Best Jinx Skins Wild Rift: List Of All Jinx Skins From Worst To Best.

Best Jinx Skins Wild Rift: List Of All Jinx Skins From Worst To Best.
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In this Tier List, I evaluated and ranked All Jinx Skins Wild Rift from worst to best, considering various factors such as visual aesthetics, effects, colors, rarity, and animations.

I will share everything you need about Jinx Skins: Review, Splash Art & 3D Model Overview, The Cost Of Wild Cores, Rarity, Pros, and Cons. To Help You choose your next Jinx Skin.

Also, I will share skin availability and how to Buy it. In Wild Rift Store, in Chests, at a Special Event, or Not Available Now.

There are currently 9 Skins available for Jinx in Wild Rift, and Riot will add more skins in the future. I will update our list to make sure you have the latest options.



Riot has distributed the Arcane Jinx skin to all Wild Rift and League Of Legends players for free on the occasion of the release of the Arcane series.

The Arcane skin is a remake of Jinx’s original skin with only minor changes. Firstly, the animation of the recall has been changed and is related to the series’ story.

Secondly, some visual effects changed for some abilities, and add new background music. I think there is nothing special about Arcane Jinx, so I put it last.

If Riot doesn’t re-release The Arcane Skins Again, It will become rare, and its price will Go Up.

  • Rarity: Normal.
  • Collection: Arcane.
  • Price: N/A.
  • Availability: Not Available Now.

In terms of appearance, effects, and animation, Arcane Jinx is almost the same as the original skin, but in the future, it is likely to become one of the rarest skins in Wild Rift. So I think having it is a good thing.



Glorious Jinx is one of the exclusive skins in Wild Rift. Riot awarded this skin to Ranked players in Season 2, 2021.

The Glorious Collection contains 4 Skins for 4 Champions, Tryndamere, Jinx, Lulu, and Orianna. If you haven’t played Season 2, you can buy it in the Ranked Store.

Glorious Jinx has some good features, First independent design making its Wild Rift debut, Secondly new visual effects in Recall and abilities. Third, Has Special Entrance Effects In the collection interface.

  • Rarity: Ranked Skin.
  • Collection: Ranked Skins 2021.
  • Price: Ranked Coins.
  • Availability: In Ranked Store.

| Pros:

  • You Can Get it For Free.
  • Exclusive to Wild Rift.

| Cons:

  • Many Players Own It.

Glorious Jinx is a free skin. If you don’t get it from Season 2 Rewards, you can buy it from the Ranked Store with Ranked Coins, which you can get for free, Not Big deal.

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CRIME CITY A simple skin that brings out Jinx’s crazy character even more. Currently, there is only one skin available for the CRIME CITY collection.

The design of the appearance is simple and does not provide many details. Also, even animation and effects do not have any exciting or attractive Details.

Only some ability effects and recall animations changed. CRIME CITY JINX is a Very Simple and casual Wild Rift skin, offering what every skin should offer.

  • Rarity: Normal.
  • Collection: CRIME CITY.
  • Price: 725 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Game Store.

| Pros:

  • Fit For Jinx Character.

| Cons:

  • Not worth 725 Wild Cores.

I think the Crime City Jinx is worth 550 and not 725 Wild Cores for the features it Offers.

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The visual effects of abilities in Zombie Slayer Jinx are much better compared to CRIME CITY, GLORIOUS, and ARCANE. Ability VFX contains better detail and particles.

Also, Recall animation is fun and stands out crazy Jinx characters. Overall the Zombie Slayer theme is suitable for a Champion character.

The effect that caught my attention the most about this skin is when you use the Ult and hit the target, a big X appears in the explosion area.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Zombies VS Slayers.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Game Store.

| Pros:

  • The Recall Animation.
  • Abilities Effects.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone and Lines.

The Zombie Slayer Skin captures Jinx’s personality and offers many more features. If you like the skin theme, Buy It. It’s worth 990 Wild Cores.



The Firecracker Jinx skin was launched in Wild Rift on January 26, 2022, as part of the Lunar Revel 2022 event.

The skin theme is about firecrackers and fireworks and a celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, with a fun and vibrant red and gold color scheme.

All abilities of Jinx include the effects, colors, and sounds of firecrackers and fireworks. Also, the skin has Special Entrance Effects In the collection interface.

