Top 10 Open World iOS Games For 2021 (Only Available in iPhone Devices)

Top 10 Open World iOS Games For 2021 (Only Available in iPhone Devices)
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In this list, you will find the 10 best Open World iOS Games only available on iOS. Distinctive games with a variety of new ideas. Choose this list based on the fact that games are only available on iOS. If you know a game and I didn’t mention it in the list, I hope you add it in the comments. There is a list of The 20 Best Open World Mobile Games available on Android and iOS platforms. You Can Check List.

1- Journey:

Journey Game is one of the most impressive gaming achievements. The game features beautiful and picturesque views. The game tells about the story of the traveler and his journey. You have one goal, which is to reach the illustrious mountain. On your way, you will discover the secrets of the vast world and meet other travelers. The game takes place in an open and dangerous world. There is no recording in the game results, statistics, or the number of lives you have, go around the world and achieve your goal. The Journey is Open World iOS Games only available on iPhone devices.



Rating: 4.1/5 Stare
Price: 4.99$

Journey GamePlay: Open World iOS Games

2- Beyond Blue:

Beyondblue ocean diving game developed by Eli media. iOS Open World Games are available only in Apple Arcade. Beyondblue is an educational relaxation game. You are playing as a deep-sea diver and marine biologist. You must explore the depths of the seas and discover marine animals. The game focuses on deep-sea visuals and views that give you a unique experience. Simple and smooth game control. The game world is vast and futuristic (scientifically advanced). Your goal in the game is to research the depths of the sea and on marine animals to discover the activities of mankind that hurt the seas and marine life.


Beyond Blue

Rating: 4.0/5 Stare
Price: Free

Beyond Blue GamePlay: iOS Open World Games

3- Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

The story of the game tells about the Alba girl who wants to spend her vacation with her grandparents on an island full of stunning scenery and beautiful wild animals. The mayor of the city decides to build a huge product in the place of a popular nature reserve. Alba decides to go to the reserve and photograph wildlife and scenic landscapes to remind people of this area and uh, it must be defended and preserved. You will wander in a vast world full of picturesque scenery and search for wild animals to photograph them. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a unique and magical experience from Ustwo Games. One of The Best Open World Mobile Games.


Alba AWA

Rating: 4.4/5 Stare
Price: Free

Alba GamePlay: Open World iOS Games

4- Wilderless:

If you love to explore and want to know how far Mobile Game graphics have come, Wilderless is the game for that. Open World iOS Games focus heavily on nature exploration and wander. There are no missions or monsters that you must eliminate. All you have to do is explore and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Sometimes it turns into a hawk to fly in the sky and see the world from above. You can also ski over frozen lakes, wander into rivers by boat, and feel relaxed. A photo mode has been added to the game, so you can capture anything that interests you.



Rating: 4.2/5 Stare
Price: 2.99$

Wilderless GamePlay: iOS Open World Games

5- Stranded Sails:

Stranded Sails is a mix between farming simulation and seaside adventures in a vast open world. The game begins while you are awake on an island and your ship has been wrecked and there are no tools or supplies available to help you. The game will teach you ways to survive. Then you have to farm to save food and explore the island. You can grow many vegetables and fruits. You will discover the island and find the resources to build a cooking station. Stranded Sails is an iOS Open World Games featuring a variety of missions and a multitude of fresh ideas.


Stranded Sails

Rating: 3.4/5 Stare
Price: Free

Stranded Sails GamePlay: Open World Mobile Games

6- Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

The game is a mix between tactical naval wars and RPG elements. Where you are developing your pirate ship. And entry into naval wars against pirates and giant sea monsters, as well as theft of merchant ships full of resources. You will have many adventures in the oceans, searching for treasures, and discovering the secrets of the seas. The battles in the game are tactical and thoughtful(You need to think). Tempest is an Open World iOS Games only available in iOS.



Rating: 4.6/5 Stare
Price: Free

Tempest GamePlay: Open World iOS Games

7- The Pathless:

The Pathless is one of the best Open World Mobile Games. In short, it is an epic adventure game. You will play the role of a hunter who is proficient in archery, and you have to cleanse the island from the corrupt spirits that are on it. Exploration in this game is a lot of fun and you have to do it. Do not be in a hurry to fight the bosses. Explore the world full of secrets with fun gameplay.


The Pathless

Rating: 4.3/5 Stare
Price: Free

The Pathless GamePlay:

8- Quest Hunter:

Quest Hunter is one of the best Dungeon-Crawl games. Many different RPG elements. You can customize your character, upgrade weapons, and find loot to improve your character, there are also abilities that you can unlock. Your mission is to light the place where you are so that monsters do not reach you. The story of the game is a little interesting, but the gameplay experience and very wide adventures make the game enjoyable. The game is available on iOS Open World Games.


Quest Hunter

Rating: 4.3/5 Stare
Price: Free

Quest Hunter GamePlay: Open World iOS Games

9- Spyder:

Our No. 9 Spyder is an Open World iOS Games Puzzle Solving Game. You will play as a robot spider and must solve puzzles to steal valuable items or important information. The game features many places to explore and steal from (laboratories, restaurants, safe … etc). There are abilities that you can add to the spider to do more things. There are some sneaky missions in the middle of some machines, it’s fun. If you like adventure and puzzle-solving, you will like this game.



Rating: 4.0/5 Stare
Price: Free

Spyder GamePlay: iOS Open World Games

10- Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG:

The game features challenging and fun fights, a large and complex character development system, and an interesting story. The game camera from top to bottom. The game’s world is bleak and full of dark places to explore. The story of the game is about revenge between vampires, wolves, and hunters. Vampire’s Fall is a classic RPG with a vintage style very similar to Blood Omen. If you like vampire stories and Open World Mobile Games this game is for you.


Vampire’s Fall

Rating: 4.7/5 Stare
Price: Free

Vampire’s Fall GamePlay: Open World Mobile Games


These are the top 10 Open World iOS Games only available on iPhones. I hope I helped you choose iOS Open World Games to play. If you don’t like a game on this list, there is another list of The 20 Best Open World Mobile Games for Android and iOS. Do not forget to share with us comments about your favorite game.

Open World Mobile Games List:

  • Journey
  • Beyond Blue
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
  • Wilderless
  • Stranded Sails
  • Tempest: Pirate Action RPG
  • The Pathless
  • Quest Hunter
  • Spyder
  • Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG
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