Best 15 Wild Rift Solo Queue Hyper Carry Champions In Rank Of All Time

Best 15 Wild Rift Solo Queue Hyper Carry Champions In Rank Of All Time
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You can only Reach High-Elo if you play Wild Rift Solo Carry champions, and You know how to carry your team based on your champion style.

High Damage, Tank Damage, Protect one of your allies from dying or take towers by Split Push, any way you like.

Here are 3 Wild Rift Solo Carry champions from each role. After you learn one of these champions, you will not need to rely on your team to win because you will make Games easy for your Allies and win, especially at a Low Elo.

| What Is Wild Rift Solo Carry Champion:

The Champ who is the main reason his team wins the game is called Carry Champion. Carry his Allies’ burden alone.

The methods of carrying the team differ from one to another, including those that have High damage and can Take many kills, Take High damage, or protect your allies from death.

Or play alone, take enemy towers and end a game with a split Push.

Make sure you have one of these champions in your pool if you want to climb into a rank fast.

| Baron Lane:

As a Baron Laner, you should focus on dominating your enemy if your hero can by killing or preventing him from farming. In a mid-game, you start applying your champ style, Split Push, Teamfight, etc.

| Riven :


One of the most broken and hardest champions to master. Strong in the early, mid, and late game, also difficult to counter.

She has an Awesome ability to win level 1 trade even though it’s best played safe at levels 1 and 2. She has high mobility, High damage, and armor to tank damage.

Riven has AOE abilities that deal damage in a specific area and is an Engage Burst champion who can easily win 1V1 and 1V2.

In the Mid game, Riven becomes one of the best Wild Rift Solo Carry Champions. Due to the low E cooldown, she becomes tough to battle in a lane. At the end of a game, she helps a Lot in the team fight, deals Great damage, and bears damage.

Riven is one of the best solo hyper-carry champions for anyone who knows how to play with it and masters its mechanics. It takes a great deal of skill.

| Irelia:


The blade dancer is a Difficult champ that requires skill to master Plays in Mid and Top. Strong in all stages of the Early, mid, and late game.

Irelia can dominate a level 1 lane because of her speed at cleaning minions and reset Q that you can use non-stop if you know how to do it.

Its abilities and passive make you able to attack the enemy with full force and kill it, whether it is an assassin or a tank. She can even win 1V1 and 2V2 battles with ease.

Irelia has a high attack power and a hard shove, which makes it very difficult to dodge. Also, she has a health regeneration that can recharge her health when Dealing damage to enemies.

Unlike most fighters, Irelia is very useful in team Fights. She can stun, slow down, and deal High damage to many targets. She makes their way through many targets and escapes before the enemies react.

Irelia is not a tank like other fighters, But her attack speed and fast movement make her one of the best Wild Rift Carry Champions.

| Fiora:


You can do many crazy things with Fiora, especially at the beginning of a match. One of the strongest fighters at the beginning of a game. Always in the Meta and carry games.

Fiora Plays in Baron Lane. Very easy for her to win 1V1 Is considered one of the best Split Pusher champions in Wild Rift. She can destroy towers very quickly and Win in 1V1 and 1V2 easily.

She can Solo Carry and snowball games, turning the tide of matches however she wants, whether by splitting or focusing on team Fights. Good in both styles.

Her abilities and passivity make the enemy unable to control The lane. If her Hp is Low, she can passively steal a life. Also, it has True damage to eliminate enemies who build a defense (tank).

It is hard to defeat Fiora in Baron lane because she has the counter abilities of most Wild Rift champs. One of the most important is the W ability, which cancels all enemy damage and returns CC to the enemy.

If you learn the mechanics of Fiora, You will find it easy to climb into Solo Queue and carry your Allies.

| Jungler

Jungler’s mission is clear and Simple but Difficult to do. You have to balance farming, helping the team, and taking objectives.

| Kha’Zix:


Kha’zix Champion specializes in killing isolated enemies and has a long jump that makes moving and killing enemies easy. He can evolve 3 Abilities when they reach levels 5, 9, and 14. These features make Kha’zix one of the best Wild Rift Solo Carry champions.

His passive ability enables him to win all 1V1 trades as it deals extra damage to lone enemies. Also, E ability can reset when taking an assist or being killed. You will jump several times during the team fight.

Kha’zix is a Champion who is self-reliant and not a team, strong at the start of a match and with a slight lead at the beginning who can dominate an entire game until the end. In Addition, he’s good at invading, and you can steal a kill at the start.

