Best 40 Pc Games For Mobile 2021: Games Titles You Don’t Want Miss it. (Android/iOS)

Best 40 Pc Games For Mobile 2021: Games Titles You Don’t Want Miss it. (Android/iOS)
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Always PC or Console Games that diverted to the Mobile are excellent and fun.

The reason for this is All games that are successful on PC. Are diverted to the Mobile Game Platform.

And we all know the quality of games in the PC market and the fierce competition between developers.

Then the PC games that transferred to the Mobile Platform are excellent and worth a try.

Why will you find in this list the Pc Games For Mobile you are looking for:

  • Various and Different Games: Shooter, Single-Play, Survival, Horror, Arcade, Puzzles, Simulation, Relaxing, Offline/Online, and More.
  • 40 Games with their links. You don’t need to look elsewhere.
  • Mention the most important details about a game and The Rate.
  • In This List, I won’t Mention Any Popular Games. Like, Pubg Mobile, Cod Mobile, etc.

I- Shooting Pc Games For Mobile:

1- Warface: Global Operations:


Warface is Shooter FPS Pc Games For Mobile. Similar to the famous Call Of Duty game. The game offers a variety of maps, weapons, equipment, and characters. In addition, Multiple online modes.

There are 7 Maps for PvP mode, with over 200 customizable weapons and equipment, Which adds a lot of fun content.

Also, 4 PvP modes. Team Deathmatch, Control, Plant the Bomb, Free-for-All (Survival of the strongest).

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The Control is simple, and you can customize it as you like. You need to customize, Your weapons, equipment, character.

If you like Call Of Duty gameplay. You will surely like Warface.

2- Project RIP Mobile:


The game offers a very similar experience to DOOM on PC. Various scary monsters, bloody scenes, and enjoyment in killing enemies, Various weapons.

Realistic and dynamic FPS Movement in Project RIP. Like DOOM on Pc Games on Android And iOS. Plus, the FPS makes the bloody scenes more realistic.

20-Weapons, you can choose from and upgrade them. Also, use the katana sword. You will enjoy killing enemies.


For those who like difficulty, the game offers 3-difficulty levels. Plus, you can compete with other players to collect points when completing missions.

Dark World with Good graphics. In addition, Great sound effects and music.

3- Standoff 2:


In short, this game is a replica of Counter-Strike. Same classic gameplay, same maps, same weapons. But some new things have been added.

If you are looking for Counter-Strike on the mobile, you should try Standoff 2. It offers the same gameplay, Especially since Counter-Strike on PC has many problems and hacks.

Game developers have added new maps, new types of weapons, and modes. In addition, organizing tournaments.

The modes available in the game are: Deathmatch, Defuse the bomb, Arms race, Capture the flag, Robbery. Also, for those who love skins, new skins for weapons and knives have been added.



DEER HUNTER CLASSIC is an FPS shooting and hunting simulation game. Travel to different regions like America and Africa. To hunting pets and predators animals.

For me I don’t love this kind of game, it makes me bored. But many players love this type of game, especially if it is Pc Games For Mobile. That’s why I mentioned this game in this list.


There are more than 100 animals in different regions. You have to watch out for the attacks of predatory animals. Bears, wolves, and leopards.

You can also customize and master a wide variety of weapons. Co-op challenges have also been adding. Play with your friends and cooperate to complete challenging missions.

5- Bright Memory Mobile:


Let’s agree on something. The game is still in the experimental stage. It has not yet been fully developed and processed. As a result, you will encounter many problems if you download it. So don’t worry.

The trial game duration is only an hour, do not try it if you want a long game. The game in the Google Play store is $1.99, but some stores offer it for free, such as the Tap Tap Store. By the way, I advise you to download this store.


The first thing that catches your eye when playing the game is the Awesome graphics.

The graphics in Bright Memory are unbelievable. That is the reason for the delay in the release of a full version on the phone.

Bright Memory is an FPS Shooter game. In it, you can control different abilities and create various combinations of skills.

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6- Cyber Hunter:


In Cyber Hunter will find survival, shooter FPS, exploration, skills, and parkour. A unique Pc Games For Mobile experience.

The game offers many characters to play with, many skills and tactics, there are a lot of parkour moves that you can use during a battle.

The Sandbox world is competitive. In it, you can create many things and explore new areas.

For instance: sea, waterfalls, desert, swamps. In addition, you will find many weapons.

7- Badlanders:


Badlanders is a Shooter FPS game that combines survival, competition, and looting. These are the basic things in the game.

