How To Play League of Legends: Wild Rift | A Complete Guide and Basics You Should Know.

How To Play League of Legends: Wild Rift | A Complete Guide and Basics You Should Know.
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After a year of playing LoL Wild Rift, I was able to know and learn all the basics, That every new or beginner player should know and understand. Improve your level and Learn How To Play Wild Rift in The Right Way.

The problem that all new League of Legends Wild Rift players face Is understanding the game and how to play it. I will share with you How To Play Wild Rift. By understanding and knowing all the fundamentals and applying them in a game.


Wild Rift is the mobile version of League Of Legends, a strategy multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The game depends on the team. Two teams of 5 champions face off to destroy the other’s base. Each Champion has unique abilities and skills.

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How To Win The Game in Wild Rift:

Win a game in Wild Rift by destroying the Nexus, located in the enemy team base. The same for you. Whoever Destroys the Nexus first will win. Also, another way to end the game is when one of the two teams surrenders. That is How To Play Wild Rift and win.

The Map:


The map name is Summoner’s Rift which you will play all the matches. The Wild Rift Map, Divided into two parts, Red Part (Enemy) and Blue Part (Your Team), and The river between them.

The map contains Two team Bases, Three Lanes, Jungle, and The River.

1- The Base:

The bases of the Two Teams are at the upper right and the lower-left corners, and this is where you will find yourself at the beginning of the game, Also after you die or recall. When you return to the Base, You can recover your Health, Mana, and Buy Items.

2- The River:

The river splits the Wild Rift Map in half and contains the two Most Important objectives in the game. (Don’t worry, we’ll go over all of these objectives.)

3- The Lanes:


There are three Lanes, and each Lane contains 3-Tower, to protect the Champions and the base (Nexus) from the enemy Champs and minions. All three lanes lead to the enemy base.

– The Names Of Lanes:

A- Baron Lane

B- Mid Lane

C- Dragon Lane

4- The Jungle:

The Jungle is all the areas between the Lanes and is the Most Important and Hardest place in the Wild rift map. Also, The Jungle, Divided into two parts, the Red and blue sides.

The Turrets or Towers:


In Wild Rift, The Towers are defensive structures that Deal damage to any enemy champion, minions, or Rift herald who enters their range.

The Turrets in Wild Rift are Designed to protect you and the base (Nexus) by dealing damage to any enemy within their range. It is a form of protection for both parties.

On Summoners Rift, each team has 9 Turrets. The way towers Spread out in the Wild Rift map is:

  • THREE in Baron Lane.
  • THREE in The Mid Lane.
  • THREE The Dragon Lane.

For each line, the three towers can be Name as follows:

  • The Outer.
  • The Inner.
  • The Inhibitor.

The Towers Properties in Wild Rift:

  • Protect you, your team, and The Nexus from enemy Champion.
  • Deale very Hug damage to enemies.
  • Provide a limited vision of the Fog of War for you and your team. (You Can See Anything in Turret Range).
  • See The stealth enemy and traps.

How Turrets Work (Protect):

It is Very Important to know that the towers do not attack randomly. The way Tower works are that it can target one at a time.

The first unit that enters the Range of the Tower will be the primary Target. After the unit dies or walks out of range, the tower will look for another target to attack.

If you Deal damage to an enemy champ in the range of his turret, you will become the main target directly. After you walk out, the tower will focus on another target.

These defenses do very High damage. You have to work with your minions to destroy the towers.

How To Know if Tower Attacks You or Not:

The-Tower-color-range-in-Wild Rift

You can tell if the tower will attack you by the color of the enemy tower range:

1- Green: the protection tower is attacking other units.

2- Yellow: There are currently no units in the range of the protection tower. If a Champion enters, he will focus on him.

3- Red: The Turret is currently attacking you. You have to get out.

Destroy The Turrets:

Assuming you want to reach The Enemy Base from the Mid Lane, you will need to destroy the three towers in the line. Destroy the towers in order, first Outer, second Inner, third Inhibitor. You Can’t Destroy a turret unless you destroy the one before it.

You can’t touch the Nexus if you didn’t destroy at least one Inhibitor tower. The last tower in each line.

After destroying the Inhibitor Tower in any Lane, your base will start generating super minions that will help you advance further and achieve victory.

When you take or destroy the entire tower. You and Your Team will get Gold and XP. All turrets Hp have three plants or Three Parts that give extra Gold, With each one destroyed.

