Best 25 Tycoon Management Mobile Games 2022 For Android & iOS.

Best 25 Tycoon Management Mobile Games 2022 For Android & iOS.
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Whether you prefer management simulation games, cities, farms, shelters, complex buildings, or facilities, this list is the best Management Mobile Games in GooglePlay and App Store.

The fun of management, business, and Tycoon games lies in creativity and control over everything to get the best results. That is the reason for the popularity and continuity of this type of game.

Also, Management Mobile Games do not require effort or quick reaction to progress. All you need is time and relaxation while playing to have fun.

What is Management Mobile Games:

Management Mobile Games allow you to create and manage your World. Manage method differs from one game to another. Manage Cities, citizens, prisoners, shelter, factories, facilities, cities, etc.

But they have many Common things, creativity, spending time, making decisions, focusing on many tasks, and having fun when getting the desired results.

01 | My Cafe: Restaurant management:

[Free – 4.6/5 Stars – Online – 150MB]


My Cafe is a coffee restaurant management game, you have to build your restaurant from A to Z, and your Goal is to turn it into a famous 5-star restaurant with customers from everywhere.

The game features a detailed simulation of the World of coffee cafes. Have fun managing a restaurant, controlling the staff, pouring delicious coffee, expanding the menu, adding new items, and cooking meals to satisfy customers.

The café decoration design adds great fun to the game. You can choose from many styles of decorations and furniture. Also, you can serve multiple meals and expand your restaurant.

02 | Rebel Inc:

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 73MB]


Rebel Inc is a political-military strategy simulation game where you have to manage the affairs of your country and achieve stability after the War End.

Your Goal is to balance the priorities of the military and the state to gain the support of citizens.

The game offers a strategic challenge by managing various aspects of your country and preventing rebels from gaining power, simulation rebellion strategies in a realistic and complex manner.

Although Rebel Inc is a fantasy game, it contains real-world issues. And it was created by professionals.

Rebel Inc Management Mobile Game is distinguished with unique ideas and offers a different experience from the rest of the games.

03 | Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 73MB]


In Idle Miner Tycoon, you Have To build and manage your mining factory, invest and make a fortune. Idle Money Tycoon Management Simulation Game. Available on GooglePlay and App Store.

Expanding a mining factory and increasing production by increasing miners and searching for gold and materials Require management and making correct decisions.

The more you play, the more resources you will find. Also, you can dig mines in many different areas. In addition, the many prizes that you can get.

Idle Miner Tycoon is one of the most popular Management Mobile Games, and you can play it. Either on your Android or iOS devices.

04 | Bid Wars 2: Auction Simulator

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 155MB]


Bid Wars Pawn Empire is an auction management game, buying and selling various valuables to make the Largest possible profit margin. This game will teach you the principle of business and auctions.

Making smart buy or sell decisions in deals is a difficult challenge. When you make a Profit, you can unlock new buildings, expand your city construction business, and earn more and more money.

You will face several competitors in auctions, and the more profit you make, the more you will meet new competitors. Bid Wars Pawn Empire implements a management system in many aspects, including auctions, cities, stores, etc.

05 | Good Pizza, Great Pizza

[Free – 4.4/5 Stars – Offline – 129MB]


Simple, fun, and challenging game created by pizzeria professionals, this is a pizzeria management game Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

The way to play is to fulfill pizza orders from customers to make the Largest possible profit, keep your restaurant open, and beat your competitors. In addition, you can upgrade your store by adding new equipment and tools.

Also, the game offers a new experience and Diversity in character customization. You can deal with more than 50 customers. Each one has different demands and a unique personality.

06 | Prison Empire Tycoon:

[Free – 4.4/5 Stars – Online – 135MB]


This game contains an attractive idea. You will manage a prison in many aspects and many intricacies. You must be able to take control of the facility and become a successful businessman.

Start running a small low Security prison. You have to make your Prison grow and earn a good reputation, By improving every detail, from the maximum security to adding various facilities.

There are many challenges in the game. Deal with them in the Right Way and make appropriate decisions for each problem. You have to scale your business without internal conflict.

You can expand the prison yard, customize the administration section, provide security equipment, etc.

Prison Empire Tycoon Management Mobile Games offers a fun idea and experience with beautiful cartoon graphics.

07 | Top Eleven Be Football Manager:

[Free – 4.6/5 Stars – Online – 144MB]


Top Eleven gives you the experience of managing and coaching a football club. You will be responsible for everything in a club, Buying and selling players, training, choosing a plan and tactics for playing, managing the stadium, and various aspects of the club.

The game has won several awards, every year new version gets released, and many features are added, Like Player Academy and 3D matches.

You will compete with several coaches around the World. Enter into player auctions and negotiations with them. Also, compete in PvP matches.

Top Eleven is a well-known management game loved by players available on Android and iOS. If you are a fan of football, you will love the game.

08 | Idle Supermarket:

[Free – 4.2/5 Stars – Online – 82MB]


You will start with a small store. To turn it into a huge supermarket that will make big profits. You can build a bakery and sell vegetables and fruits.

