Best 30 Survival Games for Android & IOS 2021 |For Free| Survival Mobile Games.

Best 30 Survival Games for Android & IOS  2021 |For Free| Survival Mobile Games.
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Survival Mobile Games are one of the most popular games in the world. It dominates the gaming market. Be it games from big or small companies. As a result, this type of game is constantly evolving, emerging with new ideas worth trying. So I have to remind the players of the latest Survival Games for Android & IOS to try and enjoy.

There are many Survival Mobile Games. that led to the players being confused in choosing which game they want to play. So I will help you to Choose the Survival Games for Android or IOS you want to try.

I have tried to add different types of games to this list. (Classic Survival, Horror, Arcade, Zombies, Simulation, Adventures, Battle Royale, and Hardcore Survival). There are many games on this list that will surprise you.

1- Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad:

Popular simulation game Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad. It is one of the latest ocean survival games. You have to explore and survive in the ocean on your boat. Plus, new enemies, items, and RBG elements.

Build your raft to Survive and explore Oceans and islands. Also, sharks will attack your boat. So you have to protect him from sharks and all the things that put him at risk.

Features of Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad:

  • Various weapons and many items
  • Explore the ocean and islands (open world)
  • Build your raft to navigate and explore
  • The survival system is innovative and fun.

The game has been download more than 50m downloads. It is one of the most popular Survival Games for Android & IOS. The rate of the game is Good.

Raft Survival contains a story (the story of the end of the world). And one of the most important tips I give you when playing the game is: you have to hunt items, search for resources, craft weapons, armor, and defend your raft.


2- LifeAfter:


Life After is an action-adventure zombie game. You have to survive from zombies and humans. What sets LifeAfter apart from the rest of Survival mobile games is the vast world. From mountains to beaches, forests, desert, city, swamps, seas, etc. Also vast world full of exploration, challenges, and crises. You can even explore the depths of the sea. The size of the game is a bit big. As a result, the world of Life After is vast and full of details.

You can create your world. So you have to collect resources and food and craft weapons and defenses. Also, make friends with other people. To work together, build shelter, and develop Defenses to protect yourselves from zombie invasions.

The story you will live, also interesting. If you join an active camp, there will always be lots of fun to do, adding lots of new people and friends.


3- Survival Games: Zombie:


Z Shelter Survival is an action Survival Game for Android & IOS with a rating of 4.5/5 stars. The story of the game tells about the zombie’s control of Earth. But your enemy is not only zombies but also other players are your enemies. Like hunger, thirst, cold, zombies, and other players all threaten your life, and you have to survive.

Z Shelter Survival. One of the best Zombie Survival Mobile Games. Most of its reviews are positive. As a result, the game community is large and is constantly growing.

Make your weapons. First, to defend yourself from zombies. Secondly, to face other players and steal all their items. You can build an advanced and impenetrable fortress, as well as search for players to cooperate.

There are many resources that you can search, to manufacture tons of objects and items. And the most fun thing about the game is that you can build a house for dogs and raise them in it. A dog will help you in your tasks and defend you. The game also offers a PVP mode, try it and steal as many resources as possible.


4- Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game:


Horrorfield idea is distinctive and innovative. The game system is multiplayer, consisting of 4 people (survivors) against a psychopathic hunter. The four survivors must escape from the hunter, and the killer must not let anyone Escape from him and kill them all.

Horrorfield map is full of traps and secret hiding places. You have to discover it. The task of the survivors is to repair generators to open the gate and escape. Who will escape? And who will be caught?


The game contains several characters. each character has unique abilities. (Fast Basketball Player, Doctor, Robber, Mercenary, Police Officer, Scientist, ENGINEER). In addition, there are four different hunters. For instance, you can play with other survivors, join forces and develop strategies together to achieve the goal. You can also play alone and rely on yourself to escape.

The downloads of the game reached more than 10 million times. Good players review, game rating 4.3/5. The developers of the game are constantly releasing updates and fixes.


If are you looking for Horror and Survival Games for Android or iOS. So Horrorfield is the best game you are looking for it. The game features. Is when you play as a hunter, you have to develop strategies to hunt down your victims. And also the method of cooperation between the 4 Survivors with their unique skills.


5- Last Pirate:


The last Pirate is an adventure, survival, simulation game with The Pirate world theme. The rate of the game is Good 4.3/5. The player’s feedback is positive. And it has been downloaded more than 10 million times. And excellent graphics.

