How To Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift 2021 – Tips and Tricks

How To Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift 2021 – Tips and Tricks
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The ranking is fun in League of Legends: Wild Rift. But difficult if you don’t know how to climb up in a Rank. I will give you a set of tips to Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift. Whether you’re stuck in Iron or on your way to Diamonds. These tips will help you climbing and make you a professional player. The Tips are divided into3 sections (Mentality. Game. Champion Tips). You can’t apply all the Tips at once. So focus on some tips and, when you’ve mastered them, Apply the others.

I will give you the best tips and tricks. To help you Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift easily. All Tips are necessary and, you must apply them to climb in Rank. Whether you think you can rank up or you think you can’t rank up. You’re right. You can do it, just some patience and persistence.

I- Mentality Tips: Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.


Mindset or Mentality is The Key factor to your success in any field, not just Wild Rift. If you are Stuck in a ranked, you must first change your Mentality, and here are the Best10 tips to change your mindset and Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

1- Admit to Yourself That you Need to Improve:


This tip is the first tip you have to do. You must admit to yourself that you need to improve. If you did not need improvement, your Rank would be a challenger now. Focus on this advice and always play to improve your skills. And perform better than before.

2- Control Your Emotions and Don’t Tilt:


Always try not to get angry and control your emotions. I know it’s not easy, but If your Emotions control you and Get angry, say goodbye to winning. You and your team will lose. So focus on winning no matter how bad your performance or your team’s performance is and, don’t get angry. Always remember, what matters to you is the victory screen.
If you get angry, complete a match, and get out of the game, you will lose more matches.

3- Mute Chat:


This tip helped me a lot. Unfortunately, A many players focus on the Chat more than a match to cover their mistakes and negative results, thus affecting the rest of the players. And the best solution is to Mute Chat and focus on yourself and the game. Always, before the start of a match, Mute Chat and focus on yourself.

4- Believe in Yourself and Focus in Yourself:


Always remember if you want to carry the whole match and win, You have to Believe in Yourself and Focus on Yourself. You got to believe in yourself and your ability to grow as a player. Focus on Yourself and keep working on yourself and try your best to maintain a good mentality. think about it this way. Every second you spend thinking about what teammates should have done and how bad they are is just Completely wasted time for you.

Mute the Chat, never engage in flame, and never get mad at your teammates. Always remember you can’t control your team and their improvement and, always consider how you could have played every game and situation better and if you couldn’t have played it better. Just don’t worry about it, move on to the next thing, and feel good about your play, and I almost guarantee you there is something you could have done better. No one plays a perfect game. Keep yourself in a sound headspace focus on yourself and your improvement. You can only change yourself and become a better player after every single game you play. Believe and Focus on Yourself.

5- Don’t Give up and Focus on Winning Games:


I lost a lot of games because of the defeatist Mentality and quick Give up of some players. Every day I play. I meet this type of player (Spam Surrender). Your Main Objective is not to give up and win no matter how the enemy team takes kills. Focus on winning, and don’t give up. There are many games I played my team Spam Surrender from the 5th minute. And in the last game, we come back and win the game. Especially don’t give up if your team champions are the type that becomes strong in the late game.

6- Drop Your Ego:


Ego is one of the biggest reasons you do not develop and remain stuck at the same level. Do not be arrogant and always try to have an educational mindset. There are always things you have to learn. When learning one thing, move on and learn the next. And don’t be arrogant about your team. Always remember all you care about is the victory screen.

7- Follow High Elo Players:


Watch professional players. It will help you a lot in improving your Level and Mentality. You can watch High Elo Players on YouTube or Twitch. Follow the Players League of Legends PC and, you will learn many things from them quickly because they have been playing the game for a long time. And don’t watch short clip videos and Montage. Watch full matches and Watch how professional players think.

8- learn From Your Own Mistakes:


If you want to become The Best, you have to practice like The Best Players. And The Best Players, he’s learned from their mistakes quickly. Look in your own mistakes, accept them and work on them. You are the only constant in every game. If you repeat the same mistakes, this means that you will lose many games. That is The Best tip for Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

9- It’s Never Your Teams Fault:


There is no such thing as my team holding me back, and my team is the reason I’m stuck in gold. If where you are constantly losing games. Make sure you are the reason Because you are not doing enough to ensure that you consistently win. So the people who blame their teams are usually the ones who will stay stuck in their ranks. Of course, there will be games where your team is responsible for the loss, but this will not be in every game you play in Wild Rift.

