is often to survive or make a profit, which varies from game to game. But the reward is always tied to How to create your city and manage it.

01 | TheoTown – City Simulator:

[Free – 4.6/5 Stars – Offline – 68MB]

TheoTown- City-Simulator-Mobile-Game

The game offers a realistic experience in terms of buildings and structures that you can add and manage a City. With pixelated graphics.

TheoTown starts by choosing the area in which to build. From scratch, choose a strategic location, Then you Start Building. Your goal is to expand from a village to a city to a big country.

You can add schools to educate citizens, provide businesses and industries with jobs and improve the economy, manage traffic to organize a city and improve productivity, build a military base and airports, or whatever you want.

In the game, there are many plugins to that you can apply many creative ideas. Relax and have fun while building in your city TheoTown – City Simulator.

02 | Global City: Build and Harvest

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Online – 146MB]

Global City-Build-and-Harvest-Mobile

High graphics and the design of buildings and facilities Are what Global City is apart from the rest of City Building Mobile Games. Besides, it offers all the essential elements.

You must be a Successful city mayor whose goal is to make profits and expand a city. Coordinate between roads, buildings, facilities, and traffic management to achieve the best profitability.

You can collect natural resources found in city land, By using different machines from neighbors to excavators. Collect gold and precious metals, farming, wood, etc.

In addition, the development of industry and the establishment of various factories develop the state’s economy and provide jobs. The game will help you by giving you information about What your city needs.

03 | City Island 5 – Building Sim

[Free – 4.7/5 Stars – Offline – 91MB]


In a new city-building game from Sparkling Society, from the beginning, you will find yourself running a small and poorly designed city and begin your journey in developing and expanding your city.

After you progress in a game, you can explore other islands with a balloon and build new cities on them.

City Island 5 focuses on beautiful design and creativity. You can use existing real-world buildings, stadiums, and famous facilities. Also, the change in the Weather adds beauty and reality to the game.

The game developers are adding weekly events to collect Limited items, from holidays to parties. You can ally with your friends and finish events and missions together.

In addition, you can see The Cities of other players and take advantage of their designs.

04 | Village City Town Building Sim:

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 52MB]


In Village City Town, you have to create buildings that will earn you money to upgrade and progress further and expand your city. that is your main objective.

Cartoon game design makes you enjoy building and expanding your city. you can unlock more than 200 buildings and upgrade them. Manage a City, From providing jobs to developing the economy and industry.

There are different types of terrain in the game world, grass, beach, sea, rocks, and more.

A game from the Sparkling Society studio, famous for City Building Mobile Games, and new content is being added to the game constantly. You can play offline, enjoy your time and chill anywhere you want.

05 | SimCity BuildIt:

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 154MB]


The realism in building and managing the city and building shapes is what SimCity BuildIt is all about. You start by designing a city and placing buildings until your city becomes Larger and more complex to manage.

You must make Smart decisions and solve all the problems to keep your citizens happy, from providing the most Important facilities to facilitating the lives of citizens. Trade for profits.

Strategically placing buildings keeps taxes flowing. You will encounter problems such as traffic and noise that you must solve correctly.

You can use famous historical landmarks and build cities similar to Paris, Tokyo or London. Add the Eiffel Tower, Liberty Statue, or famous stadiums. Also, you can decorate your city with rivers, lakes, and forests.

Your city will face monsters and compete with the mayors of other municipalities. You have to think of a winning strategy. You can even unleash disasters on your opponents.

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06 | Megapolis: City Building Sim

[Free – 4.2/5 Stars – Online – 98MB]

Megapolis-City Building-City-Mobile-Games

In Megapolis, you will focus on excavation to collect all the natural resources available on your land to improve your city By using different excavation machines.

If you are not a good mayor, citizens will join demonstrations against you. Improve all transportation from airports and trains to properly manage traffic.

The game offers many challenges, Such as building bridges to open new areas, creating an Ideal urban infrastructure to make happy citizens, and establishing a research center to advance the knowledge and development of the scientific aspect.

The mining industry is one of the most substantial elements in the game, Which you should focus on mining. Also, you can enter the oil market and make huge profits.

07 | Hemp Paradise: City Building

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Online – 51MB]


Hemp Paradise is an exotic game that focuses on the cultivation and sale of Hemp and develops your city with profits from the sales.

Your goal in the game is to grow the best Hemp and sell it, build all the places, buildings, and facilities to attract customers, decorate the island and expand the farming areas to increase production. There are many types of Hemp that you can grow, choose the most common.

You can build a large group of factories, manufacture food items, pies, and sweets, extract oils and butter, and manufacture clothing.

You will compete with your friends to see who gets the most revenue and expands his city. Hemp Paradise is one of the strangest City Building Mobile Games. that you can try.

08 | Pocket City:

[2.99$ – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 27MB]


The city in Pocket is full of life, parks and recreational areas, residential, commercial, and industrial areas, natural disasters, and Beautiful graphics.

Pocket City is a classic building game that starts from a small village into a Huge city that comes alive. Also, upgrade for rewards and complete missions to gain experience.

