How To Play Jungler Role in Wild Rift: A Complete Guide 2023.

How To Play Jungler Role in Wild Rift: A Complete Guide 2023.
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The Jungle Role can be challenging to play effectively and correctly, as it demands a thorough comprehension of the game. Nonetheless, it is a critical role that can significantly impact the team.

In this Wild Rift Jungle guide, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to succeed in the jungle role and take your team to win.

If you want to impact your games and climb the ranks fast in Wild Rift, then playing as a Jungle may be the solution. But it can be hard to master. That’s why we created this Wild Rift Jungle Guide.

I | Understanding The Jungle Role:

1 | What is The Jungle in Wild Rift:


In Wild Rift, Jungle is a role and has an area on the map, Like ADS, Support, Mid, and Baron Lane.

Wild Rift Jungle Map, Can be found between the Lanes and consists of several camps that provide gold and experience for the player.

You Can Check this Guide About Every Thing in Wild Rift. I Explain All The Basics.

2 | Explanation of The Jungle Role:

The primary objective of the Jungle role player is to clear neutral monster camps located in a jungle for farming and help your allies.

Use Smite to secure Objectives, Gank enemy champions, counter enemy Ganks, set up ambushes, Providing Vision, Clear Vision, flank on lanes, and provide your team with a numerical advantage.

By controlling Jungle, a skilled player can make it difficult for the enemy to take targets, such as Rift Herald, Dragon, and Baron Nashor. That can significantly shift the balance of power in your team’s favor.

As you can see, mastering the Jnngle role is crucial to quickly climbing in the rank. With knowledge, strategy, and correct practice, you will win. This Wild Rift Jungle Guide is For Beginners and professional players.

3 | Responsibilities of The Jungler Player:

Your Main responsibility is to help your team secure the objectives. Most of your time will be in the Jungle to clear the monster camp and Gank enemy champions.

Ganking is an essential part of the Jungle role, as it allows you to surprise and ambush the enemy, helping your team advance further.

You’ll also need to focus on the map and coordinate with your team and Counter Ganks. In General, this role requires strong map awareness, decision-making skills, and the ability to adapt to various situations.

4 | The Benefits Of Playing The Jungle Role in Wild Rift:

The most important benefit is the ability to make an impact. You can control the pace of the game, By balancing farming and Ganking the enemy, securing objectives, and tracking and punishing the enemy.

5 | What is The Best Role in Wild Rift?


Each Role in Wild Rift is Strong. It depends on the player’s ability and skills to control a game.

But the role which, if you master it, You can easily control a game is Jungle Role.

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II | Jungle Champions:

1 | Jungle Champion Type In Wild Rift:


In Wild Rift, the Jungle role offers a variety of champions, and each of them has different features and gameplay, and these are the types:

| Assassins:

They can deal High Damage Quickly, specializing in taking down the enemy carry. They can move in and out of fights quickly. Like Kha’Zix, Evelynn, and Rengar.

| Fighters:

This type can deal and take damage at the same time. Have an advantage in sustained fights and have a combination of engage or disengage abilities, Such as Jax, Xin Zhao, and Vi.

| Mages:

They deal High magic damage and have crowd-control abilities. Their ultimate has the potential to turn the outcome of a fight. Examples include Ekko, Gwen, and Gragas.

| Tanks:

These champions are the front line of the team. Take damage and protect the team. They don’t do much damage, but they are hard to take down due to the health and resistance they have.

| Marksmen:

Although it is a less champs option, it is effective. They have ranged attacks but are squishy, requiring careful play. Currently, there are 2 Champions of this type, Graves and Twitch.

Choosing the right type depends on your play style, team composition, and enemy team choices. You can focus on playing one type and master it or play 2 or 3 Different types.

Note. Some champions fall under more than one type. Play style, items, and runes determine the type.

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2 | Who is The Best Jungle Champion in Wild Rift:


When it comes to the question of Who is The Best Jungle Champion in Wild Rift, it’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Because every Jungle Champion has strengths and weaknesses, it’s all about your playing style, abilities, skills, temperament, and So On.

Every player has different mentalities, play styles, and preferences. What may work well for one player may not necessarily work for you.

It is also crucial to understanding Wild Rift Jungle Macro & Micro. Like timing your abilities, map awareness, and prioritizing objectives like Dragon, Baron, etc.

It is necessary to try different champs and understand their strengths and weaknesses to find one that suits your play style.

Through practice and learning from mistakes, any player can become a skilled Jungler and make a significant impact.

