The Best 10 Mobile Games With Controller Support

The Best 10 Mobile Games With Controller Support
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The most problem that we Mobile Games Players face is the difficulty of controlling when playing with a phone, Although most games add a feature to set the control, The control difficulty remains due to the shape of the phone and the control buttons are integrated into the screen.
But some game developers take their time to add controller support to their games, which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable and easy.
In this article, I present to you The Best Mobile Games With Controller Support.

Mobile Games With Controller Support:

1-Dead Cells:

The game experience is not a linear one that has a beginning and an end. The game depends on learning, improvement, and coming out with new ideas and their application, And the outstanding design of the game helps with that.
Continuous change in the gameplay and levels of the game, a fun discovery in the game world, and each stage is characterized by different mechanics and designs.

The game is characterized by its flexibility in the gameplay and the design of the stages is variable and beautifully detailed so that it pushes you to explore the game more and more.
Confronting the bosses is difficult, You will need a fast and perfect reaction, especially since you make the game more difficult if you choose “hard mode”, You can play the game continuously for days on end without having to do the same thing twice because your options will become more abundant the more you play This, in turn, makes the gameplay more attractive.

All these features and characteristics in addition to playing with the controller, what will the experience be like?.


Dead Cells:

Rating: 4.7/5 Stars
Price: 8.99$

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

2- GRID™ Autosport:

If you want to see how Mobile can display graphics, then this game will give you the result, One of the best racing simulation games focuses on the old things that players loved in racing games, such as realistic driving models and various cars.

The game provides many cars and an amazingly detailed track, the game sound is crazy, the sound of cars, Engine and the sound of acceleration, a serious and difficult racing game, you can customize the difficulty don’t worry, The game provides driving aids, you can turn on to help you or turn them off if you learn the game.

Developers have added the feature “flashbacks”, which allow you to take a step back when you make mistakes, Different controls for each car, Seriously polished controls and gameplay, A fully premium experience with no grind.
The problem with the game is that it requires powerful Mobile and consumes battery.


GRID™ Autosport:

Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
Price: 9.99$

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

3- Grimvalor:

Grimvalor is a mobile platform game, with an amazing and interesting story. Details impressive levels and captivating soundtrack, simple and smooth gameplay (movement, attack, dodge). Many secrets to discover in the game world, and difficult bosses.

Grimvalorin is a perfect mix of exploration, platform, hack, slash, & action-RPG. The duration of the game is 15 hours to reach the end, but you will need 20 hours to finish everything 100%.
The game is running offline (no ads).



Rating: 4.6/5 Stars
Price: Free

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

4- Oddmar:

Oddmar is a challenging fun platformer that perfectly fits the mobile environment. Action game with a world full of activity and life, and distinctive design of stages in a Comic way.

The gameplay is very enjoyable, which embodies the design and gameplay like Rayman games. Facing the bosses is very fun, as you not only have to attack them, but you have to deal with the platform challenges, to find a way to hit them.

If you love platformers games, then this is a no-brainer. You must try it.
The game is enjoyable without playing it with the control because its control is simple, so how will an experience with the controller be?..



Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Price: Free



LIMBO is a mix Between the spooky feel of the visual and audio parts, the monochrome look, simple controls, and smart puzzles. The game constantly surprises you with new and innovative ideas and beautifully designed puzzles.

There no soundtrack for the game is pretty much, and this absence of music allows the other sound effects to shine. Giving the game the feel of a horror movie.

The game is hugely simple but very impressive. It is characterized by simple control (movement, jumping, interaction with objects) and no text, dialogue, or explanation + game design black and white. there are various enemies and traps that need to be avoided or outsmarted in order for the little boy to stay alive.



Rating: 4.6/5 Stars
Price: 4.99$


6- Teslagrad:

Teslagrad is an experience any puzzle-platformer fan won’t want to miss. is a 2D puzzle-platformer, with action elements where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key, to go throughout the game.

The game is distinguished by the gameplay, puzzles, hand-drawn art style, Unique Art Style, Innovative gameplay with different mechanics, and Visual storytelling! No texts, just the game, and you.

the bosses in this game are something to drool over creative and fun but with a twist of difficulty. During boss battles, you can expect to die multiple times thanks to the fact that one hit can kill you instantly.
timeless graphics and haunting soundtrack, It’s a game worth trying.



