The Best 10 Musical Games For Mobile

The Best 10 Musical Games For Mobile
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I suspect the reason they are so popular (rhythm games or musical games) is that they offer a beautiful sense of music and challenge, especially difficult games.
In this article, there are The Best 10 Musical Games For Mobile that you should try if you like these types of games (Mobile Rhythm Games).
In order to enjoy the experience of these games more, I recommend you to use headphones.

1- Arcaea:

Arcaea is a Musical game in which you have to tap all the musical notes while they move on the screen, just like other Mobile Rhythm Games, but what makes it unique is its large and high-quality music office (100 songs by more than 50 artists).

Great rhythm game, with nice visuals, easy controls, more fun user interface, interesting story mode. Great art style along with great songs are inspired by popular video games and animes.

Arcaea is a challenging but fun game, as each song has three different difficulty levels to choose from, and each song has a unique gameplay experience. The game features a beautiful development of the traditional rhythm formula.

Let’s talk about the bad things: The amount of time you can play is limited by the endurance system, there are players who do not have a problem with this system, but the game requires time to repeat the stages more than once in order to collect points and unlock new stages.

Arcaea Musical Games


REVIEWS: 4.7/5 Stars

GamePlay Arcaea: Musical Games

2- Lanota:

Lanota changed the concept of Musical Games, with unique gameplay, full circle, where the notes materialize in the middle of the screen. When these notes reach the periphery of this loop, you have to click, move, or scroll the screen, it all depends on the different type of input that the tape specifies. This method differs from other Mobile Rhythm Games, which are limited to a certain number of places that you have to click at the right time.

The game features beautiful hand-drawn artwork that illustrates an interesting story, and a music library from pop music to vibrant and enthusiastic electronic dubstep tones. Some songs you will love, play them again. There are also several skill levels to play, where you can set the game’s speed and choose from four difficulty levels. You can choose between Tune and Purify modes, which allow you to continue regardless of how badly performance is in each level.

The bad things: after playing a bunch of levels, the timer turns on. Where you have to wait a minute to try again. The game’s artistic style is likable but a little boyish. Difficulty pressing the notes above the circle.

lanota Musical Games


REVIEWS: 4.6/5 Stars

GamePlay Lanota: Musical Games

3- Phigros:

Phigros is a Musical Game, The idea that distinguishes it “The Dynamic Judgment Line” is the line in which you have to press the notes, unlike most Musical Games, which have Fixed lines on the screen. These lines move in a circular motion and also sometimes disappear, and at some levels, many lines will appear to you.

You may face a problem getting used to the movement of lines at the beginning because it is a new and difficult idea, but because of the unique style of fonts, it makes each level fun and unique. You will play stages many times although they are difficult, you do not have to buy songs or items to unlock songs other than some Musical Games to really enjoy them.

The disadvantage of the game is the difficulty of getting used to the moving line, but after you get used to the line, you will have a lot of fun.

Phigros Musical Games


REVIEWS: 4.7/5 Stars

GamePlay Phigros: Musical Games

4- Cytus:

The beauty is in simplicity, Very simple gameplay, and amazing design is Cytus game. one of the best Musical Games, note bubbles appear on the screen and must be tapped to the rhythm of the song. A ‘Scan Line’ moves up and down the screen to the beat of the song and helps you time the hits on each note.

The game interface is very beautiful and easy to use, with large note buttons so that people with big fingers do not have a problem when playing the game.

The problem with the game is that there is no “life meter” in it, that is, you cannot tell if you win or lose a stage until you finish it. but Cytus one of the best Mobile Rhythm Games.



REVIEWS: 4.7/5 Stars

GamePlay Cytus: Musical Games

5- Cytus II:

Cytus II is the upgraded version of Cytus I. The game with its immersive world and simple controls, Cytus II features an interesting story and a variety of levels with different difficulties, with high-quality music. Cytus II is a name you should try.