25-players enter the battlefield, and each one has his own goal. Eliminate enemies and loot their weapons and equipment. To build your arsenal of weapons.

The more weapons and equipment you collect, the more enemies will target you. You can diversify the style of the game, head-on or stealth and treachery.

The game offers a variety of realistic weapons and equipment, which you can customize as you like and add all the Extras.

Badlanders is Pc Games For Mobile offers a unique shooting experience. Try it and let us know your opinion in the comments.

II- Arcade and Platform Pc Games For Mobile:

8- Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers:


We start our list with The Lost Socks platform game, full of fun and hardcore challenges in a crazy world.

The main character can not stop. As a result, the attack of enemies, bullets, and thorns will be intense.

Various and different weapons. For example, DISRUPTOR, HURRICANE, STRIKER, SERPENT, SHREDDER, DOOM.

The game stages are full of twists and unexpected challenges. In addition, LEVELS are beautifully designed and full of charming colors.


You can change your playing style depending on your goal. Finally, if you like platform speedrun Games and a screen full of bullets, explosions, and enemies everywhere. You will like this game.

9- SpongeBob SquarePants BfBB:


Who doesn’t love SpongeBob and other funny characters? You will adventure and fight in Bikini Bottom and fight the evil Thwart.

First, you can play with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy. Each character has unique abilities. Also, you will get to know countless characters. That makes you relive the memories of the series.

Second, high-resolution graphics and visuals. Charming colors and good character design. Plus, the gameplay is fun and polished.

Third, a game story about Thwart Plankton’s evil plan. To take dominance of the Bikini Bottom with an army of robots, you have to stop Thwart Plankton and eliminate all the robots.

10- Mimpi Dreams:


The game is a charming mixture of platforms, puzzles, and adventure. And these types are some of the most loved by mobile gamers.

The game features are different and varied worlds and are full of Interesting details. You have to adventure and explore 7-worlds.

In addition, Mimpi Dreams is full of unique ideas, beautiful graphics, and characters that you will love.

You will venture into the dreams of Mimpi dog. And as the game developers told us, dog dreams are simulated realistically. If you tried the game, tell us In the Comments what you think of the reality of dreams?.

11- Pako2:


This time we have an arcade driving game full of dopamine and excitement. This game is one of the games you play everywhere. When you get bored Anywhere, take out your phone and play.

The Control of the game is pretty simple. But fun. Also, PAKO is a hardcore challenging game that makes you retry every time you lose.

Various stages are full of details and beautiful graphics. In addition, the many cars you can buy and the many weapons and items.

Help your Crew and escape from the police. You can shoot the police from your car. Your Crew will help you do that.

12- Unruly Heroes:


Unruly Heroes is a platform game about the journey of a master and his three disciples. The gameplay combines combat, puzzle-solving, parkour, adventure, and looting.

The game strives to offer players a unique experience through a fantasy art style and fun adventure. A story adapted from a Chinese novel.

Hand-drawn graphics and art style that make you feel realistic and lively. In addition, to more than ten elements to play.


Unique gameplay where you can switch between 4 characters while in the middle of a battle or stage, and every hero has Special abilities. This method adds great fun to the gameplay.

13- Getting Over It:


In short, if you want to feel angry and spoil your day, try this game. It is one of the Hardest platform games you will ever experience. Either on a mobile phone or a PC.

Getting Over It is a Platform climb game a very challenging. You have to move Hammer. With your finger. To get to the top of the mountain, that’s all.

With practice, you will learn. How to jump, swing, climb and fly. Also, skip obstacles.

The number of people who completed the game compared to the number of people who played it is very few.

The thing that makes you angry the most is losing your progress over and over again. In addition, To philosophical articles narrated by the main character. You will feel new kinds of anger and frustration.

14- Ritual:


Ritual is an arcade game full of action, weapons, enemies, and various abilities. If you like action and shooting games, you will love this game.

You can discover hundreds of different magical skills, spells, and weapons. Also, you can use a dagger to kill nearby enemies.

The game runs at 60 frames per second For smoother graphics and charming colors.

To get the best experience, you should play 60 frames and connect the Controller.

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15- Forgotten Anne:


The rating of this game on Google Play is 4.7 stars. Because of the direction and the story and stages.

Forgotten Anne is a meaningful cinematic adventure like animation and storytelling. In addition, light and fun puzzles.

You have to discover a wonderful world full of wonders and lessons. The Amazing combination of game world and gameplay is pretty fun and charming.

