Best 40 Tower Defense Mobile Games Of ALL Time 2021 [Android/iOS]

Best 40 Tower Defense Mobile Games Of ALL Time 2021 [Android/iOS]
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Tower Defense Mobile Games were once simple strategy games that didn’t require much. But now, it is a deep strategic tactic game that requires quick reaction, sharp thinking and making the right decisions quickly, and improvisation.

There is fierce competition between the developers of Tower Defense games on the App Store and Google PLAY, and this has left players at a loss in choosing the game they want.

Don’t worry. You will find here the Best Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS Users. Most Popular and High Rate games. That worth your try.

This list is for all players, whether you are a Pro Tower Defense player or a new first-time player who wants to try this type of game.

What are Tower Defense Games? There are several different types. But the main one is a strategy game in which the player must protect his area from waves of enemies by placing Different defenses or towers using resources.

1 | Summoner’s Greed:

[Free / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 383.3 MB]


This game is one of the highest-rated games on the App Store and Google Play. 4.9/5 and 4.8/5 stars.

In the game, towers are monsters and creatures. You use it to defend the loot from the king’s army, which includes several soldiers and heroes.

You can use spells to help your towers defend. The game includes a Big Number of diverse and different Towers. That you can develop and improve their performance.

Many towers and spells Make you Able to apply many strategic and tactical ideas. That makes the game experience special.

2 | Crazy Defense Heroes:

[Free / Online / 4.5 Stars / 995.7 MB]


Crazy Defense Heroes is a strategic tower defense game and one of the best tower defense games you can play on your phone.

Various strategies, by using more than 400 cards. There are hero cards, towers, spells, and equipment. As a result, you can carry out a variety of defensive strategies and tactics.

Also, more than 1,000 levels are available in different areas such as forests and mountains. You have to protect a kingdom from various enemies like monsters, skeletons, demons, etc.

You can create a clan with your friends and play together or help each other, To finish the Hard stages.

3 | Bloons TD 6:

[$4.99 / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 125.5 MB]


Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game that features a co-op mode in which you can play with 3 of your friends and complete challenges together.

The game offers Huge content such as co-op mode, Boss Events, Odysseys, Content Browser, and Trophy Store, each with different gameplay.

The gameplay is also Full of elements, 22 towers in the shape of monkeys, and each monkey has 3-development paths and unique abilities. 13 heroes from 20 upgrade paths, special Abilities, skins, and comments.

In addition, 56 challenging maps and face a lot of bosses. As ninja kiwi studio told us, Bloons TD 6 is one of the best strategies Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS.

4 | Kingdom Rush:

[Free / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 195.5 MB]


Kingdom Rush has always been one of the best tower defense games on mobile and PC. It offers a simple experience but pretty fun gameplay that mixes fun with strategy and quick reaction at times.

In the game, there are only 4-towers. But the amount of strategic ideas that you can do is very much. In Addition, the heroes and their Special abilities and two spells that you can use all of them and develop.

After upgrading any tower, you can choose from two types of abilities for each Tower. You will face more than 60 enemies and bosses.

Campaign levels are not Difficult if played in easy or medium mode. But after completing the stages of the story, you will unlock Difficult levels that only pro players can finish.

MORE Mobile Games List:


5 | Realm Defense:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 354.6 MB]


Realm Defense is characterized: by two things from the rest of Tower Defense Mobile Games. First, huge enemies waves. Second, heroes and their abilities.

Realm Defense is a classic TD game, Archer, barracks, wizard, and canon. The game focuses heavily on various heroes and their different abilities.

300-different levels and modes in different worlds. Icy areas, desert, sky, caves, forests. You can complete levels and enter competitive tournaments with other players.

6 | Infinitode 2:

[Free / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 72.1 MB]


Infinitode 2 focuses on the simplicity of the design and the Huge waves of enemies. The game is small in size but full of features.