You will face many natural disasters, From volcanoes to storms and hurricanes. You must deal with them and create all the necessary elements to counteract these quarts.

There are no microtransactions or long waiting times that need Paying. You do not need to pay anything for the game, everything is unlocked, and you can get it For free. But the game is one of the paid City Building Mobile Games.

09 | City Mania: Town Building Game

[Free – 4.6/5 Stars – Online – 42MB]


It is rare to find interactive characters in City Building Mobile Games, but in City Mania, there are interactive characters that make it a fun and unique game.

You can Recruit many characters in your city in various jobs to interact with them, make friends and expand together. They will fill the streets and make your city come alive.

You can combine buildings in skyscrapers and unlock many specializations. You can develop your city in different directions and expand your city with specialized Buildings. Like, sustainability, commerce, education, and entertainment.

Visiting city markets will help you to collect money and buy Important resources. Also, Markets Help you find entertainment items To develop your world.

10 | Designer City: Building Game

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 139MB]


In this game, you can design many things, even the landscape on which you will build your city you can Design. You will plan, design, and construct.

You can even create coastlines, hills, and rivers, The freedom to do anything and design anything you want for free and without waiting time.

Also, the game contains the Basic elements of City Building Mobile Games, building skyscrapers and homes for residents to live in, providing jobs for the work of employees, and constructing commercial, industrial and recreational facilities to develop the city economy.

In addition, managing complex transportation networks for citizens to move day and night. Designed ports and airports to promote tourism, agriculture, managing the army and navy, and Hawiyah to maintain the safety of citizens.

11 | Virtual City Playground: Build

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 388MB]


The game is from the G5 Entertainment studio, which is famous for many games. The game features colorful graphics and an interactive world where you will watch your city interact with you.

Housing and industrial buildings, manufacturing retail goods and selling them in shopping centers, and providing transportation for residents to parks, cinemas, stadiums, and festivals. You can reward responsible citizens by throwing parties and Organizing festivals and events.

An environment must be preserved by planting trees, recycling garbage, and adding hospitals, fire stations, and all facilities responsible for the safety of citizens and the environment.

Create all facilities responsible for studying the land, sky, and sea to get to know nature more and develop knowledge.

12 | Village Island City Simulation:

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 42MB]


Village City-Island Sim is a village building simulation game. Where you will live the adventure of building a village from scratch with a simple cartoon style, You will perform all Known missions in City Building Mobile Games.

Expanding and building homes for citizens, organizing beaches, promoting tourism, creativity in design, and choosing suitable places, to using more than 100 items to develop and expand your city. Hotels, cinemas, offices, bakeries, restaurants, and even oil platforms.

You can Even fish by boat and sell it, create gardens, beach huts, schools, churches, libraries, and museums, and grow plants.

Your goal in the game is to expand and become a successful entrepreneur by making the Largest possible profit by completing missions and collecting experience.

13 | Little Big City 2:


[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 30MB]

Manage Facilities and buildings in Little Big City 2 is distinct from other games. You can chill and have fun managing and controlling many things.

Management of ports and control of ships, exports, and imports and their direction. Management of industries and economy for the development and expansion of the city, management of technology, and the scientific aspect.

You can choose the style of your city you want. There is an industrial pole that focuses on industries and revenue generation. In addition, technology and the future. Also, the Cultural style focuses on decorating the city and showing off its historical landmarks.

Visiting the cities of other people’s friends and listening to the consultant’s advice from Will help you a lot.

14 | The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

[Free – 4.1/5 Stars – Online – 70MB]


This game is for fans of The Simpsons animation series. This city-building game allows you to experience rebuilding the city of Springfield and collecting the famous characters of the series.

The game tells about a bug in Springfield that caused its collapse, and your task is to rebuild it. You can manipulate a series world as you like, change the characters’ houses, or destroy Important places, whatever you want.

For example, you can expand a town into a waterfront and grow a business by setting up shops. All this with simple control, just a few clicks.

You will live the story of The Simpsons and the same characters, but you can control the town of Springfield as you want. There are exclusive scenes.

15 | Townsmen:

[Free – 4.2/5 Stars – Offline – 97MB]


Townsman is a classic medieval strategy City-Building Mobile Game. You will live the adventure of transforming your Small village into a Huge medieval civilization.

You have to focus on two main objectives in this game, First, a thriving economy, and secondly, happy villagers. Your empire will develop fast if you focus on these two goals.

There are ore mining places that you have to look for it. In addition, collect taxes from the villagers. Also, benefit from crops and harvest them. Decorate the city and create markets, taverns, fencing arenas, and many more.

You will face many dangers. Thieves, bandits, and natural disasters. you must provide everything necessary to Face these risks. From soldiers, barracks, and guard towers to protect the village from Quart.

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16 | Townscaper:

[4.99$ – 4.3/5 Stars – Online – 46MB]


Townscaper is one of the strangest games you can try, No goal and No Real Gameplay. Townscaper is more a toy than a game.