Kha’Zix is ideal as a jungle champion because you can get rid of jungle monsters Quickly, Take dragons very quickly, and win 1v1 easily. The ultimate gives you the ability. To get into the middle of the enemy team and kill the carry Easily.

If you are looking for an easy-to-play wild rift solo hyper carry champion, Kha’zix is a perfect fit. You Have To Focus on Dragon, roaming between Lanes, and Spam Q.

| Master Yi:


One of the Easiest champions on this list and one of the best solo queue champions. Weak in early. But In the late game, Master Yi Can easily 1v5 and carry.

You have to focus on the farm well at the beginning of a match, enter the fight at the right time, and use the Q correctly, so you Will be able to win a Lot of games Easily.

TRUE Damage, Attack Speed, and Critical Strike make Master Yi a killing machine, Can kill an ADC in a Jiffy. Also, he is a very suitable champ against a tank because he has True Damage, and the armor that the tank builds will not affect him.

Master Yi’s weak point is CC. During a team fight, focus well and enter after the enemy using CC. You can dodge any ability with Q and cancel it. If you can master Q, You can easily reach the master.

Wild Rift Carry Champions always find them difficult. But Master Yi is the opposite. All you have to do is use Q correctly and Spam Auto Attacks.

| Lee Sin:


Lee Sin Camp is Very Difficult, and you will need a lot of hours to master it and master the mechanics. But after you get used to him and master his skill set and learn mechanics, you will play one of the best fun champions in the game and one of the best Wild Rift Solo Carry champions.

What makes Lee Sin Champion So fun and Carry Matches easily are that it has tons of mechanics, very High damage, and a lot of mobility. Lee Sin has 6 Normal abilities and an ult.

Lee Sin is very, very strong in the early game. If you use this feature correctly, you will finish your matches in 10 minutes or less. It’s tough to counter Lee Sin, and he fits in every game. His only weak point is that he is weak at the end of matches.

If you take one kill at first (which is easy for Lee Sin), It becomes easy to carry a team. Focus on killing important enemies, but when dragons spawn, Focus on taking them because if the game doesn’t end Quickly, dragons will help you in late.

| Mid Lane:

You have to observe the map well and know the movements of the enemy jungle. Focus on helping your team whenever they need you because you can quickly navigate the map.

| Katarina:


Katarina is one of the players’ biggest nightmares, one of the Strongest snowballs champs, Difficult Champ, has a lot of movement and mobility, has Very High Damage, and is Easy to Counter.

Kata is very suitable for a Solo game and Carries matches by itself easily. Just Take one or two kills Early, and you will finish a game quickly.

Why Katrina So Broken: Deals High Damage in the AOE area and reset abilities after killing or assisting, making it a non-stop killing machine. Also, The E ability makes it pass from one enemy to another in the blink of an eye.

It’s easy to counter Kata. Any CC will affect her a lot. It is not impossible to beat a team with a lot of CC. But it will take more skill.

You have to know when to enter a team fight, and this is something you will learn while playing in Ranked. Also, you will face many hard matchups in Mid Lane. You have to avoid 1v1 fights and focus on side lanes and steal kills.

| Diana:


Diana is an Easy version of Katarina, as she has High AOE damage and can resite E ability, and ULT deals High damage to the entire enemy team. It is easy, and you can get used to it quickly.

Diana is a rare champ of Mages and Assassins who relies on the Auto attack to deal damage, not abilities only. A strong champion in skirmishes Special in Early Game. With a little lead-in early, it is easy to carry the game.

One of the Easiest Wild Rift Solo Carry champions, It does not depend on the team. She can alone take kills from the start and snowball matches. Also, she can tank more damage than other mages and assassins,

she quickly takes towers due to bonus damage from her passive and kills a wave fast, and she can defeat almost any hero in a game.

Diana is Strong in all phases of a match and has an easy set of combos to do. Conqueror runes are very suitable for her (stacks quickly). Finally, countering her is Difficult because it has a different style. It does not depend only on ULT.

| Akali:


Akali is a Special Character. You will not find a champion similar to him in the way of playing. Very Fun but Difficult, and it will take a lot of hours to get used to and master mechanics.

The most Broken thing in Akali is her mobility which makes it hard for enemies to hit her. She moves a lot between enemies and deals High damage to many champions.

Akali fun is in how to use her abilities and how to master her various mechanics. She has a lot of Combos. You can start a fight with any Ability you see fit that doesn’t have a fixed Combo. That makes it hard to anticipate her movements.

One of the best and most enjoyable Wild Rift Solo Carry champions and difficult to counter because its ability is varied and it moves a lot, and you cannot predict its next movement.