You will play as Annie, and you must harness her power to solve puzzles and breathe new life into forgotten lands.

Animated images were created by hand using the same techniques they use in cinematic animated films.

16- Juicy Realm:


The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the game is the unique art style and graphics full of colors and vibrancy. Also, the screen is full of enemies, and fire is everywhere.

As an explorer, you have to explore the dangerous vegetation area and fight them. Enemies in the game world are very many and varied. Plus, different bosses. Each boss has a different idea.

The game provides a lot of weapons and items that help you in eliminating enemies. When you defeat powerful enemies, you will get powerful weapons and Special items.

A co-op system has Been adding, Which makes the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Do specific strategies to eliminate bosses with your Friend.

17- GRIS:


GRIS is a serene and evocative platforming experience. You will explore a world designed with meticulous art and animated graphics, say the least, charming to the eyes.

The game is free from dangers, frustration, or death. All you have to do is solve the light puzzles and tasks that will appear for you to reach more of the world of GRIS.

Experience the game without even text. Just explore and solve puzzles with simple Control.

Don’t be fooled by the simple things. The game is pretty fun and relaxing.

The game world is a memory of the heroine of the story. Anyone can enjoy GRIS no matter what language they are speaking.

III- Pc Games For Mobile To Play With Friends:

18- Brawlhalla:


Pc Games on Android and iOS Our starting point in our list of good games with friends is Brawlhalla. A platform fighting game with more than 40 million players.

The game Support 8-Players online in one match. You can play with random players or create a room with your friends.

50-unique characters and the number is increasing. Each character has unique abilities, also, dozens of different maps.

The most fun thing about the game is the different modes. You can play with your friends online. Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and more.

A game developed by Ubisoft Company. Who are famous for their PC and console games.

19- Stick Fight: The Game


This game is one of the most fun-fighting Pc Games For Mobile. Stick Fight is a funny platform fighting game due to the gameplay and physics of the movement of characters.

You will have fun and laugh a lot if you play with your friends. The game offers more than 100 maps and a warehouse of weapons and bombs.


Control the stick figure to run, jump and hit. Pick up various weapons that fall during the fight. After 9-matches, you will be ranked from first to last according to the number of kills.

The graphics in the game are cartoonish and classic. Just looking at the game makes you laugh.

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20- Turbo League:


Turbo League is the same game as Rocket League on PC, but not from the same company.

A unique game idea, as it combines the fun of football and the excitement of racing. You have to coordinate between physics and driving to control the ball and score goals.

There is a 3v3 multiplayer mode, or play with your friends to have more fun. You can customize your car with many things, For example, wheels and bodywork.

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The game offers Amazing futuristic graphics and excellent physics and movement mechanics. There is also a global chat where you can talk to players and create your team.

21- Human Fall Flat:


From my point of view, Play this game with your friends only. Because playing it alone or with someone you don’t know is boring and becomes a meaningless game.

Human: Fall Flat is a funny and fun physics platformer game. The game supports 4-Players on a stage, and you have to help each other. To solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

The game offers various levels in terms of design. For instance, from palaces, castles, Aztec adventures to snowy mountains, spooky night scenes, and industrial sites.

It’s fun solving puzzles with your friends. Each player has a role to play to solve puzzles.

22- League of Legends: Wild Rift


The best game right now for me, and I play it every day is Wild Rift. The reason I like this game Is because of the fresh ideas. That comes to your mind every time you play it.

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Also, various skills and strategies that you can apply. In addition, a ton of champions (74 champ). Each one has unique skills and many ideas that you can do.

The only problem with the game is that the game is rather difficult for beginners who have not played a MOBA game before. But if you pass the scattering phase at the beginning of the game, you will enjoy the game.


I highly recommend you to try Wild Rift as it is one of the best Pc Games For Mobile. Just enjoy the game at the beginning.

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Action, Battle Royale, FPS, MOBA, and PvP. The game took a little of each type and added it to the gameplay.

The game offers multiple modes of PvP, Survival, Co-op, and 1v1 Duel. In addition, online modes Team Deathmatch, Fuel Frenzy, Battle Ball, and Free for All.

Armajet is a Shooting platform game with JetPacks. You can create a group with your friends or play randomly.

  • Game Features:
  • There are different characters that you can unlock and develop.
  • Hundreds of models of weapons.
  • Smooth Control: especially when using JetPacks.
  • High-quality Graphics and sound: Excellent sound effects.
  • Ranking system: You can raise your rating when winning matches.
  • Clan System: Recruit your friends into the clan.

