Top Rated Games For Android On Play Store For Free In 2021 [Android/iOS]

Top Rated Games For Android On Play Store For Free In 2021 [Android/iOS]
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Google Play Store is the largest mobile game store in the market. Thanks to a massive library of games and applications (more than 4 million apps) and a pretty number of Android users. It is always the first choice for many players.

If this indicates anything, It indicates fierce competition between game developers. So, the game that gets a high rating in a big store like Google Play Store is definitely worth your try.

Top Rated Games For Android On Play Store, these games have been selected by Google, Due to the high rating they get from players. 

Whether you are looking for the best RPGs or the best open-world or survival games, shooters, puzzles, online, offline, You will find all games Categories in this list and The Top-Rated Games For Android and iOS for you. Get ready for entertainment.

1- The Walking Zombie 2:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 57MB / RATE: 4.5 Stars


The Walking Zombie 2 is a zombie survival RPG/FPS Offline classic game with a storyline. Your main enemy is the zombie armies scattered all over the game world (large numbers).

You can use various weapons, rifles, machine guns, bombs, To kill enemies and armies of zombies. The game graphics help a lot in making killing zombies so much fun.

As you complete more missions, your character will get stronger and better equipment and improved skills and perks. The Walking Zombie 2 contains a story and dozens of stories and side quests.

Explore the world and reveal secrets by using cars and trucks, which will help you. To move quickly and carry more tools, items, and loot on your vehicle.

You have to fight for survival and kill as many zombies, bandits, monsters, and bosses with various weapons and complete story missions.

2- Beatstar – Touch Your Music:

ONLINE / SIZE: 161MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.

beatstar-Top-Rated-Games-On-Play Store

Indeed, Beatstar is not the first music game in this style. Many popular games before it offered this style of music game. But Beatstar provided the best and better experience than other music games.

The game features are the design and colors of the game interface. It gives you a better feel of the music and the rhythm of the songs.

In addition, a Big music library that includes the most famous songs and singers. Like, Doja Cat, Avicii, Lil Nas X, and Sweet Home Alabama from Lynard Skynard.

And the best feature that made Beatstar Top Rated Games For Android, you can unlock Supercell games remixes. Like, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Hay Day.

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3- Samsara Game:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 149MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.

Samsara-Game-Top-Rated-Games-On-Google Play

A puzzle game with more than 100 stages across 7-different worlds hand-drawn. The unique artistic style in drawing and animation and innovative stages design.

Samsara is a beautiful and relaxing puzzle game. You have to use your brain and move and maneuver blocks of different shapes to escape from the mirrored world.

In each stage, there are two worlds, above real and under the mirror world. You control the real world, and the mirror world moves against you. That is a feature that made Samsara one of the Top Rated Games On the Play Store.

Complex Gameplay. But simple mechanics made gameplay easier and suitable for all ages. Also, Realistic physics made the experience more enjoyable.

4- Archero:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 457MB / RATE: 4.3 Stars.


Archero is an offline time-killing game. It’s dungeons or rooms type. Which you finish a stage or room and move directly to a second stage and so on. If you die, you will start over from the first stage.

The game screen is horizontal, and you control it with just one finger (joystick). The hero shoots arrows on his own when you stop moving. Your task is to move around and dodge enemy strikes and traps. Simply.

The more levels you advance, the more skill and power you get. You will face countless diverse enemies with different shapes and abilities.

Archero won the title: Best Game on Play Store in 2019 and is now a unit of Top Rated Games On Google Play.

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5- Shadow Fight Arena:

ONLINE / SIZE: 756MB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.


SHADOW FIGHT HERO is a 3D PvP multiplayer fighting game. The level of production, Graphics is high. Not only best on mobile but competing with Games on PC and console.

The game has won several awards, including Best Mobile Game of 2020 (DevGAMM Awards). SHADOW FIGHT HERO has more than 500 million players across all platforms.

3D Graphics:

High-level graphics and realistic animations make the gameplay experience unique.

Easy Control:

The game provides Full control of the famous fighting games. Easy and customized for the phone.