These days a huge update has been added to the game with many new things and new enemies. If are you a fan of the pirate world and Survival Mobile Games. I expect you will like this game.


The game begins with the main character stuck on an island, a station ship, and a missing ship’s crew. You have to make your way on the island to find resources and objects. (wood, iron, trees, barrels). Survive and face all the dangers. You also have to provide Food by searching the island or fishing.


The game world is full of enemies like Kraken and Godzilla. Need to craft Weapons and equipment to protect yourself. (Axles, Knives, Bows, Spears).


6- ARK: Survival Evolved:

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the best survival games on PC and console. That means it’s also one of the best Survival Mobile Games. The Action-adventure Survival game has a unique idea, a world full of details, and Amazing graphics. A massive game world contains more than 80 dinosaurs and monsters. You can tame them or kill them to take advantage of the resources they give you.


The survival experience in ARK is unique and enjoyable. The amount of things you can do in the game world is just huge. In addition, the challenges and risks that you will face.

The game challenges you to survive the Toughest conditions and thrive on a dangerous island. You will start the game alone, without a Weapon, and anything. You have to collect so many resources and craft tools, to build a shelter and protect yourself. There is a lot of weapons and gadgets diverse.


Tame the dinosaurs. To expand your range and explore the island. (each dinosaur has its unique abilities). Meet players and friends in the game world. So you can form friendships with them and work together to build colonies. You must build strong Colonies to defend against players and predatory dinosaurs alike!.

One of the most fun things about ARK is using cunning strategies and tactics to tame the dinosaurs. In addition to the different ways to train, ride and breed dinosaurs or monsters. The game has over 10 million downloads. ARK game for me, the best Survival Game for Android & IOS.


7- Grand Survival:

Grand Survival Game Features: After you have finished basic things on your raft. Begin to explore the ocean and islands. You have to search for resources to upgrade your raft and craft new items and weapons. Your raft is the key to survival.


The game offers many different weapons, which you have to craft. Because the game world will turn into a battlefield, Also, focus on monitoring the weather. Because it will affect the way you play, In addition to the vast ocean full of secrets. You will encounter many enemies in your adventure, Sharks, crabs, zombies, and dangerous monsters.


You will meet many characters on your journey. Help them and cooperate with them, to get clues to explore and solve puzzles. The world of Grand Survival is full of attractive colors and great graphics.


8- Last Day on Earth: Survival:


From the name, you know that the game tells the story of survival after the end of the world. In the year 2027, the world witnessed an outbreak of an infection t.hat destroyed the human race. Last Day on Earth is one of the most famous and best Survival Mobile Games. The game download has reached over 100M times.


You can explore the Big and deep world. You need to upgrade your hero, upgrade and equip your house. Hunger and thirst affect your character, In addition to hunting wild animals and killing zombies. Moreover, there is online in the game.


One of the most fun things about Last Day on Earth is: looting deserted lands. Kill intruders in your area. Build fortifications and traps, Raid other survivors. In conclusion, this game is one of the best Survival Games for Android & IOS.


9- Day R Survival:


A ŮŚRole Play survival game Day R Survival. The gameplay in this game is unique. The camera is Top-down. The control is like strategy games. The popularity of the game is rather Big. Also, the game design and user interface are in an old and attractive style. In addition, Day R Survival offers an online mode.


The story of the game tells about the end of the world. Because of a Nuclear War. In the territory of the USSR. You have to discover the secret of the end of the world and save your family. As I told you, the style of the game is the same as the strategy games. You have to move slowly and plan how to survive.


First, Day R Survival offers a unique and fun survival experience. Secondly, a realistic world with a Huge map of the Soviet Union with more than 2,700 different towns. Third, endless possibilities (gain skills, craft recipes, weapons, create shelter, alchemy and mechanics, craft system). Fourth, you will meet many people, and each one has its own story. Fourth, the coop mode.


10- Westland Survival:


Survival Mobile Games Always repeat the idea of zombies and monsters. But Westland Survival offers a different world than the rest of Survival Games for Android & IOS. You will live an adventure in the American West (cowboy). The game features is an open world. Different idea from the rest of the games. Enjoyable survival experience with many details.


The game provides basic things in survival games like making weapons and armor, hunting wild animals, building a farm, exploring new locations. But Westland Survival offers new things like an open world with an attractive design. Build a stable for your horse and ride it to help you on an adventure. In addition, challenge other players, PVP and PVE mode.


