Best 20 Wild Rift Beginner Champions: Easy To Play & Rank Up.

Best 20 Wild Rift Beginner Champions: Easy To Play & Rank Up.
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If you’re looking for Easy-To-Play champions, look no further, As we have compiled a list of the Best 25 Wild Rift Beginner Champions for each role which are not only easy to play. But will also help you climb the rank.

Whether you are a new or Seasoned player and in any role, you will find in this list simple champions that will help you increase your chance of winning.

| Why Playing Easy Champions For Beginners is Important:

Play Easy Champions are Important for new players or Any players not good at mechanics and macro Because they allow them to focus on learning the basics of the game and the broader aspects.

In Wild Rift, there is a lot to learn. You Need to understand roles, different items, strategies, map awareness, objective control, and team coordination.

Instead of getting caught up in understanding complex Champion, you can focus on the game mechanics and macro to increase your chances of eventually winning.

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I | ADC Beginner Champions:

1| Tristana:


Tristana is a marksman champion in Wild Rift, with simple abilities and easy to play. It has a lot of mobility and a Big range due to its passive.

This champion is a good choice for Beginners and Pro players. Because Tristana is easy to learn, a powerful Pick, and can carry games and win.

| Tips For Tristana:

  • Focus on Farming in The Early Game: Tristana isn’t a Strong champion in the early. She needs Scaling first.
  • Tristana Good Pick Against Assassins: Use 2Ab & Ult Cleverly in team fighting.
  • Tristana is Strong in Split Push: If you can split, do it.

2| Caitlyn:


Caitlyn is a good Pick in most Situations, Due to the Large range and High damage. It is always in The meat and S+ in Wild Rift Tire List.

The abilities of Caitlyn are relatively easy to understand and use effectively. Only you need to focus on How to position yourself in the team fight.

| Tips For Caitlyn:

  • Use 3Ab strategically. To create control zones and protect yourself and your team.
  • Use 3Ab opposite direction of the enemy to approach or hop over walls.
  • Avoid using Ultimate in team fights. Enemy allies can block it.

3| Jinx:


Jinx is one of the most popular champions in the game. It is a good choice for beginners and pro players to dominate Dragon Lane.

Exceptional scaling and late-game carry potential are what set Jinx. If you know how to position yourself and activate the passive, you can wipe out the entire enemy team.

| Tips For Jinx:

  • Fishbones, The Rocket Launcher isn’t always the best choice. Switch to Pow-Pow the Minigun whenever an enemy hero gets too close.
  • Fishbones, The Rocket Launcher deals damage in an area (AoE). Use it on minions to poke your laner.
  • In Team Fight, Stay Away, and Poke with Rockets. When you feel it is safe, change to the minigun.

4| Miss Fortune:


I think Miss Fortune is the easiest ADC Champion in Wild Rift. It is suitable for beginners because it’s easy to play, has Simple abilities, and has High damage.

Strong in an early game, she has simple mechanics and powerful abilities. I think that’s enough to dominate and carry games.

| Tips For Miss Fortune:

  • Double Up 2Ab Deals a Lot of Damage to the second target. Use it wisely.
  • Miss Fortune consumes a lot of mana at the beginning. You have to keep that in mind.
  • Miss Fortune’s Movement Speed increases if she doesn’t take damage. Avoid getting hit for moving too fast.

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5| Ashe:


One of Ashe’s greatest strengths is its ability to provide consistent crowd control, Which helps the team secure.

It has an easy-to-learn and play style. You can play Ashe in Role ADC & Support as she is an excellent choice in Two Roles.

| Tips For Ashe:

  • Ashe Doesn’t Have Any Offensive Power to succeed independently. So always make sure you stay with the team.
  • Ashe’s Kiting Ability is Her Only Defense, So beware of Enemy Gank, Roaming, or overextending.
  • Always Try To Focus on One Target. To activate Frost Shot (PASSIVE) damage.

II | Support Beginner Champions:

1| Yuumi:


Yuumi is one of Broken Champions simply because she facilitates the coordination between Supp and ADC, which is the main factor to excel in Dragon Lane.

Provide Shields, Movement Speed, Health, Crowd Control, and Untargetable. All these advantages in Champion are easy to learn and play and beginner friendly.