10- Stop Playing if you Lose 3 Games in a Row:


If you lose3 games in a row, stop playing. That is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve been making. You will become unfocused, angry, and mentally unsuitable for play. Always remember, don’t play if you lose3 matches in a row. Get out of Wild Rift and play another game or watch a movie, etc. Enjoy your time to reset your focus, then come back to play.

II- Game Mechanics: Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.


Match Mechanics representing 90% of Games and 10% champions. So all Wild Rift Players focus on improving their Mechanics to improve their level and Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift. And Game Mechanics It’s all the things you do in a match except for the champs (Wave, Vision, Objective, etc.)

1- Specialise in a role And Champion:


You can quickly climb up in the rank if you specialize in one champ and a specific role. The Best path to do this is to choose the champ you want and one of the four best roles (ADC, Mid, Jungle, or Baron Line), and the second role is Support (Spare). Always remember that performing well in any champion requires practice. Once you learn the mechanics of the champ, you focus on being in the right place at the right time and doing as much as you can to achieve victory for your team.

2- Warding and Map Awareness:


Use Ward, Use Ward, Use Ward. If you use it Correctly, your level will change dramatically. Many players forget to use ward, but use it is very useful. Use it whenever available and, one of your team uses a Sweeper. Placing Wards deeper into the enemy jungle provides valuable information. Always focus put wards in Key Areas. It gives you Important information about the movements of the enemy team and the enemy jungle.

Look at The Map. Every 3s Look at the map. Always have your eye on the map. To analyze and make the right decision at the right time. You should be able to see, The Larger possible part of the map (Ward) to respond quickly, avoid surprises, know if it is a good time to fight or not, And get an idea of what the enemy is planning and many other things. Warding and Map Awareness These two skills will improve your level.

3- Wave Control/Management:


Wave management is crucial to winning your lane. Wave Control is One of the biggest and most important reasons for winning a game. There are 3ways to Control a Wave: Shoving a Wave or Fast Pushing, Freezing, and Slow Pushing Wave. You have to learn all these ways. Also, when to use each Way at the right time with the right champ. Wave management is a topic that I can’t explain in a small band. You can tell me in the comments if you want a detailed explanation.

4- Improving Your Farming Skills:


Farming is one of the skills that many players do not learn. But it is one of the most, Important factors to win the games. When you choose a champ and the role you prefer, it’s time to improve your farming and focus on it. Good farming equals gold, gold turns into items, and items mean to carry the game.

If you play as a Jungler, you have to balance farming with helping your team. The farm in the jungle role is the hardest. If you learn to farm and learned how to farming while you’re ahead or behind in a game. You Will Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

5- Don’t Fight Without Reason:


Stop automatically grouping with your team and fighting without reason. You will lose a lot of experience and gold, also allow your enemy to return in a game if you are ahead of him. The fights you enter with your team should make meaning to an end and avoid unnecessary Fights. To determine if fighting is beneficial or not, you have to ask yourself this question. What will you get if you win a team fight? If your answer is no. then it is better not to get into this fight.

The winning team of the game should not be the one that forces the team to fight. Let the enemies come to you. Focus on what is more important than kills, which is the objectives. If you are late in a game, stop fighting. And only go to fight to prevent the enemy team from taking objectives (Turret, Dragon, and Baron). If you know the enemy team, Will kill all your team and take a dragon. Then don’t go to fight and focus on farming. It doesn’t matter if you sacrifice 2dragons. The most important thing is to come back in a game.

6- Objective Control:


The objectives in Wild Rift consist of 4 objectives: Turret, Dragons, Baron, Kills. Sure, outplaying enemies and getting many kills is fun, but it’s not enough to win games. You have to focus on the rest of the objectives more Because it’s more important than killing.

Learn when to take objectives or not, when to risk-taking objectives or not, when to sacrifice objectives or not, Do you take the turret or retreat?, Understand the priority of taking objectives and understand the concept of trading objectives, etc. If you want to Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift, you need to learn this skill.

Understand the concept of trading objectives. You can learn it just by playing a lot and watching professional players. Always think and try to predict what will happen if you go to take the objectives.

