The Best 10: Mobile Games With Friends

The Best 10: Mobile Games With Friends
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We all know playing Mobile Games With Friends is more fun than playing alone, whether you are sitting with your friends or are far from them, you will enjoy it.

There are many different and wonderful online games on PC to enjoy with friends, But not everyone has a powerful PC to play the games they want, so I collected for you in this article The Best 10 Mobile Games With Friends that you can enjoy it.

iPhone, Android, or Tablet, and HAVE FUN.

1- Battle Royale Mobile Games With Friends:

Pubg Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Fortnite and Free Fire….etc.

As you know, Battle Royale games are dominant in the games market this period, and there are no signs of stopping because of their fun and non-boring GAMEPLAY, as the players compete with each other until one live player or one team remains.

You can watch this video “Top 10 BATTLE ROYALE Mobile Games With Friends“, To choose.

2- Wild Rift And MOBA Mobile Games:

The best game for me this period is “League of Legends: Wild Rift”

It’s almost the same as “League of Legends PC” but designed for the phone, there are the same champions, same gameplay, and even the same Items and Runes as the PC version.

A game that depends on the intelligence and tactics of the player, not on the strength of the phone or the Internet speed.

Download: Android IOS

You can see the rest of The MOBA Mobile Games With Friends in this video.

3- Mario Kart Tour:

One of the best racing Games in Mobile, it is the 14th edition of the Mario Kart series.
Challenge your friends and players all over the world.
You can customize the races as you want, whether you play with friends or with players, as the number of players in racing consists of 7 (friends registered, close to you, or spread around the world).

Download: Android IOS

mario kart tour with friends

4- Sky: Children of the Light:

A game with wonderful animation, solve all puzzles with friends by flying in the game worlds, and the goal is to return the falling stars to the astral group, you can play the game alone but play it with friends is more fun.

The game is awarded the title of The Best iPhone Game in 2019.
Here are the instructions for playing with your friend on (thatgamecompany’s) website.

Download: Android IOS

sky: children of the light with friends

5- Uno Mobile Games With Friends:

The fun and popular card game, the classic card game, and a favorite with all, challenge your friends or play with them, you can choose between different playing rules that suit you.
If you don’t understand the game rules, you can find all the rules here and learn them.

Download: Android IOS

uno with friends

6-Draw Something:

Simply put, it is a game where you draw something the game shows it to you, and your friend is trying to guess what you are drawing.
Discover the artist from your friends.

Download: Android IOS

draw something with friends

7- Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the computer despite its simplicity, it is the best game to communicate and play with younger family members, in addition to its wide and full of world of various things.
It is a foundation-building game in which your goal is to build areas and buildings and find weapons to confront monsters.

Download: Android IOS

Minecraft: Pocket Edition mobile games with friends

8- Brawl Stars:

The game consists of a group of heroes, each hero has a specific ability, and the players compete in various groups and different game modes, the game is characterized by an excellent control system.

Download: Android IOS

brawl stars mobile games with friends

9- 8 Ball Pool:

The most famous bowling game in the world, The game is characterized by its true simulation of bowling.
challenge your friend in bowling and prove that you are better than him.

Dwonload: Android IOS

8 ball pool mobile games with friends

10- Among Us:

The game is more fun with friends, where you and your friends are in a spaceship and you are trying to fix it (crewmate) to survive and one of the killer players (imposter) and you must know the killer in order to expel him from the spacecraft and win.

Download: Android IOS

Among us mobile games with friends

Conclusion “The Best Mobile Games With Friends”:

I hope you have taken advantage of, and have chosen the game to play with a friend.

You can add any suggestions or criticism in the comments below, I am looking forward to your help.

And Have a nice day.

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