3 | Champion Recommendation & Meta:


The Meta in Wild Rift is subject to change depending on updates to champions, items, and runes. However, some Champions consistently perform well, regardless of the current meta.

| Lee Sin: Possesses high mobility, Fast engage and disengage, Deals High damage, a diverse range of mechanics, macro strategies, and combos. However, mastering this type can be challenging.

| Wukong: Versatile, can excel in team fights and 1v1 situations, can take damage, and can engage and disengage quickly, Which makes it a strong pick in the jungle.

| Kha’Zix: An assassin who succeeds in killing lone enemies and snowballing his lead. It has a lot of burst damage and can take down squishy targets quickly, but sometimes it struggles in team fights.

| Olaf: An anti-crowd control fighter, he can deal High damage. He is Strong in the Early Game, where he can control the map from the start.

It is not essential to play these 4 Champions, but whoever is looking for a Jungle champ who is always strong and wants to learn. These are a good choice.

The key is to find a champion that fits your play style and learn to play it to the best of your ability.

4 | Champion Selection Tips and Strategies:


Picking the right champion is crucial to succeeding as a jungle player in Wild Rift. In the Draft, you must take into consideration 4 Factors:

  • Champs that you master well and you can play.
  • Enemy team combinations.
  • Your team combinations.
  • The strategy in which you will play.

On your Pick, Focus on your team’s strengths. But if you can counter the enemy team, do so. Because if you are better, you will excel.

#Example: Enemies have many crowd control skills. Olaf would be the best choice in this case.

Another crucial aspect is choosing the right, Runes and Summoner Spells. To help you counter your opponent’s Pick in the jungle.

If you find it hard to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, enemy team, counter, Runes, and Summoner Spells, choose the champion you most enjoy.

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5 | Identifying Champion Synergies With Your Team:

To maximize your chances of winning and having more impact on a game. You need to identify champion synergies with your team.

That means understanding how your abilities can work with your allies, To create a combination of Abilities that helps Create more Ganks and secure objectives.

For example, Amumu can work perfectly with Katarina. Amumu engages with his ULT, and Katarina collects the kills. Also, Master Yi is Strong in a team with more than one tank.

In addition to synergies, team coordination is crucial for Ganks, objectives, vision control, etc. Always tell your team what strategy you have in mind and what you want to do.

Also, understand your role in Team fights, For example, Diana Jungle and Leona Support. Diana must use her ULT right after Leona’s CC enemy.

By understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can impact the game and carry your team as a Wild Rift Jungle Player.

If your team focuses on the chat and blaming each other, Mute any players who are bothering you and focus on winning. Ask yourself, how can I win this game?

If you focus on the win condition and you make progress, you will find that your team has become focused on the game.

III | Pre-Game Preparation:

In this Wild Rift Jungle Guide. We will highlight Pre-Game Preparation, From the Runes effect and Summoner spell selection to items building.

1 | Rune Selection:


The Runes affect your performance in the Rift effectively. It can help you quickly clear camps, increase damage, increase defenses, etc.

Do not always choose the same The Runes. You have to think about your and your team’s strategy and choose on its basis.

For example, if you want to play aggressively in The early game, you can take Runes that increase damage, attack speed, or movement speed, such as Pathfinder and Brutal.

On the other hand, if you want to play over the late game, you can choose Runes that increase damage and stamina, Like Hunter-Vampirism and Conqueror.

To choose the Right runes, you need to understand them all and know how they work on your champion. You can learn From Pro players or use Websites that help you to do so.

2 | Summoner Spell:


The Summoner Spell options for Junglers are few but sometimes effective, depending on which Champ you’re playing as.

Most players opt for Smith & Flash, but if your Champ can play without Flash and choose another spell, Ignite, Exhaust, or Ghost, This will give you an advantage in the game.

This advantage will allow you to execute unexpected maneuvers. When it comes to Ganking, taking kills, and securing objectives.

3 | Itemization and Builds:


Understanding the items and how to build your Champ and counter enemy items is essential in Wild Rift, not only in Jungle Role.

To determine which item build you need, You need to know your role in the team and your Champ Strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes may need more defensive items, while others may benefit from building damage.

Changing your build according to the situation and the enemy team is crucial.

Choosing items against enemy items, such as if you are a Tank, you will need armor Items against the opponent who has physical damage items.

Furthermore, remember that detailing is an ongoing process throughout the game.

You must constantly evaluate your item build, change as needed, and follow the meta, to Rank up fast in Wild Rift.

IV | Jungle Pathing:

1 | What is Jungle Pathing?


It is the path taken by the jungle player. To clear the jungle camps efficiently. Clearing jungle camps involves a strategic approach in a specific order. Based on your champion, enemy team, and your team.