Notes appear anywhere on the screen, unlike other Mobile Rhythm Games. The line moves up and down depending on the rhythm of the music and is the indicator that determines when the notes are compressed. Where the player must click on the note when the line is above it.

There are several characters in the game, and each character has its own style of play and it is more fun with certain types of songs. The character design is amazing with different playing styles.


Cytus II

REVIEWS: 4.6/5 Stars
PRICE: 1.99$

GamePlay Cytus II: Musical Games

6- A Dance of Fire and Ice:

A Dance of Fire and Ice meaning simplicity and difficulty at the same time. The game whose Music was created based on the gameplay that the developers wanted to display, without resorting to other music.

All you have to do is tap the screen to control two balls (red and blue) running in a specific line to align them. Seems easy? isn’t it, you need to High concentration, and coordinate between your ears and eyes to apply pressure at an appropriate time.

There is a “Tutorial” at all levels. If you cannot complete a certain level, you can train at a level in the “tutorial”.
A Dance of Fire and Ice one of the difficult and best Musical Games.


A Dance of Fire and Ice

REVIEWS: 4.5/5 Stars
PRICE: 1.99$

Game Play:

7- Over-rapid:

Over-Rapid, unlike other Mobile Rhythm Games that usually focus on 2 lanes and 2 fingers. this game has 6 lanes, That is, you need 6 fingers to enjoy the game more, you need to put your Mobile or Tablet on the table Because there is no way you can play this with thumbs.

Over-Rapid, one of the hardest Musical Games. But very fun and give you a feel for DJ music.

In order to enjoy the game more, I recommend that you try it on a large screen device or tablet.



REVIEWS: 4.2/5 Stars

GamePlay OverRapid: Musical Games

8- Muse Dash:

Muse Dash is one of the most vibrant Musical Games you can play right now, Because of its anime-like design and attractive colors. Headphones are necessary to enjoy more of this game.

The notes in this game are the enemies who come to you from the right of the screen, and you must hit them. Enemies appear from two places (top/bottom) and hit them by clicking the top or bottom of the screen.

If you enjoy the fast beat of POP music, Muse Dash is a game you must try.


Muse Dash

REVIEWS: 4.7/5 Stars
PRICE: 0.99$

GamePlay Muse Dash: Musical Games

9- Pianista:

Pianista is a classic rhythm game with old music, with very simple gameplay. The design of the game is different from the rest of the Musical Games (anime), and as the name of the game, music is old classic piano music.

Pianista is very easy to play. There are 3 types of notes (tap notes, hold notes, and slide notes). Pianista deals with difficulty well. Each music is classified with a number between (1-6) in addition to the normal difficulty system (easy, medium, and hard).

Pianista is a very amazing game if you play the music, but the energy system and expensive songs spoil the game experience.



REVIEWS: 4.2/5 Stars

GamePlay Pianista: Musical Games

10- Geometry Dash World:

The offline game I get most addicted to is Geometry Dash World, the best Mobile Rhythm Games for me. The game is a mixture of challenge and difficulty, eye-catching design, and remixed music enjoyment. The game provides a great and integrated experience that rarely appears in mobile games, but you must know that in this you will die a lot, a lot.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash World is simple, a cube slides and You have to reach the end of the level, all you have to do is Clicking the screen to jump and skip the obstacles.

I strongly advise you to try the game, as it is one of the best games in general, but you have to accept the fact that you will die a lot.


Geometry Dash World

REVIEWS: 4.4/5 Stars

GamePlay: Geometry Dash World

Conclusion Musical Games:

I hope I helped you pick a game to try, and I recommend Number 10 is best for me. And don’t forget to use headphones to enjoy the game more.
1- Arcaea, 2- Lanota, 3- Phigros, 4- Cytus, 5- CytusII, 6- A Dance of Fire and Ice, 7- OverRapid, 8- Muse Dash, 9- Pianista, 10- Geometry Dash World.

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