14-types of towers. Various enemies and Bosses, Equipment, Resources, etc. The design of the game is simple shapes. Like enemies are geometric shapes (square, circle, and triangle). Each Shape has specific abilities.

Also, the towers are simple in design. But the levels of the game are full of fun and fast-paced action.

If you like simple games, Infinitode 2 is for you. It is one of the best Tower Defense Mobile Games.

7 | Mega Tower:

[Free / Online / 4.5 Stars / 165 MB]


The strange thing about this game is that the enemies focus, To Destroy the towers, not the kingdom or the center. When your central Tower destruction you lose.

A futuristic world. Defenses, weapons, resources, and enemies from the future. Because of this peculiar gameplay. The experience is Unique and Makes you able to implement new strategies.

You can combine constellations by collecting resources from the planets you control, Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS. It’s worth a try.

8 | Last Hope TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 340.9 MB]


Last Hope TD is an open-world zombie tower defense game. In it, you can choose from 10 heroes with unique abilities.

Also, 14 defenses and weapons, to apply various strategies. 145-levels of zombie and boss encounters. There are difficulty settings for those players who love challenging games.

Rating the game on Google Play 4.5/5 stars, and it is considered one of the best Tower Defense Games For iPhone and Android.

MORE Mobile Games List:


9 | Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD:

[$1.99 / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 221.1 MB]


Frontiers are part two from the classic Kingdom Rush series of tower defense games.

4-classic towers, each one has 8-upgrade paths. That helps you apply different strategies and tactics. Play levels in Different worlds such as the desert, forest, and the underworld.

You can choose from 16 heroes and train them and develop their abilities. The game also features a great variety of enemies, more than 40-enemies.

Rate the game on Google Play 4.8 and App Store 4.8. That proves Kingdom Rush is one of the best Tower Defense Mobile Games You can play on your phone.

10 | King Of Defense:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 569.5 MB]


The thing that you will find in King of Defense and you will not find in other tower defense games is the stacking system.

In which you can combine and merge several towers into one. That enables you to create several different turrets and make innovative strategies.

The rest of the game features are classic and available in All Tower Defense Games for Android and iOS. But the stacking feature is an innovative idea and worth a try.

11 | Alien Shooter TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 322 MB]


Design and gameplay are what distinguish Alien Shooter TD from the rest of the Tower Defense Mobile Games.

You will be responsible for developing and managing military soldiers and equipping them with appropriate weapons.

The game design is realistic. Turrets and Heroes are military soldiers and weapons. Even the stock of ammunition weapons is limited. Also, killing and exploding aliens animation add fun to the game.

12 | Defense Legend 3:

[Free / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 369.4 MB]


Defense Legend 3 Future War is a tower defense strategy RPG game set in a futuristic world full of futuristic weapons, defenses, and robotic enemies.

The game focuses on heroes and the various weapons that you can use. That will make you able to diversify your playing style and strategies.

Some many weapons and items have unique and tactical abilities. In addition, the diversity of the map and the different terrain. In which you will live the adventure of defending the base.

13 | Wild Castle TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 240.9 MB]


Wild Castle TD is a tower defense arcade game similar to Clash Royale in gameplay.

Choose a group of heroes cards and start the battle, and the enemy Starts. You have to protect your castle. Enemies spawn from the top of the screen, and your castle is at the bottom of the phone screen.

You must place suitable heroes cards to defend the castle and kill all waves of enemies. Simple gameplay, but you need to think well in choosing the right cards and using them in the right way.

MOBA Mobile Games List:


14 | Wild Sky TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 401.2 MB]


The game offers beautiful graphics, 3D character design, and map, With more than 1500 defense levels.

There are many modes in the game that you can try. Like, PvE quests, daily quests, tournaments, and Co-op and PvP events.

Also, you can control your flying ship and upgrade it to help you defend the kingdom.

Wild Sky is a Simple Classic Tower Defense game for Android and iOS. But it has good things like the design and artistic style.