Epic Fighters:

Many different heroes or fighters. With unique abilities and skills. Focus on your fighter and develop him.


Story mode and PVP ranked and unranked. You can also make a team of 3 fighters and play against random players or your friends.

6- Oddmar:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 503MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


An epic Viking story is full of adventure and attractive graphics and colors. The story tells about a Viking Oddmar is struggling to save his village and prove himself by solving puzzles and killing enemies.

Oddmar is an action platformer game. It offers attractive cartoon graphics and a journey through 24 hand-drawn levels. Plus, fun puzzles physics-based, action-packed platformer challenges, various magical weapons, and armor.

You will encounter new enemies each time you explore different areas, from magical forests to snowy mountains.

Oddmar supports the Controller. The game is not all free. You can download and play some Levels for free, but for the entire game, You need to pay.

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7- Fishing and Life:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 75MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.


Fishing and LIFE is a simple game for simple time. The goal of developing this game is to help you escape from the weariness of life and make you relax.

You will enjoy fishing whales and fish with simple control. Listen to the sound of the sea and Waves. See the stunning views of the sunrise and sunset and the moon at night.

“Fishing and Life” are full of things that make you relax and feel comfortable, which is the goal of developing this game.

The game develops by Nexelon inc studio is famous for sports and simulation games like this one.

8- World War Polygon:

ONLINE / SIZE: 58MB / RATE: 4.3 Stars.


World War Polygon is a first-person shooter from WW2. A game that tells about the stories and situations that soldiers were exposed to in World War II, with attractive polygon graphics.

Easy and customizable control. There are many different missions that you will take on.

Like, blow up tanks, snipe enemies from long distances, destroy bunkers with bazookas and bombs, shoot down planes with AA cannons, defend your position with mortars.

The game has several modes. Firstly, the Single-Player story mode. Secondly, PvP multiplayer (4v4 Team Deathmatch, Allies vs. Axis). The third, the extermination of zombies. Also, tons of weapons, bombs, and items.

9- Asphalt 9: Legends

ONLINE / SIZE: 2.2GB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.


The goal of Asphalt 9 developers was to make the game as realistic as possible. In terms of graphics, cars, physics, weather, etc. And this is what they succeeded in implementing.

Famous cars. Like, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. You will race or roam with real-life and compete with different players in a single-player or multiplayer game.

Customize your car to anything you want, paint the body and rims, change the shapes and types of wheels, change the engines.

There is an assistant control. To help you drive a hard car and focus while racing on the environment, graphics, and sound effects. Asphalt 9 is one of the best racing games and a top-rated game for Android and iOS.

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10- Psebay: Gravity Moto Trials

OFFLINE / SIZE: 46MB / RATE: 4.2 Stars.


Psebay is an adventure and mountain bike racing game. The game has two features, Graphics (landscapes) and Physics (dynamic gravity).

You will venture over hills, cliffs, and mountains Which is a beautiful art color palette in silhouette style. In addition, unique sounds such as the deep ocean sound and charming ambiance.

The game is comfortable and easy to control. Any player can play it and master it quickly. Also, gravity physics is realistic in driving and in how nature and mountains interact with you.

Like, falling stones or slides off a cliff.

Silhouette graphics and gravity mechanics have made Psebay one of the Top Rated Games On the Play Store.

11- Sky: Children of the Light:

ONLINE / SIZE: 1.2GB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.

Sky: Children of the Light with friends

Sky: Children of the Light is an adventure and role-playing game that has won several awards and titles, The best mobile game in the world of 2019, and many other prizes.

The game is a kingdom of beautiful animations in the enchanting world of Sky, which you and your friends must explore fully.

There are 7-beautiful worlds that you will venture into and unravel the mystery around them. Your task is to return the stars to their Normal course.

You can face or meet with different players around the world. To get to know them and to complete the story of the game together. Sky Children of the Light is a unique and rare game.

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12- Infinity Loop – Simply Relax:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 21MB / RATE: 4.7 Stars.


Have you ever heard of an infinite game of Levels?

Infinity Loop is this game. Fun game to increase your logical skills, relaxing, infinite stages. It is a puzzle game, but it is not difficult.