As an Adc, you need to farm as much as possible and not die in your lane. Buy an item as quickly as possible and deal maximum damage to the enemy.

| Vayne:


Vayne has always been one of the best Wild Rift Solo Carry champions, is self-reliant in all games, and does not need a good team or excellent support to carry her Allies. Just know how to farm, and it becomes an easy game to Solo Carry.

Face Vayne is a nightmare in itself. You can’t reach it because it moves around a lot and can push you away from it. It Deals High damage to either a squishy or a tank with True damage. She has a life steal. The more it hits you, the more hp it gets back.

Also, in the late game, You can’t defeat her. she is one of the strongest champions in a late game.

Vayne’s abilities are easy, and you can get used to them quickly, but their difficulty is in the mechanics and how to position in a fight. If you have Lulu Support, it will be easier to carry a match, and if you don’t win, The problem is with you and not With your team.

| Jinx:


Jinx is a Great solo carry champion and is considered one of the distinguished Marksmen. She Has a Great ability to carry and play alone, fit with different team formations, and Don’t rely on a specific support. Plus, it’s one of the Easiest characters in Wild Rift.

Its passive gives it a High movement speed and attack speed whenever it kills an enemy or destroys a tower, which makes it difficult to reach and kill it. If you get one or two kills Early, it will be an easy snowball game, and finish it quickly.

When you activate her passive, it becomes easy to leave a distance between her and the enemy and poke from afar with a high attack speed. You will wipe out the enemy team at high speed.

It doesn’t matter if Jinx doesn’t get a kill in a match. She is very useful to her Allies. She has CC and slowing Effect and bombing enemies from afar with ULT ability. Jinx is a good choice for those looking for ADC wild rift solo hyper-carry champions.

| Draven:


Draven has the most Powerful Passive and is considered one of the strongest Wild Rift Solo Carry champions. It is Very Difficult and takes a lot of hours to master, but do not worry. You will not get bored. It is Fun.

A champ that relies on Auto Attack and deals High damage that you can’t imagine, sometimes if you are Ahead by two Hits, you will kill ADC.

Draven’s difficulty lies in stacking the passive and not dying as it doesn’t have mobility. Draven’s death is not like the death of any other champion as it affects the Passive stack.

Do not hesitate to get carried away in the trad of the beginning, Special at level 1. You will take kills easily, as it is one of the strongest champions in the early game.

The game is over if you Take one or two kills early. Just know how to Solo carry.

| Support

At the start of a game, follow Adc and help him. But in the mid-game, Follow the Carry Champ and Help him Because it will make you win.

| Pyke:


Pyke is Different from the rest of the support champions because he’s an Assassin, not a Mage or a Tank, which is why he is one of the best Wild Rift Solo Carry champions. A champ who prefers playing proactively and putting pressure on an enemy.

The Most Special thing about it is that when he kills an enemy, he gives additional gold to his team, meaning that if he is ahead, his team will be ahead. He has High damage and CC and can move between lanes quickly.

Pyke can kill a squishy champ with OneShot and pass on to the other enemy because he can resite the ULT. If you can master this hero, you will carry All games in the support role.

| Thresh:


The most support I hate to play Against it. If you like playing offensive support and prefer trading in the Lane, Thresh is the best option. He is a tank, has a lot of CC, and helps his team navigate.

Thresh support prefers to play aggressively, pressure the opponent, and roam between lanes to help the rest of the team. Q ability can end a fight before it even starts. If you catch an enemy champ, you will End a Fight.

He has a high ability to Obstruction enemies and takes damage. The ULT ability is Good in team fights because it affects the entire team of the enemy.

Knowing how to move around the map and help a team is essential for those who play Thresh. You need to know how to carry your team while playing the support role, especially with Tank Champion.

| Lulu:


Here we have Champion helping the team and making Carry undying. Your mission with LuLu is to Help and protect the team by giving shields, healing, and Obstruction enemies.

LuLu is versatile and can be played in many ways, dividing its abilities into two parts, protecting a team and Obstruction an enemy. That makes LuLu can play aggressive and defensive at the same time.

If you like to play with this kind of Supp, you should always focus on helping and protecting the carry, not the only ADC. Every match where one of your allies is ahead, focus on him and help him carry games.

| Conclusion:

Learn one of these Wild Rift Solo Carry champions and how to carry your team with your hero no matter what, and I will guarantee you to rise from Low Elo and enjoy the game more.

| Question Of The Day:

What is the best way for you to carry a team, inflict damage, take damage, split push, or support a team?

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