If you a fan of the world of cowboys and Survival Mobile Games. Westland Survival is for you. It is one of the most popular Survival Games for Android & IOS. In conclusion, The details I told you are very few compared to what is in the game.


11- Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival:

Last Day on Raft is a Survival Mobile Games version with good graphics, a crafting system, and explore the ocean and islands on your raft. You can try this game if you don’t like the games I mentioned in the list earlier.


Features of Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival:

  • Explore the open world
  • Realistic graphics
  • Lots of weapons and items
  • Build a raft
  • Evil Shark as Enemy
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Day and night cycle

12- Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days

I recommend this game if you like to play with your friends. The last Island of Survival is a mix between PUBG and ARK. Where you can collect materials and build anything you can think like ARK.

Also, Battle Royale. That is, you will compete with different players on an island, and each player will try to kill and steal another player’s resources. You can also play with your friends and help each other.


Game developers focus on PvP and Multiplayer. You can play with your friends or make friends within the game. Also, you can play alone. In addition, Last Island of Survival offers a clan system. That is, you can create your clan and try to control the Largest areas of the island.


Like any Survival Mobile Games out there, collect resources and build bases, craft various hand weapons, and set traps to protect your resources from enemy players. Explore the open-world map, filled with Various diverse regions. In conclusion, the game downloads reached more than 10 million. That means it is one of the best Survival Games for Android & IOS.


13- Grim Soul: Monster Hunter RPG:


The idea of Grim Soul that sets it apart from the rest of Survival Mobile Games is that the game world is in the Middle Ages. That is, you will fight evil spirits similar to zombies with swords and shields. You can build a fortress or castle to protect yourself from enemies. The monsters in Grim Soul are a lot like the monsters in Dark Souls.


One of the most fun activities in the game is: Discovering new lands. Collect and craft resources. Build and improve your castle. Kill and defeat enemies. CLEAR towers to get new weapons and resources. Enter or create a clan with friends. Solve the Puzzles. In addition, use horses in battles or roam the world of Grim Soul. In conclusion, you can make a wagon, a boat or even a carriage.


Grim Soul is an MMORPG With a non-repetitive idea. Downloads of the game have reached more than 10M times. Only on PlayStore. Survival Games for Android & IOS, I recommend this game if you are looking for this type of game.


14- Eyes: Scary Thriller:


I try in this list to choose as many different types of games as possible. In this center, I Choose horror and Survival Games for Android & IOS. It has good graphics, horrific sounds, and a fun survival system if you like horror games.


Eyes: Scary Thriller on PlayStore has a rating of 4.4 stars. Most players have positive reviews. Game developers add periodic updates from time to time.


The game offers several maps like an old haunted house, an abandoned hospital, and an abandoned school. There are also different modes to try. You can play offline. In addition, you can compete with other players on global leaderboards.


15- Frostborn: Action RPG:

Frostborn is a Co-op Survival Mobile Game with MMORPG elements. You play as a team of Vikings to rebuild the city of Vikings again. You will face many players in random raids in different locations and towers. In addition, the many Different monsters in all regions (monsters big, small, animals, giants. etc.)


There are more than 10-different classes in RBG style. You can develop a character and add several different elements to it to perform better.

  • Armored characters fight head to head.
  • Hit enemies from afar like an archer.
  • The assassin hides and kills his enemies by sneaking.
  • In addition to various other characters.

Your task in this game is to build your new city. Collaborate with your team to collect resources and build a city with various buildings and facilities, strong walls, spacious homes, and artisan shops. When you complete the construction of your new city, you can open it to visitors.


Frostborn provides Co-op. You can team up with other players to help each other to advance. Also, you will face many players. Always set up traps and plan to eliminate your enemies. Monsters are also the enemies you will encounter in various areas. In addition, you can make several raids in different places and regions to obtain legendary resources and weapons.

A game developed by “Kefir” Studio whose has provided many Survival Games for Android & IOS like Last Day on Earth and Grim Soul, they are all fun games, and I mentioned them in this list.


16- Jurassic Survival:


Most of the time, your enemy in Survival Mobile Games is zombies. But in Jurassic Survival. Your enemy is dinosaurs. You’ll find yourself on a mysterious island full of ravenous dinosaurs. The game offers a Co-op mode. You can team up with other players and try a survival system in the game.