Your goal is to assemble and connect simple or complex loops and connect multiple things. Simple, easy, but fun gameplay.

The goal of playing Infinity Loop is to clear your mind and remove anxiety from your daily life. Without any difficulty or pressure in solving the many levels of the game.

There are two modes, Infinity Loop, Infinity Dark. The first is to connect all the loops, and the second is to disconnect and leave no connected Loop.

13- Lucid Dream Adventure:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 93MB / RATE: 4.8 Stars.


If you like adventure games, puzzle-solving, and stories, this game is for you. Lucid Dream Adventure is a classic point-and-click puzzle game.

An Interesting story was full of surprises in a world of dreams, diverse in details, With a great soundtrack and Amazing animation.

A dark apartment, astral roofs, a deserted planet, a cemetery, and many different places to adventure, uncover secrets, complete missions, and solve puzzles.

The game has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on the Google Play Store, Which is a very high rating. Lucid Dream Adventure is one of the Top Rated Games For Android and iOS.

14- Once Upon a Tower:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 81MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.


Once Upon a Tower is a roguelike game, All levels Linked together, and when you die, you return to the first stage. that genre is also called dungeon crawl.

The game is about the imprisoned Princess. On the highest tower in the castle. When a knight came to save Princess. he Was Eaten by a dragon.

You will use the knight’s hammer to make your way down the tower. The more levels you advance, the more skills and abilities you get. But enemies become more powerful, and traps are everywhere.

Once Upon a Tower is designed to kill time. It is one of the games that you can play everywhere to get rid of boredom. It is one of the Top Rated Games On the Play Store.

15- Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG:

ONLINE / SIZE: 151MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.


Cyberika is an action-adventure MMORPG set in the cyberpunk world. Futuristic city, advanced weapons, and fantasy sports cars.

The Game camera is top to down. You have to complete the story missions, fight the bad guys, and develop yourself by installing new weapons in your body.

Cyberika world:

The world contains advanced cities with future technology and poor streets. Money and weapons are the basis, Various futuristic sports cars.

Combat System:

The game offers a pretty big arsenal of weapons, pistols, laser swords, and energy guns. In addition, to the vital organs that you can install on your body and gain good abilities.

16- Hyperforma:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 150MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


That is the first arcade game we mention in this list. The game features attractive graphics and colors that are charming the eyes. The gameplay is full of action.

Hyperforma is an arcade and puzzle game with more unique gameplay than other games. You will enjoy an exciting science fiction story with dynamic gameplay and levels Full of colors.

You will set off on a journey into the endless space. All levels of the game symbolize events that took place in the real world.

Player reviews of Hyperforma are Mostly positive. Game rating on Google Play Store 4.6/5 stars. It became one of the Top Rated Games For Android and iOS.

17- Legends of Runeterra:

ONLINE / SIZE: 105MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


In this position, we have a game for lovers of card games. Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game, the smart player in this game is the best. There is no skill. There is only intelligence.

You have to collect cards and start playing in dynamic alternating style. There are dozens of original character cards from the world of League Of Legends, the best MOBA game on PC.

There are always new and innovative ways to play, not always the same style of play. You have to mix and match different heroes and different regions to find new ways to play.

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18- Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

ONLINE / SIZE: 120MB / RATE: 4.1 Stars.


MOBA games in this period began to grow significantly on the mobile platform. Mobile Legends is currently the Big MOBA mobile game.

You can choose from many different heroes, and each hero has its unique abilities. Enter into 5v5 MOBA matches. The duration of Matches is somewhat short in Mobile Legends, 10 minutes.

There are five classes of Heroes, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support, and Marksmen. You must choose a suitable role and champion for your team.

Because the Important factor to winning is teamwork and coordination with your team, Each player has a task that they must perform.

All heroes are balanced. There is no hero upgrade or fighter training. Whoever wins is the Smart and highest-skill player. Also, for those who love esports games, this is a suitable esports game.

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19- Last Day on Earth: Survival:

ONLINE / SIZE: 700MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.