That is How to Play Wild Rift And Take Towers.

The Priority of Targeting Towers:

The-Tower-Priority-in-Wild Rift

When entering several units in the range of the tower, the priority targeting is as follows:

1- First Target: The first unit that enters a range.

2- Second Target: Siege Or Super Minion.

3- Third Target: Melee minion.

4- Fourth Target: Caster minions.

5- Fifth Target: Enemy Champion.

But always remember. If you deal damage to an enemy champ in the range of the tower, it will focus on you.

The Minions:


The Minions are small units spawned From The Nexus and march down the three lanes automatically in the Form of Waves. To attack whatever belongs to your enemies, From Enemy minions to Champion. Also, help you destroy The enemy Turrets and Nexus.

Each team has its Minions to help it out. When you kill enemy Minions, you will get Gold and XP to buy items. The Minions are Very Important to do the main objectives, destroy towers and Nexus to win.

There Is Four Type Of Minions:


1- Melee Minions: 

Relatively tanky and does not deal High damage. It Needs to be Next to a target to attack them.

2- Caster Minions: 

It does not bear the damage (Not Tanky) and Deals relatively High damage. Attack the target from a distance.

3- Siege Or Canon Minions: 

It’s better than Melee and Caster. It Bears the damage (Tank) and Deals High damage. Attacks targets from a distance.

4- Super Minions: 

It’s better than All Types. The Strongest and the Tankiest Minion. These Minions appear in place of Siege Minions when the inhibitor tower is Destroyed.

Jungle Monsters:

As I told you before, The Jungle is all the areas between the lanes, divided into two sides, Blue and Red Sides. And the river between them.

The Jungle contains two types of different monsters. Firstly, Jungle Monsters. Secondly, Epic Monsters (Neutral Objectives).

Jungle Monsters:


They are monsters spread on the map. 6 Monsters on each side (Red And Blue Sides). In addition, two Monsters in the river.

1- Gromp: Gives you Gold and XP and restores part of your health when you kill him.

2- Blue Sentinel (Blue Buff): Gold + XP, You will recover lost mana or energy, Health regeneration.

3- Murk Wolves: Gold + XP

4- Raptors: Gold + XP

5- Red Brambleback (Red Buff): Gold + XP and bonus Damage

6- Krugs: Gold + XP

7- Scuttle: In the Wild Rift Map. The river is divided into two sides The Top and The Bot Sides. On each side, There is the little monster Scuttle.

If you slay it, it will create a shrine in the middle of the river, providing vision and bonus movement speed to you and your team.

Epic Monsters:

When you kill This Epic Monsters, you and your team get unique Buff (power-ups) that help you finish matches faster. So This Monsters are considered among The Objectives and are named Neutral Objectives.

The team that takes these objectives will get Buff or power-ups.

1- The Dragons:


There are two types of dragons, and each contains 4 Elements.

A – Elemental Dragons:

  • Mountain Dragon.
  • Ocean Dragon.
  • Cloud Dragon.
  • Infernal Dragon.

B – ELDER Dragon:

  • ELDER Mountain Dragon.
  • ELDER Ocean Dragon.
  • ELDER Cloud Dragon.
  • ELDER Infernal Dragon.

In each match, 3 Types of Elemental Dragons appear, and 1 type of Elder Dragon.

Depending on the dragon element your team takes, your team will get a different unique bonus. In addition, Gold and XP.

The Most Important Dragon is the Elder Dragon. If you take it, you will increase your match-winning percentage a lot. Be careful. It appears only once in a match.

2- Rift Herald: 


The team that killed the Rift Herald Gets Gold and experience and can summon it as an ally To attack enemy towers and deal High Damage to them.

3- Baron Nasher: 

It is the most powerful monster. If you kill it, your team will get temporary strength, increase team damage, strengthen the Minions close to your team, reduce recall time, Finally, a lot of Gold and XP.

Quick Note:
– If You Want Me To Explion the Wild Rift Jungle monsters, terms, or anything, Tell me in the comment.

The Objectives:


We all know that the main objective in Wild Rift is to destroy Enemy Nexus, but you can’t do that directly from the start of a game. You have to do many things to become stronger and to be able to destroy the enemy Nexus. These Things are what we call The objectives.