If you are Paying Support in Low Elo, Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze, I highly recommend you play Yuumi. You will Rank up quickly.

| Tips For Yuumi:

  • Avoid Staying Permanently Attached to the ADC. Always follow the carry in your team.
  • Trigger PASSIVE (BOP ‘N’ BLOCK) as much as You can in team fights.
  • Never Roam or Return To The Lane By Yourself.

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2| Karma:


Karma is always in S or S+ TIER in the Support and Mid role. She has unique abilities and playstyle. Can deal damage, heal and protect allies.

Karma’s abilities are all-powerful and can be very effective in the Mid Lane, as a Support, and in team fights. She can also be effective in a variety of team compositions.

| Tips For Karma:

  • Early Combo: Use 2Ab, then slow your opponents with 1Ab or speed yourself up with 3Ab if you can’t reach the target.
  • The Mantra (PASSIVE) is Too Strong in Team Fights. Use Ult to recharge Mantra.
  • The 3Ab INSPIRE is a Great engage and disengage ability, Gives shield and movement speed for the entire team.

3| Leona:


Leona is one of the Easiest tanks in Wild Rift, known for her toughness, crowd control, and ability to engage in fights.

Leona’s kit is straightforward yet effective, making it a good choice for beginners and Pro players. Also, she is good at protecting allies.

| Tips For Leona:

  • Start The Fight and mark Enemy champions with sunlight for more damage.
  • The 1Ab Shield of Daybreak and The 3Ab Zenith Blade form a powerful offensive combo.
  • You Can Absorb a Huge Amount of Damage using The 2Ab Eclipse. Use it when the enemy uses their Strongest Damage ability.

4| Alistar:


Alistar is a Support Tank Champion easy-to-learn, which makes him a good start for beginner players who want to learn the role.

He can tank a lot of damage when using his ULT. He has a lot of crowd control. Also, it has many combos, which makes it unpredictable.

| Tips For Alistar:

  • Movement speed is Very Important in Alistar. Buy boots ASAP.
  • Use Flash To Reach a Target and knock them back into your allies. You can use The 2Ab in many ways.
  • Do not underestimate the “Triumphant Roar” Passive Heal. It indeed seems little. But it is in the long trades in the lane that is effective.

5| Lux:


Lux is the hero of the story. The character with the most Skins in a game. One of the best wild rift beginner champions and the most popular.

She is a good Pick in The Support & Mid Role. In a late game, she can Spam all his abilities in the team fight and don’t stop.

Lux simple Champion, all you have to do is hold the enemy and hit Ult. It will do a lot of damage. That will help you focus on the game mechanics and macros and carry.

| Tips For Lux:

  • Lux Has Great Zone-Control Abilities. Try to set up The 3Ab to prevent an enemy’s advance or escape.
  • Use Abilities on as Many Enemies as Possible To get the maximum damage advantage.
  • Lux is Weak Against Assassins and has no mobility. Play carefully, use flash at the appropriate time, and buy Stasis.

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III | Mid Lane Beginner Champions:

1| Diana:


Diana is one of the Broken champions, and she can hyper-carry games alone. He has a powerful combination of crowd control and damage.

I’m Diana Main, and from my experience, Diana can come back no matter how The Game Hard is. You need to understand its strengths and play on it.

Burst Damage, Diving Potential, Sustainability and tankiness, Split Pushing, Team Fight Presence. All these features in an easy champion.

Diana is always on the S+ & S Wild Rift TIER LIST. Whether the Mid and Jungle Roles.

| Tips For Diana:

  • In an Early Game, play carefully and don’t take any risks. After buying 3 Items, start clearing the rift.
  • To Take Down Towers Quickly, always use 1Ab or 2Ab after every 3 Basic attacks. To increase attack speed.
  • If You’re Farming in a Jungle, don’t use 3Ab until after 1Ab. That will help you use 3Ab more times.

2| Annie:


Annie in Wild Rift is a powerful mage champ known for its simplicity, ease, and devastating burst damage.

It is an ideal choice for beginners due to its mechanics and Huge impact in team fights.

Her ability to stun multiple enemies and deal significant AoE damage makes her a formidable force in team fights.

Annie is a wild rift Beginner-friendly champion, and it can carry games and help you rank up.

| Tips For Annie:

  • One Ult With Stun can change the fight outcome and the game. Focus on that.
  • Use 1Ab To farm minions and deal damage to your opponent.
  • The Molten Shield 3Ab, use it to stake your passive and stun.

