Best Wild Rift Zed Skins 2023: List Of All Zed Skins In Wild Rift.

Best Wild Rift Zed Skins 2023: List Of All Zed Skins In Wild Rift.
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In this list, we’ve evaluated and ranked All Wild Rift Zed Skins from worst to best, considering various factors such as visual aesthetics, effects, colors, and animations.

We will provide information about the Price WC, Rarity, Pros, and Cons of The Skin, To help you choose the Zed Skin you want to purchase.

Currently, There are 6 Skins available for Zed in Wild Rift, and Roit will add more Skins in the future. We will update our list, To ensure you stay up to date with the latest available options.

6 | Shockblade Zed:


Shockblade Zed is a Normal skin that offers some Interesting changes, Where Zed transforms into an electrifying white assassin.

Riot added Some blue colors and the effect of electricity to all abilities, and a light electric sound in the background. The smooth transition between abilities and attacks is Quite Good.

As for the Voice lines, there is no change in them. But that doesn’t do much harm to Skin Because ZED’s Default vocal lines are fine.

  • Rarity: Normal.
  • Theme: Shockblade.
  • Price: 725 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Blue electrostatic effect on abilities.
  • Low Price.

| Cons:

  • Not as unique as some of Zed’s Other Skins.
  • Some Players do not prefer Normal Skins.

Overall, if you are a Main or OTP ZED, I think this skin is worth having. Especially since it is considered relatively affordable, it’s a good option for players on a budget.

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5 | Death Sworn Zed:


The Death Sworn Zed skin in Wild Rift embodies the essence of darkness and mystery. The skin features some pretty details, like the purple glow and dark color combination.

Zed saturates his shadows and abilities with dark purple color. Also, the smooth animations add a great feel while using the combos. As for the voice lines, there is no change in it.

The Death Sworn skin collection distinguishes itself with its Wonderful combination of purple, black, and silver.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Theme: Death Sworn.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Beautiful color combination.
  • Smooth animation.

| Cons:

  • The same Zed voice tone in the default skin.
  • Some players do not prefer dark skins.

I think Death Sworn Zed is a skin worth owning, as it offers features commensurate with its price. But if you want new voice lines, don’t buy this skin.

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4 | Psyops Zed:


Psyops Zed combines elements of Zed’s character and Master Yi’s skin. The Theme of the Psyops Skins collection is about the future, cybernetic, glowing neon, and mercenaries.

The animation of the ULT is some of the best. The ult mark leaves Two knives that strike you from all sides. Also, The moment of the explosion makes you feel excited.

What caught my attention, too, was the Recall animation when Zed fights with his shadow, and the futuristic tone of the voice is scary.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Theme: Psyops.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Smooth Animation

| Cons:

  • Skin changes Zed a lot
  • The character model and the splash art are like Master Yi.

It is true that the Psyops Changes Zed and became similar to Master Yi, but it offers a creative touch and some features that make it worth owning.

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3 | Project Zed:


The PROJECT collection is one of the most popular skins in League Of Legends & Wild Rift. The way the theme of the future and the abilities of the Champion is combined is what catches the eye.

The skin has many Different colors, but the futuristic orange that appears while using abilities makes PROJECT skins attractive and lovable.

From my point of view, I feel that the theme is very suitable for Zed’s character and his Voice lines, and they increase his prestige.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Theme: PROJECT.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Relatively affordable, especially compared to other Epic Skins.
  • Stunning color scheme.

| Cons:

  • The animations are not as smooth as the animations in other Zed skins.

In short, if you are looking for a Zed Skin that offers Good features at an affordable Price WC, I recommend PROJECT.

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2 | Galaxy Slayer Zed:


Galaxy Slayer Zed in League Of Legends is the best skin for Zed and one of the most expensive skins. Also, it is one of the best Wild Rift Zed Skins.

The theme, tone of voice, and colors match Zed’s character. Riot has designed the skin in such a way as to fit the evil Zed character.

When I play against a player with this skin, I feel he is faster than me. Matching colors and smooth animation make the gameplay experience different.

Overall, Galaxy Slayer Zed feels incredibly smooth and keeps everything you love about the original design. While also introducing stunning fluid graphics and new features.

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Theme: Galaxy Slayer.
  • Price: 1325 Wild Cores
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Visually Stunning.
  • Smooth Animation.
  • New Voice Lines.

| Cons:

  • Some players see that The SKIN is too expensive.

If you are Main Zed and Looking for professional Wild Rift Zed Skins, Then Galaxy Slayer is the best choice.

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1 | Supreme Cells Zed:


That is the most expensive and rarest Wild Rift Zed Skin. Supreme Cells, a skin Collection exclusively released on Wild Rift in a SPECIAL EVENT for Sett & Zed & Kennen.

Everything in the skin is new, the theme, colors, animations, voice lines, tone of voice, effects, and Abilities Sound.

The black and dark red color is compatible with the character of Zed, and the smoothness of animation while using the abilities makes you feel like an assassin.

The Supreme Cells event appeared for a limited time, and currently, this skin is not available in the Wild Rift store. Therefore, this Collection is considered rare.

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Theme: Supreme Cells.
  • Price: N/A.
  • Availability: N/A.

| Pros:

  • Amazing Color Consistency.
  • Smooth Animation.
  • New Voice Lines.

| Cons:

  • Not available in-store.

The skin is Rare and one of the Best Wild Rift Zed Skins. If you find an opportunity to buy, do not waste it. I think in the future. It will be Very Expensive.

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| Final Thoughts:

We hope this list of the best Wild Rift Zed skins helped Narrow Down your options and aid your decision-making process.

We ranked All Wild Rift Zed Skins from worst to best based on visual aesthetics, effects, colors, and animations and mentioned the Price WC, Rarity, Pros, and Cons.

But remember that the main factor in choosing is personal preference, not the opinions of the Other players. I hope I have helped you in some way and wish you well.

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