Last Day on Earth is about the apocalypse due to an outbreak of the zombie virus. Your mission is to survive and protect yourself from zombies and the humans of your enemies.

Collect resources to craft various tools. Monitor your character’s hunger and thirst level. Create many weapons and use anything on the ground to protect yourself from zombies.

Not all player’s friends. Some enemy humans will sneak into your area to steal and loot. You have to build fortifications and traps to eliminate intruders.

Also, you can raid other players’ areas to steal their resources and weapons.

Last Day on Earth is the Biggest survival game on mobile. It introduced the Basic elements of the survival system simply without exaggeration. So it is one of the Top Rated Games On Google Play and App Store.

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20- Space Marshals 2:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 692MB / RATE: 4.3 Stars.


Space Marshals 2 tactical shooting game Top-Down. It’s not just a shooting game Is Based on tactical combat and stealth.

In the sci-fi adventure in space with the character of the Wild West, You have to use the environment around you cleverly, avoid attacks and hide, sneak and kill enemies without them knowing.

Choose weapons and equipment suitable for the tactics you want to perform. Pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, bows, energy weapons, knives, etc. In addition, shields, and grenades.

Several tools will help you infiltrate the Most difficult areas, Such as frag grenades, flashbangs, drones, gun turrets, proximity mine, etc.

21- Into the Dead 2:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 1.6GB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


Into the Dead is a single-player survival game with a poignant dramatic story. You will live in a zombie apocalypse to save your family. But you also have human enemies.

A touching story with many endings, There are 7-chapters full of action and 60 stages. An arsenal of weapons and ammo to kill zombie armies is scattered all over the place. You have to unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more.

Diverse playing styles. Like, Kille zombies by stealth, killing hordes of zombies from vehicles, using various weapons, attacking enemies on foot, etc.

Multiple environments. Like, rural farm complexes, camps, oil fields, and military bases, etc. Use appropriate tactics to kill the zombie armies. In addition, you can raise a dog to help you fight and move around.

22- Blackmoor 2:

OFF/ONLINE / SIZE: 400MB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.


If you like arcade platformer games where levels are full of enemies and challenging, This game is for you and is one of the Top Rated Games For Android and iOS.

Blackmoor 2 is a unique arcade platformer game. The game is a mixture of modern and old classic games.

We start with a story mode full of twists and turns. 13 characters, many enemies, and bosses.

The game offers a Co-op multiplayer system, up to 4 players together, also, PVP mode to challenge other players and have fun.

Plus, the creative sandbox system. You can build many things. Do your challenges and share them with your friends.

23- World War Heroes:

ONLINE / SIZE: 1.2GB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.


Who does not like the atmosphere and games of World War? In WORLD WAR HEROES, you will fight against players from all over the world, in an FPS view.

In the game, 7-competitive maps from World War II, and 4-types of classes USA, Germany, Japan, Soviet Union.

More 55-different types of weapons. From rifles, pistols to machine guns and more. Also, 6-modes and a custom mode.

The modes are Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Point capture, HQ defense, Capture the flag, Team battle, and a custom mode in which you can invite your friends and play whatever you want.

In addition, good graphics and sounds, dozens of weapons and equipment, improved armor and weapons, daily bonus. Finally, 4.5 stars. Top Rated Games For Android and iOS on Play Store and iPhone.

24- Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

ONLINE / SIZE: 166MB / RATE: 4.2 Stars.


Mech Arena is a classic competitive game. It offers all the fun elements in multiplayer games, Various heroes abilities, and 5V5 2V2 modes.

The robot game offers deep tactical combat, diverse robots, and PvP team battles. Also, you can have fun against or with your friends in custom matches.

Competitive maps. Designed for all modes and fast matches. Only a 5-min match duration.

Choose the robot that suits the way you play, add all the appropriate weapons, and upgrade it.

In addition to some features, many PVP modes, dozens of robots, weapons and equipment, many mechanical abilities, tournaments and events, custom matches as you and your friends want.

25- Grim Soul:

ONLINE / SIZE: 154MB / RATE: 4.3 Stars.


Grim Soul is a survival MMORPG set in the medieval world. The game story is about an empire that was once thriving, and today is full of evil spirits.