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3| Veigar:


Veigar is one of the strongest champions in the late game. He scales and bursts well. Easy to learn and play.

All you need to do is play safe in the early game and stake the passive. In the late game, you can take any champion with one shot.

| Tips For Veigar:

  • Use Event Horizon 3Ab to increase your chances of landing Dark Matter 2Ab.
  • Veigar is Extremely Mana and Cooldown Reduction dependent. Try to buy items with these stats for more effect.
  • Veigar is Squishy, has no mobility, and is weak in early games. So don’t take any risks.

4| Ahri:


Ahri is the only ranged mage champion in the Wild Rift who has mobility and a lot of mobility, which is why it’s so powerful and easy.

It seriously pokes enemies, quickly assassinates weak targets, and mixes mobility, burst damage, and crowd control. All this in one champion.

| Tips For Ahri:

  • Use Charm 3Ab to set up your combos. It Will make it easy to land the rest of the abilities.
  • It’s Good to Use Fox-Fire 2Ab when chasing down enemies with the Spirit Rush Ult.
  • The Orb of Deception 1Ab It’s powerful in team fights. Use it with Ult to damage as many enemies as possible.

5| Morgana:


You can play Morgana as Support and Mid. You can even play her in Jungle. Morgana has the Longest stun in the game.

She has 3 Strengths. The crowds control either Stun & Slow, The Big range. Thirdly, BLACK SHIELD can cancel any crowd control.

| Tips For Morgana:

  • Using the Black Shield 3Ab correctly can determine the outcome of team fights.
  • Take Advantage of the Big Range to poke and deals damage.
  • The Best Morgana Combo: Engage in the middle of the enemy team and open the Ult, and then use Stasis.

IV | Jungle Beginner Champions:

1| Wukong:


I hate playing against Wukong and Always ban him from every game. The fighter absorbs damage, deals damage, and regenerates health.

Wukong is very powerful in team fights because he can use his ULT twice. In addition, his ability to clone and deceive enemies. He can turn the tide of Fight and carry games.

| Tips For Wukong:

  • WARRIOR TRICKSTER 2Ab and Nimbus Strike 3Ab work well together to quickly strike your enemy and get out before they can retaliate.
  • Try using WARRIOR TRICKSTER 2Ab near the brush to distract the enemy.

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2| Jarvan IV:


Jarvan IV is one of the best Wild Rift Beginner Champions, easy to learn, and plays. You can play a tank, a fighter, or even an Assassin.

Jarvan IV is Good for various team comps and can adapt to different scenarios. Very useful for a team and can play alone and carry.

| Tips For Jarvan IV:

  • Don’t Miss Out on Ganking Opportunities in an early game. Jarvan IV is Strong in early game Ganks.
  • BEFORE USING THE ULTIMATE, CONSIDER THE FLASH OF ENEMIES. Use Ult on enemies who don’t have flash or escape ability.

3| Shyvana:


Shyvana is indeed weak in the early game, but if you know how to play safe and focus on farming early. You will crush them in the late game.

Shyvana, in the late game, can tank damage and at the same time take players one shot. Also, she can quickly take objectives and monsters.

All you have to do to be effective in a game is to use the ultimate correctly and always be on the objectives before they are born, to take them quickly.

| Tips For Shyvana:

  • It is Crucial To Purchase an Item that can slow down enemies. That will help Shyvana a lot when engaging.
  • In Team Fights, always try to hide in Bush or behind a wall and surprise the enemy team with the ULT.
  • Take Advantage of Shyvana PASSIVE and focus on taking 3 Dragons. To get a soul and become very powerful.

4| Xin Zhao:


Xin Zhao has an aggressive playing style and excels at Skirmishes. He is powerful in the early game, can deal High damage, and sustain and secure objectives.

He has a high ability to snowball and carry the games, Especially if it’s against a team based on ranged champions because Xin Zhao Ult counters them.

| Tips For Xin Zhao:

  • Xin Zhao is a Great Engagement Champ. Get into the middle of the enemy team and use the ultimate.
  • The Attack Speed Granted By Audacious Charge 3Ab is Great for taking down turrets, minion waves, and clear jungle.
  • The Audacious Charge 3Ab slows down the enemies surrounding the target. Use it to slow down as many enemies as possible.