As I told you, you will encounter many predatory dinosaurs of different types. Also, you can tame dinosaurs like the famous ARK game. One of the best features in the game is to create a shared village with other players. You will get many advantages when you build a shared village with other players.


In addition, Basic elements of survival games. Collect Food and resources. Build an impenetrable fortress against dinosaurs, and Crafting system, and many more things you can create.

Jurassic Survival Action Survival Game for Android & IOS. It has a pretty good idea. I recommend you to try it if you like dinosaur games.


17- Shelter War: Survival Games:


At number 17 on this list, I chose Shelter War, a survival and apocalypse game. The story takes place in one of the last shelters on planet Earth. You must control the inhabitants of the shelter and lead them to survive. The game has good graphics and many game mechanics. In addition, the world of “the Shelter War” is full of technology and science fiction.


The most fun thing about the game is to lead your army in the war against zombies. You can train your soldiers and equip them with the most powerful techniques to help them in immediate Wars. Also, you can develop a shelter and make it an underground city.


Indeed, the game downloads are not that big compared to other Zombie Survival Mobile Games. But, the graphics, character design and story, make Shelter War a game worth trying.


18- Dawn of Zombies:

Dawn of Zombies or DoZ is a survival simulation game. DoZ survival systems have been implemented in an excellent and fun way: hunger, zombies, diseases, radiation, extreme heat, deadly frost. In addition, plural resources and hunting prey.

If you like trending survival games, you will enjoy this game because the core survival elements in DoZ are better than the rest of Survival Games for Android & IOS. For instance, building and crafts, an exciting story and many characters and missions, graphics, and attractive lighting.

Also, with more than 60 kinds of weapons, customize and upgrade all your weapons. There are a lot of fun elements and things. That makes Dawn of Zombies one of the best Survival Mobile Games.


The multiplayer mode contains many interesting details. You can roam in large settlements and communicate with other players. DoZ provides a clan system to participate in clan wars. Also, PvE co-op missions and MMO raids on bosses and monsters. Last but not least, NPC allies and pets (breed a pet to roam with you and protect you).

Game Features:

  • Various vehicles to roam. From a bicycle to a UAZ.
  • Realistic graphics and lighting. The cycle of night and day. Fog.
  • Different areas: dark forests, lands full of zombies, bandits, predators.
  • More than 150 blueprints for weapons, armor, and vehicles. You can make them all.
  • Stealth and stealth mode
  • Launch raids on other players and bosses
  • In addition, basic things in survival games: thirst and hunger, searching for resources, building, and crafts.

19- Death Park 1 and 2: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game


The Death Park is One of the best survival horror games. The rate of the first and second parts is high. Players’ impressions are mostly positive. Each Part has been downloaded 10 million times on Google Play only. A game developed by Euphoria Horror Games, famous for its horror games.

If are you like horror games. You should try “Death Park” Because the game offers fun and scary horror elements. In addition, good graphics and sound give the game the best horror feel.


In this game, you have to explore the area you are stuck in and escape from the scary clown who wants to kill you. On the way of your exploration, you will encounter many puzzles that you have to solve. The game map contains more than 7-different huge areas. For instance, amusement parks, abandoned old buildings, hospitals, mazes, circuses, cemeteries, sewers, military bases, etc.


To escape from a clown. You have to explore an area, solve all the puzzles and collect items to find out where you can survive. The story of the game is Interesting and contains several endings. That is, Your decisions will affect the events of the story. The game offers excellent graphics and sounds. I advise you to try a game using a headset.


In Death Park 2, the story of the game is deep and contains many details. Also, you will encounter several scary monsters, not just the clown. In addition, you’ll travel between two worlds, the real and the sleep world. To solve puzzles and save your sister.

Features of Death Park 1 and 2:

  • Fun story with multiple endings.
  • Huge map. It contains 8-different areas and places.
  • AI is Smart.
  • The best horror game in 2019/2020.
  • Unique and rather Difficult puzzles.

-Death Park 1:


-Death Park 2:


20- Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day-Survive-the-Zombie-Apocalypse-Survival-Games-for-Android-&-IOS

Prey Day is an online, multiplayer, top-down shooter Survival Mobile Game. The game takes place in a Huge city after the zombie apocalypse, and the survivors fortify their camps to escape from the zombies and go out to explore the world and search for resources and discover the cause of the spread of zombies.