15 | Ancient Planet:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 189.6 MB]


In this Game, You can build defensive towers anywhere you want in a Levels. This idea is rare to find in other Tower Defense Mobile Games.

You can also upgrade the towers and the base. These upgrades allow you to improve your performance in battles and make new strategies.

The game rating is 4.5/5 stars on Google Play and the App Store. We chose this game as one of the best Tower Defense Games For iPhone and Android.

16 | Defense Zone 3 HD:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 250.8 MB]


If you like the atmosphere of wars like tanks, planes, bombs, and bombing, Then Defense Zone 3 you must try it.

The game offers 8-towers, Each of them their development and unique abilities, also 8-special Abilities from nuclear bombs to aerial bombardment.

As for the difficulty system, the game offers four levels of difficulty. Any player can choose the level he wants. Also, the map and the various defenses give you many tactical options.

My advice to those who want to try the game, to ensure victory, you have to combine the towers so that they complete each other.

17 | Protect & Defense:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 160 MB]


That is another war game, but something special about it is that you and your enemy have the same equipment and defenses as tanks, ships, planes, artillery, mines, and bombs.

The enemy is not only sending his forces. You also attack your enemy and send your Forces. If you are like war games and the use of war weapons and equipment, that game is also for you.

18 | Diponegoro:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 140 MB]


The game tells about the Indonesian war in 1954, The fighting on the island against the colonists. You will control defensive towers and the Indonesian hero Prince Diponegoro.

You can build 6-towers Bamboo spear, Muddy Bunker, Fire Arrows, Ballista, Electric Bike, Bull’s eye shots. Also, you can upgrade the tower to 5 levels.

The game is only available on Android, and it has a rating on Google Play of 4.6/5 stars.

19 | Kingdom Rush Origins:

[$2.99 / Offline / 4.8 Stars / 292.5 MB]


There is no studio better than Ironhide studio for developing tower defense games on mobile or PC. He has presented more than 5-tower defense games, and all of them have received high awards and ratings.

Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment in the Kingdom Rush game series, Which Features graphics and Design and a variety of fun levels.

The game offers pretty fun classic stages with 3-difficulty levels. Also, iron, and Heroic mode, that only professionals can finish.

You can check out an in-game encyclopedia that shows you the strength of all enemies and towers to help you study your enemies and defenses and think of the best possible strategies.

8-Tower upgrades. 16-Heroes. 3-Spells. Thunderbolt and soldiers The third spell depends on the hero you choose to play.

MORE Mobile Games List:


20 | 33RD: Random Defense:

[Free / Online / 4.6 Stars / 164.6 MB]


33RD is a combination of simulation, strategy, RPG, survival, and tower defense mobile games. The game is about Animal Battle Arena.

You will face 33 different types of enemies in classic mode. There is also a PvP mode in which you will challenge players with animals, Co-op Tactical Battle Simulator mode, and Special modes.

The game offers simple control, fun gameplay, and lovable pixel graphics. As the studio of the game said, 33RD is one of the best Tower Defense Mobile Games.

21 | Sci-Fi Tower Defense Module:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 135.6 MB]


The game offers 6-towers which are space cannons. Laser, Gauss, Gatling, Rocket, Mortar, and Tesla. Also, You can use other defenses and abilities to help you eliminate enemies.

The game also contains a story. You have to protect the planet from the attack of enemies and bring back the missing star.

You will need to customize towers by using items and units to use various strategies and kill enemies or challenging waves.

There are more than 80 levels and many customizations and strategies. If you like the futuristic atmosphere and variety in using and upgrading Towers, this game is for you.

22 | AOD – Art Of Defense TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 185.3 MB]


The general style of the game is realistic real-time wars. (Tank Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment, etc.)

More than 500 real-time items and equipment that you can use. Diversity in-game environments from small villages to megacities.

You can try 3-modes, Which are Escape, Fog, Survive. Benefit from 1000 different upgrades for towers and defenses. Like, tanks, planes, cars, cannons, etc.