Objectives in Wild Rift are one of the Most Important parts of learning how to play Wild Rift. When you get these Objectives, you will get more Gold from the enemy team, which will give you more advantage and power.

Gold Leads:

The first objective you have to think about from the beginning of a match is to expand the gold difference between you and your enemy By taking minions, killing enemy Champions, taking Objectives, and not dying.

But always taking the Objectives is the most important because it gives an advantage and strength to the whole team and not to one player. After all, Wild Rift is a team game.

Now I will share with you all the Objectives in Wild Rift:

  1. Turrets: Take towers that give your team a lot of Gold, To be able to destroy Nexus.
  2. Dragons: For every Dragon you take. Your entire team will get a bonus.
  3. Baron Nashor: A lot of Gold, and the team strengthened a lot for a temporary period.
  4. Rift Herald: Gold and help you destroy enemy towers.

Gold is the element common to all Objectives. So always focus on Gold. To be able to buy more Items and become stronger.



Wild Rift is a competitive team game that relies heavily on champions. The game currently contains 79 Champions, and there are 6 Different types. Each one has unique abilities and skills, A Specific role, and Missions. Also, Strengths and weaknesses point.

Types Of Champions:



This type is characterized by: the ability to withstand Damage and Not die quickly. Tank’s mission is to protect the team from damage by standing in the front line during a fight.

Like, Malphite and Garen.


Bears Little damage and Deals relatively High Damage His mission is to protect the team and Deal the Greatest possible damage to the enemies.

Like, Camille and Fiora.


They are the champions who deal A lot of Damage in a Short Time. Have mobility, and they strike from close range (Melee).

Like, Katarina and Akali.


Deal High Damage in a Short Time. But Not Have mobility, and they strike from afar (Ranged).

Like, Ahri and Ziggs.

Marksman/ ADC: 

This type is the one that deals the most damage continuously in the game But dies quickly. So it always needs protection.

Like, Jinx and Ezreal.


His job is to protect ADC with various abilities and features.

Like, Lulu and Blitzcrank.

Quick Note:
– Multiple characters fall into two different types and can play two different roles.
– Every Champion has something special. Understand your Champ and always focus on his strengths.
You Can See All Champs and Types Here.

Champions Abilities:


Each Champion in Wild Rift has 4 Unique upgradeable abilities, a Passive Ability, and 15 Level.

One Passive Ability: It is an ability that activates automatically when its conditions are Available. You cannot Activate or upgrade it.

Three Basic Abilities: It Basics skills and strikes, Which are characteristic of each Champ.

One Ultimate Ability: It is a Stronger and more impactful ability for each Champion.

Upgrade Abilities:

In Every Game, You Can Level up your Champ from level 1 to Level 15 (Max).

With each level you reach, you can open or upgrade one of your Basic Abilities. 4 Upgrades for each Basic Ability.

You Can open Your Ultimate Ability Only When you reach level 5 and ****upgrade it on levels 10 and 15. (Three Upgrades for Ultimate).



In each team, there are 5 Champs. Each of them has a Role and a specific Lane to play it.

There are 5 Roles in Wild Rift, are:

1- Baron Laner:

The tank or fighter plays this role in Baron Lane. This role is considered the trump card for each team. Baron Laner always has to be careful because he plays alone in a lane most of the time.

In the Beginning. Take as many minions as you can, kill the enemy if possible, or take his tower, go to help the team in objectives or fights near you.

After your team has assembled, it’s your turn to take the front line in the fight and protect your team if you’re a tank or deal damage on enemies if you’re a fighter.

2- Mid Laner:

Mid Laner is one of the Most Important roles in Wild Rift because he plays in the center of the map in Mid Lane. He can navigate the map quickly and at any time to help his team. That is The Main function.

But the problem is that Mid Lane gets a lot of attacks because it’s in the middle of the map. So Mid Laner must play with caution and set a broad vision around him.

Focus on the enemy’s movements on a map and help the team. These are The Main Function of the Mid player. Assassins and Mage play this role.

3- ADC:

Attack-Damage Carry (ADC) is the Champ who deals the most damage in the game, but he is weak and dies quickly (squishy). So he always needs someone to protect him. ADC Player focuses on the start of a Game on taking minions, killing enemies, and not dying. To collect as much Gold as possible and buy items.

After purchasing the items, the power of the ADC begins to appear, and he begins to focus on dealing the Largest possible damage to enemies and not dying in team fights.