24- Suspects: Mystery Mansion:


This game has fixed the Among US mistakes and developed it. For me, this game is better than Among-US in mobile, although it took the same idea.

The two things that players have been waiting for from Among US are the live voice chat and the Variety of tasks you can do on the Map.

Suspects have added these things. Also, the game is easy to play with your friends.


Each character has a unique design. That helps you achieve. Not like Among-US, each character has a specific color. That makes you distracted.

The Player’s Reviews are mostly positive about the game.

25- Dead By Daylight Mobile:


Dead by Daylight is a Multiplayer (4vs1) Horror, action, Pc Games For Mobile.

How to play: The killer is against 4-Survivors, besides your friends or random players. The killer must kill all survivors before they escape. Also, the survivors must Escape from the killer.


There are different characters of the killer and survivor, and Each character has unique abilities. You can play with killer characters or other survivor characters.

26- Identity V:


I know this game is very similar to Dead By Daylight Mobile. But the reason I chose her is design, Diversity, and creativity in ideas. Better than Dead By Daylight.

This game outperforms Dead By Daylight in designing unique survivors (like cotton dolls). That adds more horror to the game.


Also, diversify in the characters of the hunter and abilities. There are several killer characters and many Abilities that you can use.

In addition, Identity V provided many maps, and the Map selected randomly.

Multiple survivor characters. Choose the character that helps you implement your particular strategy.

27- Metal Revolution:


Currently, Metal Revolution is one of the most popular fighting Pc Games For Mobile. Because of the fun gameplay and character design.

Metal Revolution is a fighting game with excellent graphics, simple Control, and deep gameplay. The game also supports 60 FPS.

You can choose from several different fighters to fight in the ranking or play the story of each Fighter.

Classic gameplay. You will love it whether you are a fan of fighting games or you have never tried them.

You can create private tournaments for you and your friends, and at the same time, chat with other fighters and spectators.

Because of the simple controls, you can Easily perform several fighting moves. In addition, to the movement of ending the opponent.

28- Skullgirls:


Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG with characters with a unique cartoon design and attractive colors.

Character design and 2D graphics in the game are hand-drawn. The game will impress you visually.

The thing I liked the most about Skullgirls: is the mobile Control. You will not find any buttons on the screen. With just a few clicks, you can perform a wide range of combat moves.


Game developers have added the Fight Assist system to help players who are inexperienced in fighting games. Professional players can play without using Fight Assist and focus on developing their level.

The game offers story mode and PVP. Create a team of 3 fighters and a challenge. In addition, the famous fighting modes.

29- Totally Reliable Delivery Service:


When you want to change the atmosphere or entertain yourself with a fun game, I advise you to download the Totally Reliable Delivery Service. The game is a simulation of a delivery service in a comical way (Interesting Idea).

You have to fasten your belt and operate the delivery truck. To deliver urgent customer requests. You can play with 2 of your friends to complete missions together.

The fun thing about the game is the unexpected character movement physics that makes you laugh.

The game offers a world full of details and fun. When bored of delivering customers’ orders, You can roam the world and play using different machines and vehicles found in the game world.

30- GRID Autosport:


GRID Autosport is a realistic racing arcade game. The game is Developed To provide realistic simulation in terms of graphics and physics of car movement.

The game offers more than 100 different cars. You can play a large number of exciting Rounds. Across a variety of modes and modes.

You can also customize the Control as you like To facilitate driving and make unique movements in the car. Like, Wheel Touch, Arrow Touch, or gamepad.

Besides, choose the difficulty you want from easy to very difficult.

IV- Action and Other Pc Games For Mobile:

31- ARK: Survival Evolved:


You will live in a world full of dinosaurs (more than 80 dinosaurs) that can be tame.

That makes the survival experience unique from the rest of the games.

You can play with your friends to form tribes, build colonies and build an army of dinosaurs. Or play against them to challenge each other and hold battles.


ARK challenges you to survive and thrive on the island. You will start without a weapon and even clothes. You have to collect resources and craft tools to evolve and survive.

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Game Features:

  • More than 80 dinosaurs that you can tame and use it.
  • Discover the huge island
  • Many tools and weapons that you can build
  • Pleasant survival experience
  • Create clans with friends



For those not familiar with the FINAL FANTASY series of games, It is considered one of the best and most popular RPG and Hack and Slash games.

Developers have changed the character design and made it like a cartoon. And they released the game on Mobile.

You can explore the world of FINAL FANTASY. Complete with its adorable characters.