The goal of the path is to strike a balance between farming and helping the team.

2 | Explanation of Different Jungle Paths:

There are many different jungle paths you can take. Each with its advantages and disadvantages. We will explain them all in this Wild Rift Jungle Guide.

| Full Clear:

This path involves clearing all your jungle camps in a specific order, starting on one side of the map and ending on the other. That is a suitable path for weak champions at the start of the game.

It provides a lot of gold and experience, but the downside is that it takes a long time to complete.

| Level 3 Gank:

Only clear camps are necessary to reach level 3. This method needs you to select the lane you want to Gank before the monsters spawn.

The advantage of this path is that it surprises the enemy team, but the downside is the risks because it is possible to be late in gold in experience if the Gank fails.

| Vertical Jungling:

This path involves starting on the opposite side of a map from your opponent’s jungle. Clear Camps and Gank in such a way that you avoid encountering Enemy jungle.

The pluses of this method are that it allows you to avoid the Enemy jungle and clear more camps (more gold and experience) But leaves your jungle vulnerable to Counter-Jungling.

| Scuttle Control:

Give priority to controlling the Scuttle crab in the river, Which provides vision and extra gold. Clear possible camps until 1:25 min, after which go to the river.

The downside to this path is that it can be risky if the enemy team contests the scuttles.

3 | What is The Fastest Jungle Clear in Wild Rift:

Many champions can quickly clear the jungle. But it depends on the player’s skill and knowledge. Lee Sin and Olaf can clear the jungle fast, while Amumu may take longer, but speed is not the most crucial factor.

The crucial factors are Balancing between the farm and helping the team, taking advantage of Ganking opportunities, and punishing the enemy when making mistakes.

Ultimately, it is up to the player to choose the champ they feel comfortable with and who can clear the jungle efficiently and provide value to the team.

4 | Gank & Counterganks:

Effective Ganking requires good timing, awareness, and teamwork. The best times to Gank are when the enemy is over-extending, low on health, or abilities in cooldown.

For a successful Gank, Make Sure to contact your ally and that he is ready to help you. Also, locate Enemy Jungle, avoid the enemy vision, and clear vision with Sweeper or Control Ward.

On the other hand, the counter-gank is to anticipate the enemy Gank and turn the tables on him by ambushing him, and to do an effective Counter-Gank, you need:

  • Good understanding of the enemy jungle path
  • Enemy lane locations
  • Map awareness
  • Vision Control.

Once you’ve identified a counter-gank chance, you should communicate with your team via pings and coordination to increase The Chance of success.

For example, if the enemy jungle champion is known to Gank a lot and your ally is pushing. Then you can expect a Gank.

5 | Tips For Invading Enemy Jungle:

  • Before invading, make sure you have an idea of where the enemy jungle is.
  • Coordinate with a team because the invasion is risky.
  • When invading Enemy Jungle, clear enemy camps quickly and efficiently.
  • Place wards in positions that help you track the enemy.
  • Don’t be greedy and reckless.
  • Invading is not always the best strategy. It is crucial to weigh the risks and rewards, Before making any aggressive plays.
  • If you get invaded, and you’re away. Try vertical jungling.

V | Objectives Control as a Jungler:


There are many Objectives that teams can take to gain an advantage. Rift Herald, Elemental Dragon, Baron Nashor, and Eldra Dragon, Securing these Monsters can provide buffs, gold, and pressure.

In this Wild Rift Jungle Guide. We will discuss the strategies and techniques Jungle Players can implement to control Objectives.

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1 | The Importance Of Objective Control in Wild Rift:

One of the crucial aspects of the game is Objective Control. As a Jungler, it is your responsibility to help your team secure Objectives to gain the advantage.

That requires a combination of vision control, team coordination, and timing. It is crucial to monitor when monsters spawn. Also, you must clear enemy wards and put your team’s Ward in its place.

Objectives can force both teams into a team fight. Take advantage of this. To get the team fights chances you want, especially if you’re Ahead.

Ultimately, Teams that manage to control and secure objectives have a higher winning chance. As a Jungler, your role is to ensure that your team is always ready to take control of these objectives.

2 | How To Prepare for the Objective:


We are going to share with you some tips on how to prepare.

| Vision Control: It is The key to preparing for Objectives. By placing wards, you can limit the enemy movements and prevent them from sneaking up and stealing. Also, Sweep for enemy wards and clear them out to establish complete vision control.

| Prioritize Farm and Gold: Farming efficiently, collecting gold, taking kills, and participating in team fights, will help you stay ahead and provide your team with the resources needed to secure objectives.

| Communication: Communicate and use pings to coordinate vision control and team fights.

| Champion Selection: Champion selection can also play a role in preparing for objectives. Some can steal easily, some have High damage to monsters, and some can hit Smith easily.