Plus, Enjoy using abilities. Like, nuclear bombs, air attacks, ballistic bombs, boosters, bombing.

In the game, you will live in the atmosphere of realistic wars in real-time using Real defenses. The game is one of the Top Tower Defense Mobile Games.

23 | 2112TD Tower Defence Survival:

[$1.99 / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 585.9 MB]


The events of the game after 1000 years where you fight aliens to protect humans and colonies of Earth.

The game focuses on the three abilities more than towers and defenses. The use of drones, aerial bombardment, and fortifications is critical, and you have to use them strategically and advantageously.

RTS Artistic style and graphics are similar to Command and Conquer and StarCraft games. Most of the towers you will use are cannons that strike from afar. Like, machine guns, flamethrowers, artillery, and plasma turrets.

2112TD does not contain ads and micro-transactions, you can play it offline, and it is Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS.

24 | Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense

[Free / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 85 MB]


MINI TD2 is a simple Tower Defense Game for Android with a small size. In it, you only need to use your brain to install towers and eliminate the red enemies who want to destroy our blue world.

MINI TD2 is the only relaxing game on this list. You will enjoy relaxing music while playing 50 levels designed with simple style, small size, and easy control.

The game provides an acceleration feature in stages that make waves and towers faster To finish levels quickly.

You will enjoy playing this game without the hassle of in-game payments and purchases and the time limit system, A Simple Game but not easy.

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25 | Merge Plants:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 226.2 MB]


If you like Zombie Defense, Merge Plants Idle, and PlantsVs Zombies games, then this game is for you.

Your MISSION is to plant plants with Special abilities and eliminate zombies before reaching the end of the road. You can build and develop plants and flowers by merging them.

The wide variety of zombies and their ability make it difficult to find a suitable strategy to prevent zombies from entering your home. Also, at the end of the stages, you will need a quick reaction in growing plants and using abilities.

Merge Plants Zombie Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS is available on all stores, and most of the game reviews are positive.

26 | Horde Defense:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars]


This game is very similar to Kingdom Rush. You have to stop the waves of enemies by using 4-basic towers and developing them.

You can use 4-abilities to help you eliminate enemies or strengthen your forces. Will face 8-bosses in different regions using various strategies. (mountains, forests, snows)

The game provides difficulty levels for those who want to play difficult stages. Also, there is an endless mode in which you face endless waves of enemies and try to survive as long as possible.

In addition, the mission or achievements mode. You can complete 20 missions in different ways and with diversified ideas.

27 | Kingdom Rush Vengeance:

[$4.99 / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 791.6 MB]


Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the last part of the Kingdom Rush game series, and for me, this game is the best Tower Defense Games for Android and iOS and even one of the best mobile games.

The game features an Amazing design of stages, characters, and enemies, A great variety of levels, strategies, towers, and ideas.

The game contains 18 towers with special abilities. 13-heroes each with its unique power. Before starting the matches, you have to choose the arsenal of Towers you want to use (5 towers) and one hero, then start the battle.

You will face 6-bosses in different levels that will give you a great dose of fun. On Vengeance, you will be the army of evil against the kingdom.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is one of the best games for me and, I would recommend it to any player, but it’s a bit difficult. If you don’t like challenging games and get bored quickly, don’t buy them.

MORE Mobile Games List:


28 | Mindustry:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 185.3 MB]


Mindustry is Completely different from the rest of the Tower Defense Mobile Games in its gameplay and design.

You have to build supply chains and conveyor belts to deliver ammo to towers and produce resources to build defenses and protect structures from waves of enemies.

The game focuses heavily on co-op and PvP mode. You can create a group of management units. To control your base and attack the enemy automatically.

The game offers 4-modes: Survival, you have to stay as long as possible and defend your base. Attacking, In this Mode, defending and attacking the enemy at the same time. To destroy the enemy base. Sandbox mode in which you can build and test anything. PvP mode, compete with players.