Providing different types of high-quality meat, selling different needs of customers. The availability of various facilities makes customers fill their shopping carts.

Management and Tycoon systems are present in various supermarket departments, Perfumes departments, electronics, vegetables, fruits, etc. You can even define the salaries of employees in different departments.

Idle Supermarket is a game full of details and fun, with attractive graphics and fun ideas. You will have a great time running this shop.

09 | Egg, Inc:

[Free – 4.5/5 Stars – Offline – 49MB]


Managing a project to build the Largest egg farm in the World is the adventure that you will live in Egg, Inc.

The game uses a lot of simulation and Tycoon elements that give it unique gameplay and feel. Your mission is to build chicken houses, hire drivers, hatch eggs, conduct studies, sell eggs, and build the most advanced egg farm.

3D graphics and simple menus make the experience more fun and Simple. Balancing your resources and your needs is essential to progress.

The game offers depth in different modes but simple and fun gameplay. Egg, Inc is a unique game in its idea, design, and gameplay.

10 | RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch:

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Online – 507MB]


RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch is a simulation game for building and managing a theme park, with in-depth details where you can Manage everything.

You are responsible for everything, shops, restaurants, coasters, rides, restrooms, cleaners, hiring workers, engineers, adding a new game, etc.

The most exciting thing is building a roller coaster. You can make tons of modifications to it, drawing intense coasters, loops, rolls, twists, dips, dives, and more.

You can set prices, start marketing campaigns, and add distinctive decorations. RollerCoaster is available on Android and iOS devices.

11 | Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

[7.49$ – 4.8/5 Stars – Online – 298MB]


Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a strategy racing game. Build your car racing team at the beginning. Then you start managing the team in all respects.

Making big decisions, Looking for drivers, Assembling the team, developing and modifying cars, and more. You will be responsible for everything.

The gameplay is that you watch a race in real-time and decide an appropriate strategy to win a race By choosing the perfect stop, coordinating with drivers, the maintenance team, etc.

Also, You Have to react to weather changes and various surprises during the race. The game contains many game modes and many fun elements.

12 | Jolly Days-Farm Simulator:

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 71MB]


Jolly Days Combination Between time management, engaging levels, and puzzles game. You raise animals and benefit from their outputs, meat, eggs, milk, etc.

Your job is to provide the right atmosphere for each animal, grass for the cow, mud for the pig, chicken houses, and food for the dog and the cat. Also, you can upgrade different parts of your farm.

There are many puzzles and stages. You Need to think and decide how you play to get through these stages. You will have to own a certain number of animals, produce a certain amount of goods, and make profits.

Jolly Days is one of the best time-management mobile games available on GooglePlay and the App Store.

13 | Dream Hospital: Care Simulator

[Free – 4.2/5 Stars – Online – 105MB]


We have another simulation game here. At Dream Hospital, you will be responsible for the board of directors of the city’s multi-specialty hospital and medical center.

Design, manage and organize all departments and employees. You can add and upgrade the medical rooms you want. Add decorations and decorations to beautify the hospital.

Treating patients, Taking Care of them, and providing every facility are the most important Thing. Choose the best doctors and hire them.

You will face many problems while running a hospital. You have to be flexible and solve it quickly. The game is available on Android and iOS devices.

14 | Frenzy Production Manager

[Free – 4.4/5 Stars – Offline – 99MB]


Build factory production lines and manufacture various customized products to achieve profits. In Frenzy Production Manager, you can create products that use in daily life. Like lamps, televisions, and computers.

But first, you need to know the various resources, tools, and upgrades, to start a production process.

After making profits, you can upgrade tools and machines to make Difficult and Precise products that need special equipment.

Meeting quality and quantity standards requires hiring elite staff, providing shipments and machinery, and improving workshops.

There are many production details in the game that you will get used to as you play more.

15 | Airlines Manager:

[Free – 4.4/5 Stars – Online – 105MB]


Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2022 is an airline management simulation game that contains more than 130 modern realistic aircraft.

You can buy new planes or negotiate with other players to buy a used Plane. Your responsibility is to control air traffic in real-time.

Also, there are more than 2,600 airports to buy your hubs and track planes with radar. You can develop research centers and vehicles.

The Airlines Manager offers huge and Interesting content. Menus translated into 8 Different languages. (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian).

16 | Tiny Tower: 8 Bit Retro Tycoon

[Free – 4.8/5 Stars – Offline – 72MB]


Tiny Tower lets you simulate building the floors of skyscrapers and managing the citizens who inhabit them.

Your tasks will be to build new floors, attract citizens, create jobs for citizens, upgrade floors, and collect money.

You can make many modifications, additions, and improvements to the decks. Also, the game has a lot of different Floors.

Tiny Tower has reached 1 million downloads on Google Play. Positive player feedback and highly rated. If you are looking for a simple Management Mobile game, Tiny Tower is a good choice.