I like the Recall animations and details in the 3D model design and consider Firecracker one of the best Jinx Skins Wild Rift.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Lunar Revel.
  • Availability: N/A Now. But, I figure they will be available cone next lunar new year.

| Pros:

  • Theme and Color Scheme.
  • Rather Rare.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone and Lines.
  • Now Not Available.

Overall, the Firecracker Jinx skin is a good choice for players looking for visually appealing skin at an affordable price. However, if you don’t like the theme, you can choose one of the Next skins.

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I don’t know why all the skin themes are always suitable for Jinx’s character. The BATTLE CAT theme presents Jinx’s crazy and hilarious personality wonderfully.

Everything about the Skin is new except for the voice tone and the lines. First, The 3D model design is full of details and beautiful colors.

Recall animations are full of effects and fun sounds. All ability sounds and Effects Completely changed to the Anima and Battle Cat theme.

In addition, the skin has Special Entrance Effects In the collection interface. Even Splash Art was not without creativity.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Anima Squad.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Game Store.

| Pros:

  • Worth its Price.
  • The Theme and the Effects are Amazing.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone and Lines.
  • • The ULT execution effect is the same as that of the CHROMACRASH Skin.

Battle Cat Jinx Skin offers many features for The Price of 990 WC, and I think it’s worth the price. But if you want skin with more features at the same price, check out Next Skin.

List Of All Wild Rift Mythic Skins: From Worst To Best.



Chromacrash Jinx is one of the best exclusive skins in Wild Rift, and for me, it is the best Epic Skin For Jinx. It introduces the characteristics of legendary skin in epic skin.

The 3D Model design is Amazing. All of the details, particles, background, and Poses are awesome. Also, The Recall effects, animation, and background music are Good.

Passives and abilities all come with new effects and sounds. I wish there were new vocal lines or a new tone of voice for Chromacrash Jinx.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: CHROMACRASH.
  • Price: N/A
  • Availability: Now N/A. I expect the skin to come back again at upcoming events.

| Pros:

  • Exclusive to Wild Rift.
  • Rare.
  • The skin is relatively affordable.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone and Lines.

Chromacrash Jinx is an Epic Skin exclusive to Wild Rift. It is better than a lot of legendary skins.

The skin is not available now, but it is likely to return. If it costs 990 Wild Cores, buy it, it’s worth it.

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Star Guardian Jinx is one of the most popular and best Wild Rift and LOL PC skins. The skin offers many features and advantages in design, appearance, and animation.

Riot has added a new Voice Line, unique ability sound effects, special background music, and special visual effects for recalling and Leaving The Nexus and entering the collection interface.

Also, jinx performs exclusive Action under certain conditions. I liked the Fishbones and Pow-Pow Animation When the Two cute white and purple creature switches to Jinx weapons.

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Collection: Star Guardian New Stars.
  • Price: 1325 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Game Store.

| Pros:

  • Many Characteristics.
  • Weapon Swap Animation.
  • New Voice Lines.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone.
  • Jinx’s Appearance Does Not Contain Many Details.

Star Guardian Jinx is a well-known skin. It has many features. If you are players who don’t care about skin rarity, I Think Star Guardian is the best Jinx Skins Wild Rift For You.

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PRESTIGE BATTLE CAT JINX is the only MYTHIC Skin for Jinx, Also the most expensive Jinx skin in Wild Rift.

In PRESTIGE BATTLE CAT, Wild Rift focused on providing features that do not exist in other skins rather than changing Normal things.

For example, Add Dynamic Poster Can Be Viewed In The Collection interface and the loading screen.

The skin would be better if it had a new tone of Voice and Lines. But the rest of the things that were created and presented in the best way.

  • Rarity: MYTHIC.
  • Collection: Anima Squad.
  • Price: N/A
  • Availability: Anima Squad Event N/A Now.

| Pros:

  • The Theme and Details.
  • New Properties.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Lines & Tone.
  • Very Expensive.

PRESTIGE BATTLE CAT JINX is now one of the rarest skins in Wild Rift. That means that owning it makes you Special.

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| Final Thoughts:

I hope this list of the best Jinx Skins Wild Rift helps Narrow Down your options and aid your decision-making process.

I ranked All Jinx Skins Wild Rift from worst to best based on visual aesthetics, effects, colors, rarity, sounds, animations, The Wild Cores Cost, Availability, Pros, and Cons.

But remember that the main factor in choosing is personal preference, not the opinions of the Other players. I hope I have helped you in some way and wish you well.

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