Prey Day-Survival-Games-for-Android-&-IOS

I chose this game over other Zombie Survival Mobile Games because the game has a good rating of 4.4, positive player reviews, and developers’ focus on constantly improving the game and fixing problems with updates. A developer studio for the game is APP LIFE LIMITED. They respond to all players’ inquiries and help them solve all their problems related to the game.

Prey Day has an open world and offers a multiplayer mode. You can play alone, with your friends, or make friends within the game. You can communicate with any player you meet in the game world or join them in a group. Not every player you meet is your friend.

Prey Day-Zombie-Survival-Mobile-Games

You will face many players who want to take your loot and kill you. In addition, clan system in which you can unite with multiple survivors and help each other and survive together.

The game world contains different areas, For instance, subways, mountains, parks, arid lands. As a result, venturing into the world of Prey Day is fun and full of exploration.


21- Fallout Shelter:


This game offers different ideas from other Survival Mobile Games. Of these ideas, I will tell you. First, the construction of a complete Underground shelter and its management in all respects (construction, development, expansion).

Second, Supervising and leading shelter residents and provide them with various weapons, tools, and clothes to do their jobs.

Fourth, make tools and turn useless scrap into Useful tools. Fifthly, you must manage the population and employ every suitable person in a Suitable job. Sixth, explore the surface of the land and protect your shelter.

Finally, the game has several awards. Best Game and Best App. Plus, many other prizes.


22- Desert Skies – Sandbox Survival:


From the name of the game, your adventure will be in the desert of America. Try to survive and build and develop your flying raft. Come down to desert land to explore and search for treasures and loot. It will be a desert full of monsters.

Desert Skies is an Open-World RPG SandBox survival game. With an Interesting Story and fun survival elements. For instance, create and develop your air raft to move around the world, explore different places and search for valuables. Create Different weapons and gadgets to help you survive.


23- Stormfall: Saga of Survival:


Live your life in exile. Learn how to survive in the land of Stormfall. The snowy peak, the ancient gondola, and the monsters. Fight Hunger and Thirst by collecting resources and eating. Make weapons and build the shelter. Fight monsters and other players.

Explore different places in the game world such as forests, mountains, and caves. In addition, taming the horse helps you navigate and loot faster.

There are also many different monsters and many bosses to fight them. You can choose between fighting monsters aggressively face to face. Or using your brain (tactical battle).


24- The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands:

  • Best Mobile and Tablet Game 2019
  • Best Indie Game of the Year 2018
  • Top 25 Best Strategy Games
  • Google Play Best Indie game 2019

These awards prove that the game is one of the best Survival Games for Android & IOS.

The BonFire is a survival simulation game. Where you have to build, explore, survive and craft. In addition to the survival and simulation elements, there are also tactical elements in the game. For instance, to manage workers, resources and recruit warriors and farmers.

Exploration in the game is Fun because the design and graphics are Amazing. Deserted lands are full of secrets and civilizations, Beautiful snowy landscapes. There is always something new as you progress in the game.


25- Survivors: The Quest


G5 Entertainment Studio has always featured games full of attractive colors. Also, Survivors: The Quest has charming colors and graphics.

Try to explore because the game contains several different areas (you can even explore the depths of the sea). You will encounter many puzzles to complete your tasks.

You can grow and harvest crops, collect ingredients and cook unique dishes for your team. Find or create tools and weapons. Explore mountains, jungles, beaches, and lakes.

I highly recommend this game if you have a powerful phone. To, you can see the attractive graphics and colors.


26- Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way:


The character design in the game is similar to anime, like Genshin Impact. I expect that many players love this type of game. The advantage of the game is that it offers many gameplay elements without excessive use of a particular Element. They are Open-World Adventure Sandbox Survival Mobile Game.


To begin with, you have to build a house and craft Weapons if you don’t want to get killed by demons and skeletons at night. Collect wood, stone, and resources, and craft all the things that will help you survive. To make tools and weapons, you need to learn skills, For instance, Chipping, mining, woodworking.

In addition, you can explore a large open world and discover new areas in the depths of the sea to live. There are many modes of transportation in the game world. Like, horses, animals, and even dragons. You can raise horses and bring them Food to become Strong. To help navigate and explore the world.


In conclusion, your mission in the game is to survive, search for treasures and discover new areas. The game map offers many Areas that contain many Treasures and valuables. There are Islands, forests, deserts, and snow-capped mountains.

Also, the game gives you complete freedom to choose the task you want to do. You will be free to do whatever you want in the world of Utopia.