5| Vi:


Vi are flexible champions that you can play in different styles. Can do damage and crowd control, and Can engage and disengage.

With her ultimate, she can take Enemy carry and obstruction with CC. Vi is one of the best Wild Rift Beginner Champions, and I recommend it to all new players.

| Tips For Vi:

  • The Fully Charged Vault Breaker 1ST ABILITY will deal double damage. It’s great for catching and finishing enemies.
  • The ULTIMATE Assault and Battery is a powerful engagement ability. Remember, don’t overextend and stray too far from your team members.

V | Baron Lane Beginner Champions:

1| Sion:


Sion is one of the tanky champions in the wild rift. You can Play it in baron lane & Jungle roles. He has a high ability to absorb damage, is Strong in split Push and team fights, and has a lot of CC.

If your team is good, with Sion, you can help in team fights, tank damage, and deal damage.

If you’re with a bad team, with Sion, you can play alone and focus on split push and taking towers. It’s easy to do this with Sion.

| Tips For Sion:

  • Don’t Miss Out on Ganking Opportunities in an early game. Jarvan IV is Strong in early game Ganks.
  • The 3RD ABILITY Roar of The Slayer: is a great setup ability to land a powerful 1ST ABILITY Decimating Smash.
  • The 2ND ABILITY Soul Furnace Buff displays how much shield strength is remaining. Use this information to time its explosion perfectly.

2| Renekton:

Renekton is my favorite baron lane champion. In short, dominance, aggressiveness, and carry games are What makes Renekton Special.

Broken champ in the early, burst damage, mobility, and control a crowd. It can easily carry games and help you rank up.

| Tips For Renekton:

  • 3RD & 1ST ABILITY Good Combo for harassing in the lane. 3Ab to reach the opponent, 1Ab to damage, then back with 3Ab.
  • The 1ST ABILITY heals you for each enemy you hit. Focus on using it on as many enemies as possible.
  • Cooldown Reduction is especially good for Renekton, allowing him. To quickly build Fury and use it.

3| Garen:


If you are a new player or looking for an easy champion to reach a challenger rank, I highly recommend you to Main Garen.

Garen is a crazy champion. Imagine with me a Champion who can tank a lot of damage and can take an ADC or squishy with one Shot same time.

In my opinion, Garen is the best baron lane wild rift beginner champion. If you master it and with Good macro, you can climb the ranks quickly and reach the challenger rank.

| Tips For Garen:

  • One of Garen’s Strengths is PASSIVE. If you are in a difficult situation on the lane, You need to don’t take damage, and you will recover your health.
  • The ULTIMATE Demacian Justice deals True damage to enemies close to the target (AoE).

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4| Dr. Mundo:


Dr. Mundo is a simple Tank have an Easy play style. You can play it in Jungle & Baron Lane. He has a high ability to high health regeneration.

Also, Dr. Mundo is a good counter-pick against a CC-based team. As a new player, if you play Dr. Mundo, You will quickly understand its mechanics and focus on the Wild Rift macro and mechanics.

| Tips For Dr. Mundo:

  • Buying Health Regeneration Items will increase the Ultimate healing and lower cooldowns of all abilities.

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5| Malphite:


Malphite is one of the best-engaged champions in Wild Rift. He is good at Baron Lane, Support, and even Med.

He has 2 Playing styles, First, a Tank to protect the team and start fights and engagement. Second, AP to one shot squishy quickly, But Malphite can’t tank damage.

| Tips For Malphite:

  • The Passive Granite Shield will help you from all kinds of damage. But 2nd ability Thunderclap is strong against physical damage.
  • If You are Against Feed AP Champion and he can do a Lot Of Damage, buy magic resistance items. Don’t just rely on the passive shield.

| Conclusion:

In conclusion, we have presented the best 25 Wild Rift beginner champions that are easy to learn and play.

We have chosen champions based on ease and ability to impact and carry games and help players, whether professionals or beginners, to rank up.

We shared the Easiest 5 Champions in each Role, ADC, Support, Mid Lane, Jungle, and Baron Lane. When choosing, it is crucial to consider personal preference and playing style.

Remember that learning the game mechanics is the most important. Play Easy Champion and learn it quickly, then focus on improving: your macro, mechanics, map awareness, and decision-making skills.

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