Top Rated Games On iPhone 2021: Best 30 iOS Games Right Now

Top Rated Games On iPhone 2021: Best 30 iOS Games Right Now
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Top Rated Games On iPhone App Store are Completely different from the Top Rated Games For Android on Google Play. We relied on the App Store to create this list. Games selected by iPhone and iPad Store as the Top Rated and most popular games.

Whether you are looking for the Best Action Games, Best Adventure, Open World, Puzzles, Simulation, or even Offline and Online Games. You will find all categories of games that you like. Get ready to enjoy.

Note: We did not include popular games in this list such as PUBG, Among US, Clash Of Clase, Brawl Stars, etc. Our goal is to help mobile games players find new games. If you are an Android gamer, check out the Top Rated Games On Android.

1- Geometry Dash:

$1.99 / Offline / 97.2 MB / 4.7 Stars


Geometry Dash is a running platform game fast-paced. It is one of the Difficult games that you do not get tired of repeating the same stages several times.

The gameplay is a square running on a level by itself. All you have to do is tap the screen to jump and skip the obstacles with the rhythm of the level music.

As you progress through levels, Geometry Dash will increase in difficulty, and different ways of play will appear. Like, double jump, gravity control, screen flip, satellite dish driving, etc.

Features of the game:

  • Stages design with exciting music rhythm.
  • You can create your levels and share them with your friends.
  • Lots of challenging levels and music.
  • Different playing styles.
  • Practice mode for training at levels.

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2- Royal Match:

Free / Offline / 316.5 MB / 4.7 Stars


If you are a fan of Match-3 games, SWIPE COLORS, and puzzles, You will love Royal Match as it is one of the best Match-3 games and Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

SWIPE COLORS games always come with a style of their own, like Candy Crush the sweet. In Royal Match, you play the role of decorating your king’s castle and saving him when he needs you.

The more levels you complete, the more you decorate the king’s castle. You will pass through all areas of your king’s palace and decorate them through Match-3 stages.

The game offers graphics full of colors and attractiveness and various levels, suitable for professionals and newcomers to this type of game.

3- The Game of Life 2:

$2.99 / Off-Online / 667.1 MB / 4.8 Stars


THE GAME OF LIFE 2 is a BOARD game that simulates the journey of human life in a Comedy and fun way with your friends or family.

At the beginning of the game, Customize your character, start a journey in the life of a teenager and make difficult decisions in life. For instance, college, self-employment, work in a job, marriage, etc.

BOARD and your decisions will choose your life path. You will advance on the board by rotating the spinner, and in the way, you choose your life decisions, Collect, Money, and knowledge.

The idea of the game is innovative and non-repetitive. You can play alone Offline or play in online multiplayer or PASS & PLAY mode, connect your phone with 3 of your friends and play with us.

4- Idle Mafia:

Free / Online / 913.2 MB / 4.8 Stars


Simulation of malicious business, crimes, gang formation, control of territories, illegal money earning. All of them you will find at Idle Mafia.

You will play the role of a gang leader who controls everything. Steal anyone you want and organize street fights. You can choose what is Good and Evil.

Your goal is to collect money and form a powerful gang, By building casinos, clubs, robbing shops, and banks.

In addition, the formation of a gang of various individuals around the world. Mexican, Japanese, Italian criminals, etc. Develop your Gang and control all the big cities in America, California, Las Vegas, and New York.

Organizing fights and playing them is fun. Idle Mafia is unique and worth a try. So, it is one of the Top Rated Games On iOS and Android.

5- Kingdom Rush Origins TD:

$2.99 / Offline / 292.5 MB / 4.9 Stars


Kingdom Rush is the best tower defense game for me, and the Origins TD part has a rating of 4.9/5 on the App Store, which is very high. It is one of the Top Rated Games On the App Store and Google Play.

You defend a kingdom from monsters by placing appropriate defense towers. The more monsters you kill, the more gold you collect.