17 | Traffix: Traffic Simulator

[1.99$ – 4.2/5 Stars – Offline – 70MB]


Traffix is a simple idea, a simple design, and simple gameplay. You need to manage traffic by turning on and off the traffic light.

Your responsibility is to keep drivers safe and fight traffic lane chaos through good traffic light management.

Very Simple control. All you have to do is click on a traffic light to change its color. There are 3 Known colors red, yellow and green.

The diversity of the game lies in the change in vehicles and the city Change. There are cars, trucks, trains, and even planes. Also, there are many difficult stages, and any slight mistake you will lose.

18 | Rocket Valley Tycoon:

[Free – 3.8/5 Stars – Offline – 77MB]


Rocket Valley is a clicker game. A combination of city building, resource management, and Race to Space. It features classic graphics, design, and gameplay.

Your Mission is to harvest, gather resources, build, and create a way to colonize space. You can do railroad construction and mining to extract resources.

Rocket Valley is an idle game. You can leave workers and users to farm and do various jobs while you’re out of the game.

A not very popular game. But the design and gameplay are loved by the players, and this makes it worth a try.

19 | Transit King Tycoon: Transport:

[Free – 4.1/5 Stars – Online – 124MB]


Transit King Tycoon is a multiplayer, City-building, Management game. Your Goal is to become the leader of a truck transport company by controlling a city, growing your business, and developing appropriate strategies.

When you expand your project, you can build a railway, a port, and many stations and facilities. Providing good logistics services helps to earn exciting money.

There is vast content in the game world. You can do many things. Create new roads, open seaports, and build railways.

You can compete with other players and cooperate with your friends in multiplayer. That is what distinguishes Transit King from the rest of Management Mobile Games.

20 | Toilet Empire Tycoon:

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Offline – 131MB]


We have a strange game here. We have mentioned a lot of project management and city-building games in this list. But here we have a toilet project management game.

You should pay attention to the toilet details and upgrade various toilets to make your users feel comfortable. You can expand the places and Upgrade various facilities, design and decorate the space, Providing excellent services to obtain customer satisfaction.

Toilet Empire is a strange game with good graphics and a simple design. Available on Android and iOS devices in GooglePlay and App Store.

21 | LANDLORD Idle Tycoon Business

[Free – 4.3/5 Stars – Online – 78MB]


In LANDLORD, you will buy and sell real estate, get rich, Be the Richest investor, and build your empire. You will enjoy managing deals and advertising campaigns, trading and bidding wars, and the World of trading.

LANDLORD is a business game full of money and deals. You will be the owner of all serious Decisions and cash flow. You can use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and locate a Realistic property, to simulate the investment Realistically.

The difficulty lies in how to manage money, invest and pay fees. LANDLORD is one of the best Management Mobile Games For Android & iOS.

22 | Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

[Free – 4.8/5 Stars – Online – 87MB]


You will live the adventure of managing and getting rich for all time. Your Goal in Cash, Inc. is to become the most famous money man of All Time.

Simple control All you have to do is tap. You will build a kingdom that includes different eras and characters. You can Build a time machine to travel and expand your business.

Cash, Inc has Nice graphics and simple gameplay that is suitable for playing outside a home. It does not require concentration or effort. Available on Android and iOS devices in GooglePlay and App Store.

23 | Junkyard Tycoon – Car Business

[Free – 4.4/5 Stars – Offline – 71MB]


Here we have a game with a unique and unrepetitive idea. Junkyard Tycoon is a business simulation scrap yard.

You buy old cars and vehicles and disassemble them into pieces. Then you start selling parts and making a profit. You will Start with a small factory After you collect the money. You go on a factory expansion adventure.

Can add many machines and tools that help you take advantage of your scrap cars. Also, you can repair and sell cars.

24 | Game Dev Tycoon

[4.99$ – 4.8/5 Stars – Offline – 53MB]


Game Dev is a management simulation game for a game development company in the 80s. Your goal is to develop and innovate new games and create the best games.

You can research new technologies and research new game ideas to boost your business and gain fans. The game contains many game development details, genre, engine, design, graphics, etc.

You will be the one who makes all the game development decisions and is responsible for everything. After achieving success, you can search for a professional development team and move to another level.

25 | AdVenture Capitalist

[Free – 4.8/5 Stars – Offline – 53MB]


You will start running a small lemonade kiosk, become the CEO of money printing, and create money for several nationalities. The game features classic cartoon graphics and a beautiful menu design.

You can make profits while you are AFK by appointing managers and workers to work in your place and make profits. Also, you can move your business to different worlds, Moon, and Mars, To expand your capitalist empire.

| Conclusion:

This list contains the best Management Mobile Games For Android and iOS with high ratings and positive reviews. I hope to help you find the game you want.

If you do not find your favorite game in this list, you can share it in the comments, and we will consider adding it to the list Next time.

| Question Of The Day:

Which type of Management Mobile Games do you prefer, cities, facility, club, commercial facilities, etc.??

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