By following these tips, you can effectively prepare for objectives and increase your winning chances.

3 | Early Game Objective Prioritization (Elemental Drake, Rift Herald):


The early game is about making the right decisions at the right time to secure and build on a lead. One of the most critical aspects of this is the objective prioritization in the early game, Elemental Drakes and Rift Herald.

| First Elemental Drakes:

The first Elemental Drake spawn is usually the most important Because it provides a significant boost. To your team’s stats in the game early, be it extra damage, shields, or health regeneration.

It’s a good idea to try to secure it ASAP, especially if it’s an infernal drake that provides extra damage. But don’t risk too much. Having your all team die because of one Drake isn’t a good idea.

Even if you lose the first Dragon, don’t forget other Dragons that can provide a valuable advantage that can help you snowball in the game.

| First Rift Herald:

Rift Herald is a powerful objective that can help you destroy towers and earn extra gold. Spawns at the 5th minute. The best time to take it is when Baron Laner is ahead of his opponent.

If you want to get the most out of the Rift Herald, try to use it before the 7th minute To destroy the turret plates and take 150 gold on each plate.

Additionally, taking it provides the opportunity to earn extra gold quickly. That means if you play champion have power spikes upon purchasing their second item, You must Give priority to The Rift Herald.

Be careful not to over-prioritize these objectives, as sometimes it may be better to focus on other things like Ganking, Farming, or playing Reverse the enemy.

If the enemy goes to the Drake, go to the Rift and reverse Too. It depends on finding the right balance, making decisions, and knowing when to make the move.

By prioritizing these objectives correctly, you can set yourself up for a successful early game and give your team the advantage they need to secure a win.

4 | Strategies For Rift Herald Control:


Controlling the Rift Herald can give you a significant advantage over the enemy team. To do this effectively, you need map awareness and macro plays.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Rift spawns at the 8th minute. So it’s essential to prepare for it in advance. That means you should start clearing the jungle camps and look for potential opportunities for Gank Baron Lane to take over the area.

Once the Herald appears, Tell your team you want to go to Rift so they don’t risk going to Dragon. Start by providing vision around the area and clearing the Ward to prevent the enemy team from intercepting the objective.

Another strategy is to use the Rift Herald as bait to distract the enemy team. This strategy is especially effective if you have a Strong Split Pusher on your team.

Baron Laner uses the Herald to pressure on one side of the map, While you take Objectives on the other side.

With practice and experience, you can master the art of prioritizing early-game objectives and gain a significant advantage over your opponents.

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5 | Mastery Smite:


Mastering the use of Smite is essential to rank up. It directly determines winning or losing. Just one Smite that you steal a Baron or Elder Dragon decides the game outcome.

| How Smite Work:

First, you have to understand how this spell works:

  • Normal Smite deals 600 True damage to monsters and minions and heals for 70 + (10% maximum health).
  • You can’t use it on Champ.
  • After using Normal Smite 3 times, it will evolve into Chilling Smite (Blue).
  • Chilling Smite deals 800 True damage to monsters and minions and heals for 70 + (10% maximum health).
  • Can Deals True damage to champions from 38 to 184 (based on level).
  • Also, Slow the target by 25% for 2 seconds.
  • While also granting you a 25% bonus movement speed for the same duration.

The main objective of the spell is to secure objectives such as Dragon or Baron Nashor. When these objectives are low on health, use your Smite to get the killing blow and Secure the target.

Also, Smite is used to clear jungle camps and help Jungler farm quickly, Especially in the early game.

Regarding the cooldown period, you can gain 1 Charge every 45 seconds with a maximum of 2 Charges. When using a smite, You need to wait 10 seconds until you can use a second Smite.

| Smith Strategie #1:

I’ll tell you a trick that, if you master it, Will increase the success rate of your Smite hit to 80% in 50-50 situations or when you want to steal a Baron & Eldra Dragon.

Play a champion who has The Ability to deal good damage to monsters. Before hitting Smite, use this ability, and then immediately after, use Smith. This way, you will deal more damage than your opponent Jungler and Ensure secure the objective.

Many champions can do this trick, Like:

  • Kha’Zix 1Ab.
  • Vi 3Ab.
  • Rengar 1Ab.

Learn how you can do this trick with your champion. Practice and timing are the keys to mastering Smite.

| Smith Strategie #2:

When an enemy is chasing you in the jungle, and your health is low, approach the camps and smite the monsters. That will help you recover some Health and increase your movement speed.