This Role Played in Dragon Lane. Of course, by ADC Type champions with support.

4- Support:

Support plays with the ADC in Dragon Lane. Its main job, in the beginning, is to protect the ADC in any way possible. Take Damage, Provide a vision, sacrifice your life if necessary, and Gold.

When team fights start, the Support function switches from protecting the ADC only. To protect the entire team using its abilities.

What distinguishes the Support Champions from the rest of the champs is that they do not need a lot of Gold. To do what they have to do. There are 3 Basic Types of Support. Each has its way of protecting ADC and the team.

  • Tank: Take damage, Obstruct the movement of enemies, and get into battles first.
  • Healer & Peeler: Heal Allies and Obstruction.
  • Damage: Dealing a lot of damage on enemies.

5- Jungler:

It is the only role that does not play in the lanes. The Jungler is playing in a jungle, and the Main Source of Gold and XP are jungle monsters.

His role is to kill jungle monsters to collect Gold and XP and help all lanes. Also, the Jungler may be present when the dragons and Baron appear. To ensure these monsters Take.

This role is considered one of the Most Difficult and most influential roles in Wild Rift games.

These are all the roles and how to play Wild Rift.

Important Note:
– Mid Lane position Fixed for every game, in the center of the map. But Baron Lane and Dragon Lane differ from Game to Game. You can find out where the Lane is by a dragon and Baron pit.
– The Lane on the side of the Dragon spawn pit is the Dragon Lane, and the Lane on the side of Baron spawn pit is Baron Lane.


Gold is the Most Important Thing in the game. It is the main element that makes your Champ stronger and stronger. It allows you to buy items.

How You Can Collecting Gold in The Game:

Collect Gold by Takedown. Takedown anything with Last Hit Gives you Gold. Last hit Minion and Ward.

Killing enemies gives you a lot of Gold. Whoever takes Last Hit gets the kill and gets the most Gold. The assistant also gets Gold.

Taking objectives like Dragons, Baron, and Towers, Give your entire team Gold, Not just the one who hit the Last Hit.

Quick Note:

Always remember the one who hit the Last Hit gets the Gold, Not the one doing the most damage.



Items are the main ingredient to make your Champ stronger. You can get Items by collecting Gold and then buying items from the shop in the base.

When you buy Items, It will give you stats, bonuses, and abilities. That makes your Champion stronger and helps you fight. For Example:

  • Increase Health.
  • Damage Increase.
  • Shield.
  • Add an activatable ability.
  • And More.

Each Champ tends to Buy certain items, Or each item matches specific champions. That is how Items work and How To Play Wild Rift.

Fog Of War and Vision:

The fog of war in Wild Rift is the hidden areas where you can’t see what’s happening on the map. Like Jungle and enemy lanes.

Your turrets provide vision into a specific area in a lane. If destroyed, you will not Be Able to see what is happening there. Also, Minion and your allies provide you with a vision. Into the areas, they are In.



Seeing what is happening on a map is Very Important, as it makes you Able To know what the enemy is planning and know where and when to attack you.

That is the benefit of using Ward. There are 2 Types of Ward, and each one has its characteristics and advantages.

Sight Ward: 

You can place it anywhere on a map. Provides vision in a specific area and is hidden for 90 seconds and then expires. A player can only use 2 At the same time.

Sweeping Lens: 

It is similar to radar. Scan in a circular area around your Champion To reveal all the hidden units, Traps, and enemy SightWard.



Runes are customization options that give your Champ a range of abilities, characteristics, and stats, like Items. But it is customized and selected before the start of the match.

Items you buy during a match and the runes you choose before starting the game. Each of them has unique characteristics and suits specific champions.

There are 4-types of runes, and each has several options.

1- KeyStones:

This type is more powerful and impactful are Contains 8 Options. You can choose only one before starting the match.

2- Domination:

It Gives offensive capabilities. 6 Options. You can choose only one.

3- Resolve:

It Offers defensive capabilities, Also 6 Options and one pick.

4- Inspiration:

It Provides Various Benefits. You can also choose one of 6 Options.

Summoner Spells:


Wild Rift Summoner Spells are activatable abilities that you can choose before the start of a match and use them, and they have Cooldowns like your champion abilities.

There are 7 Spells that you can choose only 2, and each one has unique characteristics.

1- GHOST: Speed up your Champion for a temporary period

2- HEAl: Restores a portion of health and grants movement speed to you and your ally.