Reasons for the game success:

  • The levels and characters design is Amazing.
  • Wonderful cartoon graphics.
  • A large variety of enemies and towers that you can use.
  • Various heroes characters.
  • Diversity of tactical ideas in levels.
  • Turrets and upgrade creative.

Kingdom Rush Origins-TD is the most game I recommend you to try. Because of her diverse ideas and unique way of playing.

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6- Rec Room:

Free / Online / 2.4 GB / 4.8 Stars


Rec Room in an adventure game with friends, Meet up with friends, chat, and explore rooms created by other players.

You can play Rec Room on any device, PC, console, mobile, and VR. Build a community on all the platforms you want and play with any device you want to.

Customize your character with the look and dress you want, and start exploring challenging and fun levels created by players.

Plus, you can build rooms and levels and share them with your friends (build anything you want).

The rate of the game on the App Store is 4.8/5 stars, and most players have positive feedback about the game.

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7- Alto’s Adventure:

$4.99 / Offline / 136.5 MB / 4.6 Stars


Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular games that have received positive reviews from many mega review sites. So it is one of the Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

You will live a relaxing and endless 2D skating journey. Explore the Alps from villages to forests and deserted civilizations.

Your mission is to rescue a fleeing llama and overcome changing obstacles while skiing in the Alps.

The sound of skating, jumping over obstacles, and somersaulting in the air gives a comfortable and enjoyable feeling.

Realistic physics-based gameplay, with relaxing graphics and sounds. From weather and thunderstorms to blizzards, fog, rainbows, etc.

8- Hyper Drift:

Free / Online / 219.1 MB / 4.6 Stars


From the name of Hyper Drift, you know that the game is a simulation of drifting. Hyper Drift is a drift racing simulation game. Simple and fun.

Simple game with simple control. Horizontal screen, control with one finger to rotate the wheels of the car.

Drifting in a track is very fun, especially if you do it at the right time and in the right place.

When you drift correctly, you will get more points and increase your speed more. Can rotate 360 degrees.

The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, but the experience is more fun on mobile.

9- Five Nights at Freddy’s:

$2.99 / Offline / 115.5 MB / 4.7 Stars


Horror game Remastered version from the PC version, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a popular adventure horror game on PC.

The game tells about the security guard of a pizza shop. Your mission is to check what happened to the robots that were working in the pizza shop.

There was a problem programming the robots at night, and they started killing people. You have to find out the cause of the problem and survive the terrifying bears.

Although the game is simple, it is pretty terrifying, Simple and dark-world design and cute bears that become terrifying at night.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is one of the few horror games that have a high rate. Top Rated Games On iOS and Android.

10- Mario Kart Tour:

Free / Online / 235.2 MB / 4.7 Stars


Mario Kart Tour is a multiplayer racing game with the famous characters of the world of Super Mario.

You will compete with 7-players whether they are your friends in the game, random players, or near you. You can customize the races with the rules you want.

The game offers a wide variety of Racetracks inspired by the big cities of the world.

The weapons and equipment you can pick up during the race are among the most fun things to use. Like, the missile, bombs, and glue.

Mario Kart Tour is a very suitable racing game to play with friends and family.

11- supertype:

$1.99 / Offline / 42.7 MB / 4.8 Stars


The Great and innovative idea that you will find in the supertype puzzle game. One of the best puzzle and relaxation games and one of the Top Rated Games on the iPhone.

You have to write words at the top of the screen and after you drop the letters of the word have to touch the point on the level.

You always have to think of an appropriate word letter With the Barriers and obstacles of the level. How do you touch the point?

The game offers more than 100 levels. The stages are somewhat easy, but there are pretty hard stages, and there is no help system.

In addition, Amazing graphics and music, which increase the fun of the game experience.

12- Happy Color:

Free / Offline / 220.5 MB / 4.8 Stars


In this position, we have a game for lovers of drawing and coloring. Happy Color is a board puzzle and Top Rated Games On iOS and Android.