The reason why Grim Soul is one of the Top Rated Games for Android and iOS, It offers many details, mechanics, and survival styles in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Your mission in the game is to survive in the world and collect resources, craft weapons, and tools, build a fortress to defend yourself, eliminate monsters and evil spirits.

You can explore deserted places to get rare weapons and materials and solve various puzzles to find out the Secret of The Empire.

26- Dan the Man:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 86MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


Always Action Platformer games that are full of action and lots of fighting are loved by mobile players and get Top Rated Games on the Play Store and iPhone.

Dan The Man is one such game. It Offers a funny story, fighting moves, and skills that are fun to use, Fight a massive number of enemies and bosses simultaneously (combat festivities).

Dan The Man Modes:

Campaign mode in which you live Dan adventure and story.

Endless Survival mode, fight Endless numbers of enemies and bosses.

In Multiplayer mode, you will face players or play with your friends.

Adventure mode, try new challenges and different skills.

In Dan The Man, the player can do many things. Like, upgrade your character, create your hero, and more. Also, graphics are RETRO PIXEL art loved by gamers.

27- Cover Fire:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 344MB / RATE: 4.5 Stars.


Cover Fire is one of the biggest shooting games on mobile and one of the Top Rated Games For Android and iOS on Google Play and App Store. You can play it without an internet connection Offline.

A third-person shooter game. The gameplay is simple, take cover and shoot. You do not control the movement of the player character.

In Offline Mode, you have to survive by taking cover and shooting at the right time at the enemies. Also, there are different playing styles.

Sniping enemies, shooting from a car, or using a plane and helicopter to bombard the enemies. Plus, different zombie and multiplayer modes. At the end of each chapter, you will face a big robot boss.

The controls are simple, and the graphics and scenes are good. The requirements to run the game are low. Any player can enjoy the game.

28- Shapes: Brain Relaxation:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 56MB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


Shapes is a relaxing game to kill stress and anxiety. This game will stimulate your logical skills and encourage you to think and be creative.

The gameplay consists of puzzled shapes that you have to put together. The Shapes in stages and methods of installation will make you use your mental skills logically and creatively.

Very comfortable game environment. From calm soundtrack and fun puzzles to attractive design, graphics, and colors.

Shapes game is Useful when you play it after a stressful day or feel anxious or stressed. The soundtrack and the design of the stages will make you relax.

29- Rayman Adventures:

OFFLINE / SIZE: 33MB / RATE: 4.4 Stars.


Great mix Between platform adventure and graphics in the Rayman Adventures. The epic platformer is full of color and detail.

More than 200 levels, with different and varied gameplay in Rayman. Like, squat, swim, skate, jump. In addition, many diverse enemies and monsters.

The game offers more than 55 playable characters and 7-different worlds. You will venture into mysterious lands, medieval castles, and legendary places that you will discover.

Rayman Adventures develop by Ubisoft Entertainment. It is one of the most popular PC and console game companies, and they have many games on the mobile platform.

And this game is one of the Top Rated Games For Android and iOS.

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30- Standoff 2:

ONLINE / SIZE: 1.2GB / RATE: 4.6 Stars.


This game is the mobile version of Counter-strike. Standoff 2 is a classic FPS shooter game.

Special forces and Criminals compete in the game modes, Deathmatch, Defuse the Bomb, and Arms race.

Also, Standoff 2 offers 6-maps from Counter-strike. The game is still in the beta testing stage.

The game has been downloaded only 50 million times on Google Play and has a rating of 4.6/5 stars, which is a very high rating compared to the number of downloads.

Standoff 2 is one of the Top Rated Games On the Play Store and iPhone.

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Conclusion: Top Rated Games For Android and iOS

Whether you are looking for the best shooting game, open world, survival, puzzle, RPG, Fighting, co-op, online, offline, or any category of games, you will find in this list the games you are looking for and that suit you.

We chose these games based on Google algorithms. Games that Google considers to be the Top Rated Games For Android On Play Store.

Question Of The Day:

Do you think that some games were wronged because of the rating and did not become famous?

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