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Simple Control, anyone can get used to it quickly and enjoy Hack and Slash system.

I hope you tell me in the comments. What do you think about the game if you try it?.

33- Rebel Cops:


The game story is about the only policeman standing by the justice because most policies have become traitors to the mafia gang.

The game offers very enjoyable tactical and stealth battles. You have to infiltrate and treachery of enemies. Also, discover shortcuts and use them.

You always have to finish stages and eliminate enemies by stealth because one shot of the enemies will kill you.

The game camera is from the top-down. Attractive colors, lovable gameplay. In addition, the game supports 12 languages EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, PT, JA, KO, PL, RU, ZH-CN.

34- Unknown Fate:


Strange and unique world. Interesting story. Innovative Gameplay. Fun puzzles to solve.

A story about: a person who awakens in an unknown world, He has no memories of his past and doesn’t know how he got into this world. Your task is to continue and try to uncover the secrets and truth of the world.


Game Features:

  • A Unique Story in a Fantasy World: You can explore 5-different worlds.
  • Fun Puzzles. Your task is to solve puzzles to overcome obstacles and reach the end.
  • Many Secrets: As you progress in a story, you will discover facts and secrets
  • Game Experience. You can play offline and without ads.

35- ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion:


This game won the 3rd place award in the Google Indie Game Festival competition.

You will live a puzzle adventurer with the girl Anne. In a mansion made of several rooms, slide like puzzle pieces. Your task is to find the way out by moving the Rooms. And using what’s inside them.

The Toymaker’s Mansion offers over 500 stages divided into 4-mansions. Anne can use her abilities. For instance, teleport and place bombs, move all rooms at once.

The game’s community isn’t quite as big, but the review of most players “ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion” is positive. If you tried the game, let us know what you think in the comments.

36- Bendy and the Ink Machine:


The game features a unique and distinctive cartoon design and a scary and impressive story that makes you think all the time.

Bendy and the Ink Machine combines survival horror and puzzles with first-person.

Beautiful cartoon world designed, From a small independent studio. In addition, Diversity of gameplay. Spy and revealing hidden secrets.


The story of the game is about animator Henry. He goes on a horror journey in which he fights darkness and escapes from the ink demon.

37- Hello Neighbor:


HelloNeighbor is an Adventure Horror Pc Games on Android and iOS.

Your task is to infiltrate the basement of your Neighbor’s house and find out the terrifying secrets that he is hiding.

In this game, you will play against advanced AI. It learns from the movements you make and anticipates what you want to do. You can play the game without the internet (Offline).

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Your Neighbor will set you up with traps and cameras. You have to be careful. Also, he will use secret passages and shortcuts to catch you.

38- The Walking Dead: Season One


That is another Telltale game in which your decisions influence a story, and I expect you all know the popular series The Walking Dead.

Play as Lee, a convicted criminal. Who got a second chance at life and repentance. Your task is to protect the girl who is with you.

You can explore a world full of zombies and meet people. Your Decisions will affect the course of the story and can kill Important characters.

The game has more than 90 prizes. 5-episodes of the game story are released. Not all episodes are free. You need to pay.

39- Forgotten Memories:


It tells the story of a game about a girl, Rose. That searching for a missing child. But suddenly, she finds herself wounded in a strange place she does not know.

After searching and exploring, Rose realizes that she is locked up in her memories and fears, and she must overcome this and solve puzzles to survive.

The game combines a third-person perspective and Psychological survival horror. In addition, the gameplay combines exploration, meditation, puzzles, action, and survival.

Horror in a game is an old classic horror that uses simple visual effects. But it has a significant impact on players in terms of a sense of terror.

25- Life is Strange:


Life Is Strange is one of the best Telltale games on PC.

For those who are not familiar with Telltale Games, The game tells a story, and you choose the decisions that affect the events of the game Story. That is a type of game that always has multiple endings.

The game story has 5-parts. It is about a student who discovers that she can return to the past. But a change in the past may lead to disasters in the future.

This element of the story makes the decisions you make so Important. which could lead to disasters in the future.

The game’s graphics are hand-drawn with an impressive soundtrack that makes you feel like watching a movie.

Conclusion Pc Games For Mobile:

All Pc Games For Mobile mentioned in the list have highly rated and offered a unique and fun gaming experience.

Be it Action, Shooter, Simulation, Fighting, Single-Play, Survival, Horror, Arcade, Puzzles, Relaxing games. Just choose what you like, and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for it.

What list do you want me to create next time? Tell me in the comments.

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