3- BARRIER: Gives you a shield to absorb damage.

4- EXHAUST: Decrease enemy Movement Speed and Damage.

5- FLASH: Teleport your Champ a short distance toward the target location instantly.

6- IGNITE: Deal damage to an enemy for 5 seconds by burning it.

7- SMITE: Deals Damage To Jungle Monsters.

The Fundamentals:

In Wild Rift, there are many Fundamentals that you must learn to become a professional player. But since you are new to the game, you should focus on Farming and Trading. Because you do it at the beginning of every game you play.


Framing means collecting Gold by killing minions, killing enemies, or taking jungle monsters. Of course, by hitting the last Hit to the unit.

If you play ADC, MID Laner, or Baron Laner Role, you must learn How to farm in your Lane. Hit Minion with the last Hit and kill the enemy if the opportunity allows.

Or, If you play Jungler Role, You should learn how to farm in the Jungle. By Killing jungle monsters and using the smite spell.

The Support player is not interested in farming Because its role is to protect the ADC and the rest of the team. Leaves farming for ADC.


It’s The Fight between you and your enemy in the Lane while farming. Deal damage on the enemy and expect to take damage from him. You have to learn Trades and Farm at the same time.

Control Settings:


The Default control in the game is Good. It Just needs some minor tweaks:

First, enlarge the spells buttons a little, and bring them closer to the left thumb. Because sometimes you need to click them quickly.

Second, activate the Portrait lock feature, which will show the icon of the enemy champs near you next to the ability buttons. When you click on a champion, You will focus all your attacks on him.

Third, activate the Semi-Lock Camera feature. That allows you to Move the center of the camera, To see wider.

Fourth, activate the MiniMap Auto Pathin feature. When you click on a place on a MiniMap, Your Champ will move to it automatically.

These are the most important tweaks that you can make, For a better game experience and How to play Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Terms:

There are many terms in Wild Rift. I will explain More Common Terms. If you want me to explain all the Terms in The game, Let me know in the comments.

Attack Damage (AD):

Or physical damage is the type of damage dealt by champions who rely on Attack damage and buy Attack Damage items to increase the damage.

Ability Power (AP):

Ability Power is the damage dealt by champions who rely on Magic and buy Ability Power items to increase the damage.


It is an Attack Damage counter. Its function is to reduce Attack Damage.

Magic Resist (MR):

It is an Ability Power counter. Its function is to reduce Ability Power.

True Damage:

Damage that is not affected by any defenses or shields. Directly decreases health.

Attack Speed:

It is to reduce the period between each auto-attack you hit. Or increase the speed of your Champ in hitting auto-attacks.

Movement Speed:

The speed of champ movement in the map.

Ability Haste:

It means reducing the cooldown period abilities. The more Ability Haste you have, the low Abilities Cooldown.

How To Play Wild Rift:

I will give you a set of tips on how to play Wild Rift, Start the game in the right way, and master it quickly.

  • Try as many champions as possible and try all the 5 Roles in Normal PVP or AI matches.
  • The Champion that you like and enjoy a lot while playing it. Choose it as a Main Champ. Also, choose secondary Champion.
  • Choose 2 Roles, one The Main Role and the Second secondary Role.
  • You Can See Here The Best and Easy Champions In Wild Rift.
  • My advice to you in choosing your Main Role, choose either ADC, MID Laner, Baron Laner, or Jungler. And a secondary Support Role because it is easy and does not need many games to learn.
  • After choosing two roles and two champions for each Role, Start playing the Rank Mode, focus on your mistakes, and learn. Don’t focus on the rank.
  • Always focus on not dying and Farming and taking Objectives because it makes you win, not the kills.
  • All the things you need in games I explained earlier you can re-check them if you don’t understand something.
  • If you want to climb the rank quickly and win many matches, you can check out The Best Tips and Tricks To Rank Up Fast in Wild Rift 2022.


All this Tutorial or Guide is only to understand the game and How To Play Wild Rift in the right way. I hope this article helps you learn the basics and improve your level.

If you want to learn how to play Jungle, Adc, Support Mid Lane, Top Lane, Climb UP in the Rank, or Anything about LoL Wild Rift, tell me in the comment or check The Guide section in our community.

Question Of The Day:

What Was The Hardest Thing You Faced When you Started Playing League of Legends Wild Rift?

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