Mindustry is a fun strategy game with a strange style. Free on Google Play and Paid on the App Store $0.99.

29 | Cat War2:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 130 MB]


Cat War 2 is a strategy tower defense game time-killing. The game has been downloaded over 1M times on Google Play and rated 4.5 stars by 200K players.

The game is about the war between cats and dogs. You have to collect and choose the right cat heroes. To fight and eliminate the dog bosses.

You will play as Catphinx who can control cats and develop them, To benefit from them in wars against dogs.

Your main objective is to collect resources, develop defenses, and send cats with an appropriate strategy, To eliminate the dog base.

Cat War 2 is unavailable on iOS Phones. Tower Defense Games For Android only.

30 | Tiny Guardians:

[$3.99 / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 481.7 MB]


Tiny Guardians is a strategic Tower Defense Mobile Games without towers. A unique and innovative idea.

The gameplay is that you have to protect Lunalie using the guards. You have to use the Right guards to defend Lunalie as she travels through the wilderness to search for her friend.

Each level in the game has a story and difficulty levels. Focus on collecting the guard cards and developing them, and using appropriate cards. You will encounter more than 40 different types of enemies.

Tiny Guardians is a game out of the box with a genius idea. It is considered one of the best-paid Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS.

MORE Mobile Games List:


31 | Iron Marines:

[$2.99 / Offline / 4.7 Stars / 1.2 GB]


Iron Marines develop by Ironhide Studio, the same developer studio for the tower defense game Kingdom Rush.

You will enjoy sci-fi battles on Amazing planets against hordes of space monsters and robots. All Kingdom Rush players will like this game.

You can change the role and upgrade your special forces even in the heat of battle from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to rocket launchers.

The game offers 21 levels on 3-different planets, more than 40 upgrades to help you build your army, and 8-different weapons to upgrade and improve your strategy.

Iron Marines is one of the best RTS games on mobile, available on Google Play and App Store for $2.99.

32 | Dino Bash:

[Free / Offline / 4.6 Stars / 303.3 MB]


In the game, you will live the battle of dinosaurs against the cavemen. Dinosaurs and their eggs are under attack by hungry Men. You have to control the dinosaurs to protect the eggs.

The game features a variety of gameplay. Like, building ground defenses, bombing from the air, summoning dinosaurs, etc. Also, Variety of dinosaurs that you can use as T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, and more.

In addition, the many abilities that you can also use, hidden traps, volcanic bombs, trick eggs, snowstorms, and icy rocks. Finally, upgrade and improve the troops.

Dino Bash is a tower defense game for Android and iOS in a fun comedy style.

33 | Guns’n’Glory WW2:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 54 MB]


The atmosphere of World War II and tower defense, I think you will like this combination. At the beginning of the game, you will choose one of the two factions to play with, the American forces or the Axis of Germany.

You can play with four units in any faction you choose, 12 challenging battles with setting difficulty. The skill and abilities upgrade system are similar to that of an RPG.

You are on a guard mission, and the enemy sends waves of soldiers on you, so you have to manage the soldiers and defensive forces and use them to defend the base.

The game offers a variety of gameplay, simple and attractive graphics, and is considered one of the best Tower Defense Games For iPhone and Android.

34 | Spartania: The Orc War:

[Free / Online / 4.5 Stars / 116.6 MB]


Spartania is a simple game with strategy and some comedy. Your mission as the leader of a Spartan army is to build, upgrade and protect a city from the attacks of barbarians or orcs.

You have to use your soldiers and troops smartly because the battles are not as simple as the game. You can craft medieval weapons by collecting and stealing resources from your enemies.

The game offers a PvP mode in which you fight with other players. Defeat Them to take gold and resources. Also, you can create a clan with your friends.

A large variety of units that you can use. Whether defense or attack. Like, soldiers, archers, magicians, elephants, and more. Plus, the comic graphics and sounds add a fun character to the game.