Relax and color by number game, Over 40 different image categories by famous artists and huge studios.

Pictures of famous personalities and animations, Like, Marvel, Disney, animals, places, flowers, nature, and many different and varied images.

Your role in the game is to color the pictures by number. There are several colors and bikes as different.

In-App Store 4.8/ 5 Stars (2M Player).

In Google Play 4.6/ 5 Stars (2M Player).

The game indeed looks strange, but this massive number of players and high rating proves that the game is excellent and worth a try.

13- Evony:

Free / Online / 355.7 MB / 4.6 Stars


Evony is a strategy MMO game. Your goal is to build your city, manage and train an army, and expand an empire.

There are 7-civilizations to choose from at the start of a game, Arab, Japanese, American, Chinese, Russian and European civilization.

Managing the army, resources, and training soldiers are some of the most fun things in the game. There are 4-types of troops to customize.

You have to train soldiers, customize troops, and start tactical battles against other civilizations.

The game is famous for puzzle mode, Where you have to reach the treasure without being hit by obstacles or spoiling the gold.

14- Bubble Buster 2048:

Free / Offline / 285.8 MB / 4.6 Stars


Merge balls and solve puzzles. That is Bubble Buster 2048 game developed by Studio VooDoo.

Shoot the balls that match in color and number to blast the balls and win. How blast bubbles and combines them, detonate bombs, and items that you find on levels fun.

When you complete the stages, you will get stars, and those stars you can turn to rewards and prizes.

A game that combines shooting and blasting balls and solving puzzles. Bubble Buster 2048 is one of the best puzzle games on the iPhone and is considered one of the Top Rated Games on the App Store.

15- Stardew Valley:

$4.99 / Offline / 367.1 MB / 4.8 Stars


Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game with lovable pixel graphics. The game offers a Deep experience with many details.

You have to create your farm and make it full of vitality and abundance, customize your home and farm In the way you want, raise different types of animals, and benefit from them.

You can be part of the community in which you live, helping people and participating in festivals.

Also, you can explore caves, search for treasures, and face monsters. The game world is full of details and things that you can do.

Stardew Valley is one of the best-paid games on the App Store and Google Play and has Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

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16- Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Free / Offline / 589.1 MB / 4.7 Stars


Big Buck Hunter is a hunting and shooting game with simple control. The game screen is horizontal, and you control it with only one finger.

When you press your finger on the screen, the scoop opens, and you focus on the target, and when you lift your finger from the screen, you shoot the target.

One of the Tough challenges in the game, When hunting animals, You have to hit animals in Certain areas of their body.

Also, there is a Skillz mode in which you compete with players and get cash prizes. Big Buck Hunter is a simple classic hunting game that fans of this genre will love.

17- State of Survival Walking Dead:

Free / Online / 325.7 MB / 4.7 Stars


You will live a survival adventure against zombies. In it, you can make friends with players or fight them over resources and weapons.

In-State of Survival, you will face armies of zombies in a variety of ways. Face zombies in FPS or top-down camera mode or tactically face zombie armies.

MMORPG was applied extensively. Collect different resources and items to craft the weapons and tools you need, build a shelter for your team to escape from zombies and enemies.

There is also a PvP mode, in which you compete against other players to kill zombies, collect resources, upgrade your shelter, and survive the war.

State of Survival offers a survival and MMORPG experience full of fun details.

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18- Shattered Pixel Dungeon:

$4.99 / Offline / 96 MB / 4.9 Stars


Roguelike games with pixelated graphics are always fun. For those who don’t know Roguelike games.

Dungeon crawl game, you move from one dungeon to another, and as you progress, the difficulty increases, and when you die, you start over.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon offers a lot of variety and unique rounds. With four different heroes Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress.

Random levels and many enemies. More than 150 items that you can use while progressing in the dungeons. The gameplay is simple, but there are many deep strategies.

5-types of dungeons. Each with its enemies, traps, and quests. That adds novelty to the game and no boredom of the same level.