Rating: 4.2/5 Stars
Price: 6.99$

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

7- Levelhead – Infinitely challenging platformer:

If you like Super Mario Maker, then you will like this game. Simply Levelhead a puzzle game where you have to find unique ways to stack boxes efficiently to open sets of doors to your goal. run and jump in 2D space, kill enemies by jumping on them, etc. same as Mario.

And also, Levelhead is an amazing creation and curation platform with its own, unique mechanics. And it contains a lot of amazing content.

The game allows players to make, share, and play each other’s 2D platformer levels using a robust set of tools. you can so easily sort through and find incredible content created by other players that you’ll likely never run out of things to enjoy. 

which means you can play anyone’s levels. and also you can develop your very own levels using hundreds of placeable items, programmable switches, and hazards. Before you can share anything online, however, you need to be able to complete it yourself.



Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
Price: 6.99$

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

8- Oceanhorn:

you go around exploring islands, looting treasure chests, fighting enemies, and conquering dungeons just like in Zelda. The story of Oceanhorn. You play as a boy who wakes to find out that his dad has set out to kill Oceanhorn, a mechanical monster that has terrorized the world they live in. You set sail (literally) to find and help him. 

There’s a decent amount of islands to discover, Combat is very simple, consisting of swinging your sword, throwing bombs, shooting arrows, and blocking.

Bosses are creative and enjoyable and can be challenging until you figure out their weaknesses. They’re not overly tough. Certain enemies might irritate you more.



Rating: 3.8/5 Stars
Price: Free

Trailer Mobile Games With Controller Support:

9- BombSquad:

If you are looking for something to entertain with your friends and play with the controller, This game is for you. BombSquad (The Best Mobile Games With Controller Support With Friends), an explosive arcade-style party game. The game is very fun with friends, especially if you play with the controller.

The most fun thing in the game is the bombs, and the way to use them on your friends. Bombs come in great variety – regular ones, sticky ones, toxic ones, land mines, TNT, and many more.

The 3D visuals offer plenty of eye candy – the arena, the stadiums, and structures, as well as the environments are bright, vivid, and vibrant with explosive colors and hilarious action. Excellent ragdoll physics.



Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
Price: Free

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support :

10- Pascal’s Wager:

Pascal’s Wager: A Dark World and a Bleak Atmosphere, The game delivers challenging combat that forces players to learn and adapt to enemy patterns.
The goal of this game is to make a game similar to “Dark Souls” but on Mobile. Almost this goal has been achieved.

Players will find it to be a rewarding experience that includes numerous secrets, hidden areas, and side-quests, not just great combat. Smooth animations, interesting opponents, and rewarding fights especially boss fights. Each boss has its own unique set of attacks to learn. It is not enough to just master the art of stabbing and lunging, you will also need to perfect the barry and dodge.

The game has shortcomings in its graphics and voice acting, but the animation is smooth, the music and sound are excellent, creating a wonderfully creepy and bleak atmosphere. add to the four other playable characters. Each character has their own unique skills, fighting style, and upgrade tree.

I strongly advise you to try the game with the controller. The Best Mobile Games With Controller Support for me.


Pascal’s Wager:

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars
Price: 6.99$

GamePlay Mobile Games With Controller Support:

Conclusion Mobile Games With Controller Support :

Phone games with controller support, if you know any other fun games that I didn’t list in the list, you can share them with us in the comments.
1-Dead Cells, 2-GRID™ Autosport, 3-Grimvalor, 4-Oddmar, 5-LIMBO, 6-Teslagrad, 7-Levelhead, 8-Oceanhorn, 9-BombSquad, 10-Pascal’s Wager, Mobile Games With Controller Support.

BEST Controller For Mobile Games:


In general, the controller has a very nice and striking design, face buttons that resemble a mechanical keyboard in performance. controller gives you quick access to the face buttons and the back actuators as well as to the four multi-function buttons on the back of the console, I know you are thinking how can I understand all of these buttons, there is an application that helps to plan and save the functions of buttons, don’t worry.

On a single charge, you can play the game for 23 hours. You can quickly charge the controller if you use the USB-C cable. Phone holder: adjustable and non-removable, which can be tilted up to 60 degrees for easy viewing. Wireless controller and computer and mobile games support.

Defects: 1- It is good if the holder can be removed, 2- The console can get a little heavier with heavy phones.

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