  • We can’t fight over this dragon because we will all die.
  • Can’t fight over this dragon because we are not strong enough.
  • We can’t take the dragon now, but we’ll take a turret to take advantage of this situation.
  • Should we take the risk and take baron? or do we risk-taking this tower to put pressure on the enemy team.

Be more aware of what is going on around you, and always think about controlling objectives. Be more aware of what is going on around you, and always think about controlling objectives. Focus on communicating with your team and if you want to recall, do it at the right time.

7- Understand 10 Champs and How to Win The Game:


Once all 10 Champs have been selected, try to understand how team comps work and the enemy team. And start thinking about The Best path to win. Always in every game. Try to put a specific plan and start implementing it from the beginning of the game. And don’t worry if your plan doesn’t work, it’s all a learning experience, and it will be even better next time.

When starting the game, you have to analyze all the options. It Will help you make a better decision about how to approach certain areas of the game:

  • Do you have a lot of scaling champions that are good in the late game?
  • You have a good team fight?
  • You have a good Split Pushing Champions?
  • Do we want to fight for the first dragon or not?
  • We need to be more aggressive early to shut them down?
  • Do we focus on a team fight in the late game?
  • And many more questions to ask yourself.

8- Think Ahead Before Play and Predict Your Enemy:


If you want to Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift, you have to be different from the rest of the players at your current Elo. Always be proactive and unexpected, and also think about what the enemy is thinking. Analyze your team situation and take the Unexpected decision to win the game, look at what the enemy Laner wants to do, and predict the jungle move.

Learn Rotations, and help your team in unexpected times of the enemy. For Example: If you are playing Support, sometimes go to help your Mid Laner. This move would not be Expected. The enemy Mid-Laner is only Looking for Jungler.

9- Learning When to Take Risks or Not:


If you want to become a better player, you need to push your limits. You are the only one who knows what your champ can do. Learn when to take a risk or not. If you are late in a game, you have to take the risk (Flip Coin or 50%-50%) on Baron or Eldra Dragon. etc. If the enemy team gives you a chance to come back in a game, don’t miss it take a risk, and push your limits, if you are ahead in a game. why take a risk and give the enemy team a chance to come back in a match. (I lost many games because of risk while I was ahead).

Don’t overstay or overextend. When you win a 1v1 fight or win a team fight, don’t just try to take other objectives (don’t overstay). So try to think about the location of the enemy, look at the death timers, the health percentage of your team, and are in good health to take another objective and enter into a team fight, or go back to base and reset.

10- Lane Priority:


Lane Priority generally means winning the lane. Winning a lane means you have more gold than killing minions, killing the enemy more than 3times, or taking the first turret. Always try to take the first tower as soon as possible, it is Very Important, you will get a lot of gold and experience. When you take advantage of your lane, you can rotate and help your team. This advantage will contribute to the win of your team.

III- Champion Tips: Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.


Champion mechanics. If you don’t learn it, you can’t win your lane, and you don’t know your function in the team fight. Focus on your champion and learn everything about him. Here are 10tips to play your champ better and Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

1- Understand Your Champ And Learning How to Control it:


To become a good player, you have to learn everything about your champ. Understand your Champ. Learn all the combo + Flash combo and also use his abilities at the right time. Always at the early game, Focus on Cooldown and play for it.

2- Power Spikes of Your Champion:


Understanding your Champion Power Spike will not only help you in the lane phase, but it will also help you greatly to winning a game. A champ power spike is often Level and Item-based, Such as unlocking an ultimate or buying a specific item or playing a Certain style, etc.
In Wild Rift, knowledge is power. It means that things you learn when playing your champion over time and experience are also is Power Spike.

When your champion is at their relative optimal state of strength, this is the Power Spike of your Champion. You have to know the time when your champ is strong and Know the difference between you and the enemy, even if it is slight. And play in style appropriate to the strength of your champion.

3- Understand Your Matchups:


Understand your lane matchup, especially against a bad matchup. It’s easy to say but hard to do. You have to know which trades you will lose and which you will win. And the only way to do that is to pay attention and learn while playing. You have to particularly understand all the intricacies of the trade (Champ VS Champ).