If you like Roguelike games, you must try Shattered Pixel Dungeon. It is one of the Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

19- Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football:

Free / Online / 176.3 MB / 4.7 Stars


American football or rugby is one of the most popular sports in America. Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football brings you the experience of this sport on your mobile.

You can train and upgrade your squad. Enter the player trading to get the Powerful players in the world.

There is an Ultimate Team mode, just like the Fifa game. Form a team and challenge the strongest teams to get prizes.

You will live a journey through the seasons and leagues of American Football.

Ultimate NFL Madden NFL 22 offers a unique sports games experience Because rugby games are few on the market. In addition, it is one of the Top Rated Games On the App Store.


20- Rebel Inc.

$1.99 / Offline / 265.1 MB / 4.8 Stars


Rebel Inc is a unique military strategy simulation game. What can you do after the end of the war in the country?

Its mission is to prevent the rebels from seizing the country’s power and balance the military priorities and the desires of the citizens. To take control of the country and fight the Rebels.

The game presents a complex strategic and tactical challenge inspired by real wars and rebellions, which Happens in Real countries.

The game features realistic details in terms of story, rebellion, armies, rulers, etc. Rebel Inc is one of the Top Rated Games On iOS/Android and offers a different strategy experience than other games.

21- Wordscapes Search:

Free / Offline / 565.5 MB / 4.9 Stars


Wordscapes search is a classic word search puzzle game. If you want to expand your vocabulary, exercise your mind and relax at the same time. This game is for you.

You have to connect the letters to find the word written on top. The game provides more than 1000 levels, and the number of words is in the thousands.

The game is designed for relaxation and exercises your brain. So it’s not a bit difficult except for some levels.

Wordscapes Search ranks 2 in the best word games on the App Store with a rating of 4.9/5 stars and is one of the Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

22- Township:

Free / Online / 307.6 MB / 4.7 Stars


Township is a simulation and adventure game that is a mixture of city-building and farming. Top Rated Games On iOS and Android.

Your mission in the game is to build a dream city by collecting money and upgrading a city and its facilities. To collect money, you have to grow vegetables and fruits, harvest and process them in factories, and then sell them to other foreign countries.

Also, you can sell goods and products. In addition, you can open restaurants, cinemas, and resorts to develop your city even more.

Breeding animals in the zoo to bring more visitors to the city, Explore deserted mines and caves to find resources and artifacts.

Township offers simple graphics and is full of colors which adds a relaxing feel to the gameplay.

23- Bloons TD 6:

$4.99 / Offline / 125.5 MB / 4.8 Stars


Bloons TD 6 is a simple tower defense game. The game offers a diverse mix of defense towers, upgrades, heroes, and abilities in a Simple and Fast style.

You can team up with your friends in co-op system 4-player, finish levels together and face the balloon bosses.

There are 22-defense towers, each with unique abilities and 3-upgrade paths. 13-heroes that you can upgrade to level 20, and each one of them has specific Abilities.

Also, Bloons TD 6 offers more than 50 diverse maps, each with its tactical ideas.

Ninja kiwi studio is constantly adding updates and content to the game. Bloons TD 6 ranks #1 in Strategy games on the App Store and is one of the Top Rated Games On iPhone and Android.

24- Smash Colors 3D 2021:

Free / Offline / 244.2 MB / 4.7 Stars


Smash Colors is an exciting music game. Depend on smashing colored circles. Top Rated Games On App Store and Google Play.

The gameplay is pretty simple, a Small ball in the center of the screen, which you have to move with your finger to smash the circles that appear to you.

The color of the ball changes every time and quickly and also circles. You have Always moved the ball into circles of the same color. If a ball touches a different Color, you will lose.

The enthusiastic rhythm, graphics, and animation of smashing circles give a fun experience. In addition, the diverse music library.