35 | Grow Castle:

[Free / Offline / 4.4 Stars / 205.5 MB]


You must build and upgrade your Castle and put appropriate defenses, heroes and abilities to protect the tower from enemies.

The more you upgrade the castle tower, the more heroes you can use on it. On each floor, you can use a certain number of heroes.

The game offers more than 120-heroes whether you use them in the castle tower, the front line, or the backline. Also, building colonies and hiring workers earn you more gold.

You can compete with other players on the ranking board or create a team with your friends to connect or challenge each other.

GC is a simple addictive time-killing game. The game downloads only on Google Play 10 million times and is considered one of the best Tower Defense Mobile Games.

36 | Cookies TD:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 251.7 MB]


Cookies TD is a pretty simple tower defense game. All you have to do is install towers in places designated for them and develop them when collecting appropriate points.

The game places great emphasis on multiple and fast waves. You will move from one wave to another quickly, and you will reach wave 100 quickly.

The paths that enemies walk on are like a maze, surrounded by towers on each side. Place appropriate towers and upgrade them. In addition, Lots of fun and varied levels.

Cookies TD is a simple time-killing game that doesn’t require Difficult strategies like other Tower Defense Games For Android and iOS.

37 | Tower Defense Zone:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 336.3 MB]


Tower Defense Zone A classic tower defense game. Use the available gold to build and upgrade towers and kill Enemy waves.

The game offers more than 20-types of Enemies. Some types of Enemies can destroy your towers. That adds a challenge to the game levels.

Also, the game offers 11 different maps and 6-types of defenses. That makes you able to apply many new strategies and ideas.

The audience for the game is not a bit big, but most of my impressions of the game are positive. If you download Tower Defense Zone, please tell us what you think in the comments.

38 | Rush Royale:

[Free / Online / 4.3 Stars / 479.2 MB]


Rush Royale is a combination of tower defense and card games. Towers are cards of warriors, magicians, and fighters.

The waves of enemies move in simple, uncomplicated paths, and you have to put character cards in their places and prevent the enemies from reaching the base. You will face many enemies and bosses.

TD game With a competitive touch, Challenge your friends or random players in PVP mode. The winner is the one who defends his castle first.

Using resources in the right way is very important to win. You have to use the towers intelligently and with a specific strategy.

39 | Cubic Clash:

[Free / Online / 4.8 Stars / 578.3 MB]


Cubic Clash is a Nice Tower Defense Mobile Games with fast-paced, varied modes, beautiful character design, and an exciting soundtrack.

Simple enemies’ paths. Places to install defense cubes. You can combine cubes to get different formations of defenses. The duration of the stages is only 3 minutes.

Plus, Versus and Co-Op modes. Like, Versus (PVP), Super Skirmish (PVP), Training (PVE), Team Co-Op (PVE), Guardian Realm (PVE), and Arena.

Collecting cubes and combining them is the main thing in the game. You have to collect as many cubes as possible. Cubic Clash is a fast-paced time killing game with charming color.

40 | Empire Warriors:

[Free / Offline / 4.5 Stars / 377.6 MB]


Empire Warriors is a game similar to Kingdom Rush in many ways. Kingdom Rush fans might like it.

You can play the game without an internet connection. More than 120 levels. Quite good graphics. 4-basic types of towers and their upgrades, Archer, Mage, Warrior, Dragon, Golem.

11-heroes Each with different abilities. You will face more than 30 types of enemies and bosses, each with its Special Abilities.

Empire Warriors develop by ZITGA studio, which is famous for its many good games. The audience of the game is Large. The players’ impressions of the game are mostly positive.


There are too many Tower Defense Games For iPhone and Android, Which made it difficult for the player to find suitable games, and that is why we created this list. We have selected the highest-rated and Best Tower Defense Mobile Games in Play Store and App Store. You will find the game you like here.

Question of The Day:

In your opinion, what is the most fun thing about Tower Defense Games?

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