In this game, you will only design and build cities with beautiful or intricate designs. Create winding streets, Cities in the middle of the sea, small villages, towering cathedrals, cities in the clouds, or whatever you can think.

The game is an experimental project. You can choose the shapes of buildings and cities, choose colors, choose a place, and how to be a city. You are free to design any city you can think about it.

The graphic style is attractive. It Adds a good impression and helps you to be creative and to think in a relaxed manner. Townscaper is one of the strangest games you will try, especially if you are a design lover.

17 | Township:

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Online – 135MB]


If you like farming games, Township is for you, a game that is a mix of city-building and farming. In the beginning, You will focus on growing crops, processing them in factories, and selling them.

There is also the sale of goods to make Profits and trade with other countries. You can explore mines for resources, find relics and treasures, and create cinemas and complexes.

You can create your zoo and collect animals from all over the world By exploring. The game focuses heavily on agriculture. It is Important to Collect crops and process them in factories. Also, expand the farming areas.

Township is one of the Largest farming and City building Mobile Games, offering a diverse experience in a beautiful cartoon theme.

18 | Empire City: Build and Conquer

[Free – Online -90MB]


You will live an entire empire-building adventure in Empire City. You will build the wonders of the ancient world. From statues, walls, and bridges to digging water channels to help farmers.

Your goal is to turn your empire into the most Powerful empire by establishing diplomatic relations and protecting and managing your town.

19 | My Idle City:

[Free – Offline -62MB]


My Idle City is a game that combines Building and idle. It also offers beautiful graphics that make city building an enjoyable experience.

There are many unique buildings that you can unlock and use. Improving city management and expansion guarantees you a bright future.

If you are creative, Your city design will be attractive because of the beautiful graphics. Your goal is to collect profits and complete missions.

20 | Tropic Paradise Sim: Town Building Game

[Free – 4.1/5 Stars – Offline -56MB]


Tropic Paradise Sim is another management, simulation, and city-building Mobile game from the Sparkling Society studio.

You will start on a barren tropical island. Then you start building, expanding, and decorating your city by completing missions, collecting profits, and Building all the cranes a Town needs.

21 | Town City – Village Building Sim Paradise Game

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline -61MB]


Sparkling Society studio has the Best City Building Mobile Games, and Town City is one of them.

Town City offers a casual experience that contains all The Basic elements of building games, from using creativity to designing cities on different islands. To Build, Upgrade, Manage, Expansion Citizens, and all the essential things in this type of game.

You can unlock more than 300 buildings to use, have fun offline, build on 6 Different islands, and collect profits from your business.

22 | Pocket Build – Unlimited Open-World Building Game

[Free – 4.2/5 Stars – Offline – 153MB]


Pocket Build allows you to create any world you want, whether it is a real or a fantasy world that you will be able to build. Pocket Build is one of the best sandbox building games. An open-world game without restrictions and nothing connects you.

The only limit is your imagination. You can design castles, bridges, lands, animals, towers, historical landmarks, the Arena of Rome, or anything.

You can see your designs in the first person and roam in the Huge open world in 3D that you have built.

The game has several modes, Unlimited Resources Mode, Survival Mode, and Normal Design Mode. They all share creativity and are all fun.

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23 | Snow Town – Ice Village World: Winter City

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 35MB]


Snow Town focuses more on the aesthetic side of design than doing many things. You will build your city in the beautiful snow world. There is a Big collection of buildings and decorations, all of which appear in the snow.

You can play the game the way you want, fast or slow pace, long or short duration. Play it the way you want it.

The game offers a fun challenge to balance citizens, work, community facilities, and city management. You can expand your city and build over beautiful snowy mountains.

24 | Tropico

[11.99$ – 4.3/5 Stars – Online – 2.2GB]


In Tropico, you will play the city mayor role of a newly elected. Your task is to develop and improve a backward Caribbean city with untapped resources and enormous potential. You have led a troubled City to a prosperous future.

You will have the power to decide all aspects of Tropico, Determining military and commercial policies and foreign dealings. Also, management and operation of roads, buildings, and citizens.

You can print your currency, control elections and recounts, Control public opinion, and create a fan club. In addition, many of the tasks related to the President.

25 | 2020: My Country

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 64MB]


In 2020 My Country, you will manage a futuristic city, buildings, vehicles, facilities, and more. All in a futuristic world with high-quality graphics.

You will manage the lives of citizens to develop. You can customize each Building with many features. Also, there are many risks that you should be aware of, Natural disasters, Earthquakes, floods, and space invasion.

What distinguishes the game most is the high-quality graphics, and the futuristic world contains a lot of creativity.

2020 My Country is a deep-building game that contains many details. You will spend a lot of time unlocking and using most of the things in the game. You can play offline and enjoy your time and relax outside your home.

| Conclusion:

All of the games on the list are highly rated, and player reviews are Mostly positive. We have tried as much as possible to diversify City Building Mobile Games from classic games to the latest releases.

And always do not forget to share With us in the comments anything that comes to your mind. Even if it is criticism, we will appreciate that.

| Question Of The Day:

What makes you enjoy playing City Building Mobile Games?

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