25- Monopoly:

$3.99 / Offline / 806.9 MB / 4.6 Stars


MONOPOLY is a classic board game that focuses on playing and having fun with friends and family. A game presented by Marmalade Studio, which is famous for its board games.

You need to buy, sell, plan, and do anything that makes you rich. You have to take risks investing and Bidding real estate at auction, collecting rent, building hotels, etc.

The game focuses on enjoying the game with your friends and family. It provides a video chat system, and you can play the game online or offline.

You can even customize the rules of the game as you like. To make it easier for your family members. Monopoly occupies the number one position as the best board game on the App Store and is one of the Top Rated Games On iOS and iOS.

26- Coin Master:

Free / Offline / 340.1 MB / 4.7 Stars


Coin Master is a strategy adventure game. You have to build your village by attacking and looting other player villages and playing mini-games.

The game focus on mini-games. To collect gold and resources that you need to upgrade your village. There are a lot of different types of mini-games.

Attack or raid the village of your friends and enemies to get resources and gold to build your hamlet.

Also, be careful not to be attacked by other players. There are several ways to protect your village from attack. Like, defenses, making shields, and installing traps.

The game has a rating of 4.7/5 stars and is ranked 5 in the adventure games on the App Store.

27- A Dance of Fire and Ice:

$1.99 / Offline / 440.8 MB / 4.8 Stars


A Dance of Fire and Ice is a simple and challenging rhythm game. Control with just one finger.

You have to keep the balance of the fire and ice balls spinning around each other. When a ball reaches its center, click on the screen, and another ball starts after it, and so on.

More than 20-different worlds, Each with its rhythm, While Play you have to focus on the rhythm more than your eyes. Because the balls move quickly, and you have to click at the right time.

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a Hard game. You have to be calm while playing it. Also, it is one of the Top Rated Games On the App Store and Google Play.

28- NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game:

Free / Online / 895.2 MB / 4.8 Stars


The best basketball game on mobile is NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game and Top Rated Games On iPhone/Android.

One of the best things about the game is the realistic graphics, characters, and physics of movement. Unique sports game experience.

You will live the NBA season in all its details, Which offers all players professional and big tournaments. You can gather a team of various pro players that you like.

In the story mode, you will live the life of a basketball player who wants to become a professional. You have to improve your playing style and develop your abilities by training and playing with pro players.

NBA 2K Mobile is a unique sports experience. Worth playing.

29- Color Switch:

Free / Offline / 358.9 MB / 4.7 Stars


Time-killer games are always Difficult, simple games. But players love it, and a ton of gamers play this type of game.

Color Switch is an example. The game with a simple and fun idea. But hard gameplay. It is one of the games that never tire of repetition and replay.

Small colored ball, whenever you tap on the screen, the ball jumps. Lines and shapes will appear from the top of the screen with specific colors.

You have to pass the same color as the ball. The ball is constantly changing color after each shape. The speed of movement of the Ball and Shapes increases as you progress.

Color Switch is a challenging game Timing and patience are the key. The game is considered one of the Top Rated Games On App Store Google Play.

30- Zen Match: Relaxing Puzzle

Free / Offline / 311.5 MB / 4.6 Stars


The game is a mixture of home decor design and match-3 puzzles. Zen Match is a relaxing puzzle game that will help you to relax.

GamePlay is a group of small pictures stacked on top of each other. Your mission is to find 3-identical pictures to delete. When ending the level, you can then modify the decor of the house.

There are many details in customizing the decor like paint, furniture, and many more things. This game is different from other match-3 games.

The gameplay is not to drag shapes or pictures. It is by clicking on an image to select it and search for the two other Images. You can also search for multiple photos at the same time.

Conclusion: Top Rated Games On iPhone

Top Rated Games On iPhone 4.5/5 or more. Also, we have diversified into chosen games, action, adventure puzzle simulation, relaxing, RPG, etc. We have not added popular Games to this list.

I hope to help you find an iOS game that you enjoy. Whether you are using iPhone or iPad Devices. Thanks

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