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VI | Late Game Jungle Play:

1 | How To Finish The Game as a Jungler:

There are some things you have to do and some you have to avoid to end the game as a Jungler:

| Securing neutral objectives: Eldra Dragon & Baron objectives that completely change the course of the game. In the late game, focus on providing vision and play on Objectives, and do not start random team fights on the enemy side.

| Push lanes:  Confirm the location of all enemies before going through and pushing the wave.

| Coordinate with your team: Do not let your team enter random fights, and try to make your team focus on objectives by communicating and coordinating.

| Focus on Picks: In the late game, one kill can decide the win or the loss. Watch the map and punish an enemy who overextends.

| Itemization: Late-game itemization can make a big difference in Team Fights. Ensure you buy the right items for your champion and adjust the build to counter the enemy team.

The way to close the game differs from player to player and from champ to champ, but the mistake that most players make in all roles is entering into random team fights on the enemy side. Avoid it.

2 | Importance of Vision Control in The Late Game:


Vision control is crucial in a late game for many reasons. As time progresses, the importance of objectives, such as Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon, increases. Securing these monsters determines the outcome of a game.

By putting the ward around the key objectives, You can know about enemy movements, ambushes, and punishes. On the contrary, not providing vision leads to dying and losing Objectives.

In addition to objective control, vision control can also help in knowing where the enemy is, counter-ganks, and allowing for safer farming and rotations around the map. All this helps to make the right decisions.

Therefore, the Jungle player should prioritize providing vision in the enemy’s deep areas. Additionally, clear any enemy wards.

3 | Tips For Securing Baron & Eldra Dragon:

| Be Prepared To Fight: Team fights become more important as they can determine the game outcome. Focus on Doing your role in the team fight, and don’t Risk.

| Don’t forget about split-pushing: Split Push can also be an effective way to secure a win By having a split-push champion in your team. You can force the enemy team to respond while Securing objectives.

| Timing is everything: Proper timing is crucial when it comes to winning. For example, when you see the enemy team on the bottom side and the Baron on the top side, you can immediately start to secure the Baron if your team is close to you.

| Prioritize Vision Control: As mentioned earlier, controlling vision is essential in the late game. Focus on clearing the enemy ward and putting wards to gain the upper hand.

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VII | Tips For Beginners Jungle:

1 | Start With Easy-To-Play Champions:

Starting with a Difficult champion can be problematic because it may divert your attention away from learning Crucial game mechanics, macro, and Play Jungle Effectively.

Instead, It is better to choose a champion that is easy to learn and play, such as Vi or Kha’Zix. These champions have simple combos and disengaging abilities, making them easy to master.

2 | Focus on Farming:

Farming is one of The most crucial aspects of jungle play, especially in the early game. Learn to clear camps as quickly as possible for experience and gold optimization.

The Jungle role has the advantage of making a comeback even if he is late, but this requires good farming.

3 | Keep Track of Objectives:

The first Rift Herald and Dragon are crucial because they have a good impact in the early and mid-game. Always try to move to objectives 30 seconds before they appear. to prepare.

4 | Learn To Gank Effectively:

To make successful Ganks, you need to focus on several things:

  • Read the map and identify the available opportunities for Gank.
  • Clear enemy wards and try not to appear on the map.
  • The opponent uses spells or not, especially Flash.
  • Focus on ability cooldowns and crowd control abilities.
  • The health and position of your ally in the lane.

5 | Pay Attention To The Map:

Look at The Map, Look at The Map, Look at The Map. You won’t be an excellent Wild Rift player if you don’t focus on the map. Always keep your eye on a map, not on a champion, especially at farming time.

6 | Focus on Macro Play:

As you become more experienced, start focusing on macro plays. That means thinking about the game’s bigger picture, such as objective control, vision control, and map compression. That will help you become a more effective and influential Jungler.

7 | Watch Replays:

One of the best ways to improve is to watch games of players better than you and re-watch your matches to learn from your mistakes. Many YouTube channels will help you with this.

Night Challenger Wild Rift YouTube Channel.

LLWR Moba YouTube Channel.

| Conclusion:

In this Wild Rift Jungle Guide, we pointed out that this role is a vital location that requires a lot of skill. To succeed, You need to master several mechanics, such as controlling the objectives and map awareness. We also pointed out how to play the different stages (Early, Mid, and Late Game).

In conclusion, mastering the jungle role in Wild Rift takes time and practice. Do not rush every time you will learn a new skill and develop yourself. With practice, you will turn from a beginner into a professional.

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