Focus on your Champ strengths and your enemy champion weaknesses. (Play on these points). In the Early Game, focus on the Cooldown of abilities is very important. Know your limits, and if the enemy is better than you, respect him.

4- Try To Survive As Long As Possible:


Always remember when you die, you lose your source of strength and, The enemy strength is increasing. Try to stay alive as long as possible, even if you don’t take kills. Keep flash and don’t use it to take kill but use it to stay alive. Stay alive that Means you have a lot of gold, and gold means you can carry a game.

5-Right Itemization:


The key to increasing the chance of winning is choosing the Right Item at the right time(Right Itemization). That is the difference between a smart and a good player. The items in Wild Rift contain stats, abilities, skills, and bonuses that make your champ give his full potential, and The Item you build depends not only on your champion but also on the matchup and the situation.

You will not only need to study the Items and details of your champion. But also need to Study all the different factors and Items in the game. If you want to play like the pro-players in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Always remember: Choose the Right item at the right time. It will make you able to influence more games.

6- Follow The Meta Champions:


Mata Champions are the Best champions of this period (OP Champ). You need to play the best Champions to increase your winning chance and Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift. Meta champs always are broken and powerful. If you master these champions, it Will increases your winning rate.

7- Learn How To Position In a Team-Fight:


One of the most significant factors to win a team fight is Positioning if all your team is in the Right position. You will win the team fight. Learn how to position yourself. Look at the champ you are playing, and stand in a suitable Position for your champion. If you’re playing with a squishy champion, you Have to stand in the backline and let your team take damage. You have to be patient. Patience is the key. If you are a tank, you have to be at the front of the fight (front line) and take the damage.

Also, learn lane positioning in the Laning phase. Always you have to know where you stand and position against each champ. This tip will help you win your path every time and Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

8- Learn Strategies:


Once you have finished selecting your team champions and seeing the enemy champs, think of a strategy that works for your team champions. Try to communicate with your team as much as possible. And always, at all phases of a game, you have to define a specific strategy and implement it (don’t play if you don’t have a plan). The Biggest problem players have is not finishing a game quickly when they are ahead in a match. Learn strategies that make you finish games Quickly if you are ahead. Also, Learn Strategies that help you get back to the game if you are late.

9- Play Your Lane Properly:


Play your lane Properly is what you do in your line. And to determine what to do in your line, you must analyze all the available information, such as: who do you play against, what champions did your team choose, where is the Jungler, what Items did the enemy champ use, etc.

In all Matchups, you have to play to win, not play to Not Lose. Playing to win makes you punish your opponent for any mistake he makes. Playing to Not Lose will make you try don’t die, and what can you do if you are trying to survive?. Taking objectives always comes after playing lane the right way.

10- Respect Enemy Champions:


Each champ has advantages, weaknesses, and strengths that you must respect. If the champion against you is better than you at the early game, do not approach him at the early game. the enemy champ has more gold than you, respect him and do not confront him. If you know you’re going to die, Why give him more kills and gold. Always respect your enemy if he is better than you and use your mind. Don’t give a chance to your enemy if you are better than him.

Conclusion: How To Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift.

These are tips for how to Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift. I know you can’t do all of these tips at once. I advise you to choose three tips. And apply them. After you do the Tips, choose the other three tips and start to do them, and so on. This way, you will benefit from the article more.

And as always, if I didn’t mention a trick, mention it in the comments, and if you have advice, criticism, or anything about the content, pls tell me in the comments. I will appreciate that.

Rank Up Fast In Wild Rift List:

  • You Need to Improve.
  • Don’t Tilt.
  • Mute Chat.
  • Believe in Yourself.
  • Focus on Winning.
  • Drop Your Ego.
  • Follow High Elo Players.
  • Learn From Mistakes
  • Never Team Fault
  • Stop Playing if Lose 3
  • One Role One Champ.
  • Warding and Map.
  • Wave Management.
  • Improving Farming.
  • Fight Without Reason.
  • Objective Control.
  • How to Win The Game
  • Predict Your Enemy
  • Take Risks or Not
  • Lane Priority
  • Understand Your Champ.
  • Champ Power Spikes.
  • Your Matchups.
  • Don’t die.
  • Right Itemization.
  • Follow The Meta
  • Learn How To Position
  • Learn Strategies
  • Play Your Lane Properly
  • Respect Enemy

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