10 Easy and Best Wild Rift Champions For Beginners | You Will Rank Up Fast.

10 Easy and Best Wild Rift Champions For Beginners | You Will Rank Up Fast.
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If you are new to League of Legends: Wild Rift, this article will help you. The first problem that LoL Wild Rift players face is choosing a suitable Champion to quickly become a pro in the game and raise the rank. There are over 60 champions in the game, there are bad champs, easy champs, and difficult champs. Let’s agree that difficult champions always greatly influence a match and can carry the entire match. But there are also easy-to-play champions who carry full matches and that is the topic of our article. 10 Easy And Best Wild Rift Champions For Beginners

There are bad champions that don’t give the team much, but Wild Rift gives you these champs first, like Blitzcrank and Master Yi. It is true. these champions are easy but don’t provide much to the team. In this article, I will give you the 10 Easy And Best Wild Rift Champions that have a great influence on a match and can carry The Games. champs You can professional it quickly and upgrade to quickly raise your rank.

I– Attack Damage Carry (ADC):

ADC is the most important champion in a match. Because he is the champion to inflict more damage on the enemies. But ADC always dies quickly. You have to be careful. The most important thing that differentiates a professional ADC player from other players in the positioning method in Team-Fight.

1- Miss Fortune:


ADC player basics are summarized in Miss Fortune. ADC’s goal has always been to do the most damage possible to the largest number of Champion possible. And all of Miss Fortune’s abilities help her do just that. Miss Fortune is powerful in EARLY And LATE GAME. And Ultimate which if you hit it at the right time, will easily get you PentaKill. MF is very easy and can carry games. If you master it it will quickly raise your Rank.

* Miss Fortune Abilities:

Passive (Love Top): When attacking a new enemy, you will get bonus damage.

Ability n1: MF fire a bullet. It hits the target, penetrates it, and then hits the Champ behind it. The damage that the second target receives is greater than the damage that the first target receives.

Ability n2: This ability gives movement speed and attack speed for 4 seconds.

Ability n3: Rains bullets on a circular area that causes damage and also slows down enemies.

Ultimate n4: Miss Fortune fires a hose-shaped barrage of bullets, damaging all Champions in a range. If you use it at an appropriate time, it will change matches from loss to victory.

2- Jinx:


The girl is crazy. The thing that defines Jinx the most is her frenzy when takedown someone (Passive). Get Excited Whenever Jinx takedown someone, the attack speed increases (exceeds the maximum attack speed), and the movement speed increases as well. This is the thing that makes Jinx crazy. In addition to the ability 3 (Flame Chompers), where JINX throws traps and whoever stands above it stops in place (you can stop 3 enemies). JINX is not strong at EARLY GAME but in the middle and LATE GAME, ​it gets very strong. You must focus on this factor.

* Jinx Abilities:

Passive (Get Excited): When you take down a champion, the attack speed will increase (exceeds the maximum attack speed) and the movement speed will also increase.

Ability n1: This ability allows you to switch between two weapons, Fishbones and Pow-Pow. Fishbones cost a lot of Mana, but they are long-range and damage the target and the enemies of those standing near him. Pow-Pow gives you attack speed for some time.

Ability n2: Long-range shot, when hitting the enemy it slows down. This ability will help you to check out unseen places.

Ability n3: It throws 3 traps. And which hero stands on it Stop on his place. After a certain period has passed, the traps will explode if no one stands on them.

Ultimate n4: Jinx launches a huge rocket, causing damage to the target and the enemies standing near the target. This ultimate is global. Which means that a missile will travel across a complete map.

II- Support:

Support is the most important champion for the ADC. If the support is good, the ADC is very strong. If the ADC is strong that means a win. Support is a very important factor and you must choose a suitable champion for that.

1- Seraphine:


The best champion support for me. Seraphine has high damage, team protection, and healing and has a lot of poke and crowd control. When Seraphine reaches level 5 it becomes very powerful. All you have to do is stay behind the team with ADC, protect and heal the team, and hit Ultimate at the right time. If you do these things right, you are guaranteed to win. You should beware Seraphine dies quickly. Do not walk in unseen areas and always move with your team.

* Seraphine Abilities:

Passive (Stage Presence): Echo: Every third base ability that you hit, will have the Echo Effect, causing it to hit the ability a second time.

Ability n1: The range of this ability is large. Deals damage to enemies in a certain circle. Whenever the blood of enemies is low. Deals more damage they.

Ability n2: Seraphine Shields all nearby champions from damage and gives them Movement Speed. If you use the ability a second time with “Passive”, it will heal champions near you.

Ability n3: Sound waves deal damage and slow down enemies. If was enemy is slowed down and hit by Ability n3 it will stop its place.

Ultimate n4: Deals very great damage to the enemies. And pull them for you (charms) and slow them down for one second. This Ultimate is some of the most powerful Ultimates in the game. You must use it at an appropriate time to get the most benefit from it.

2- Malphite:


Malphite is one of the Best Wild Rift Champions. Champ is determined to take damage and protect the team. Tank in every sense of the word. And the thing that stands out most about Malphite is Ultimate, which changes Team Fight from loss to victory. Whatever the game changes and whatever they add to the play, Malphite remains one of the strongest champions.

* Malphite Abilities:

Passive (Granite Shield): You get a shield when you don’t take damage for 8 seconds

Ability n1: Launch shard that deals damage and slowing down the target.

Ability n2: Within 6 seconds when this skill is activated. Your attacks deal additional damage.

Ability n2: Malphite hits the ground. deals damage to nearby enemies, and reducing their attack speed for 3 seconds.

Ultimate n4: Dash to a specific area. It deals damage to all enemies in an area and raises them in the air (Knock Up). It will block your enemies and give your team a chance to eliminate them.

III- Jungler:

Jungler’s role is very important and is considered the most important champ in a match. If Jungler is good you will win, if he is bad you will lose even if your team is good. Don’t play Jungler in the rank if you’re not good at it.

1- Vi:


A very easy champ and also very suitable for Jungler, because of her speed in cleaning jungle monsters and the speed of killing dragons, and the mobility abilities that help her gank other lines and steal dragon barons. Vi Best Wild Rift Champions for me. And it is very powerful at the EARLY GAME you have to take advantage of that and start to gank from the second minute in a game.

* Vi Abilities:

Passive (Granite Shield): Every third attack on the same enemy, deals extra damage, breaks his armor, and gains “Vi” attack speed for 4 seconds.

Ability n1: She charges a punch and dash distance. Deals damage and also lifts the enemy in the air for a short time. You can pass through walls with this skill.

Ability n2: Give armor and movement speed. The more enemies you hit, the more shield you take.

Ability n3: The strong punch deals high damage to the target and deals damage to the Championbehind target. Can use This Ability Two times.

Ultimate n4: Vi dashes on the target (can’t be stopped) and lifts it in the air(Knock Up), deals damage. Any Champ on its way will also cause him damage.

2- Evelynn:


Deadly Evelynn. When it reaches level 5, it becomes invisible (invisible) after which you can infiltrate and quickly kill your enemies and escape, It deals very high damage. Evelynn is an assassin. It is characterized by fast cleaning of the jungle monsters and when it becomes invisible, it can regain a large part of its health. You can escape and steal the dragons and Baron with Ultimate. This champ is one of the Best Wild Rift Champions.

* Evelynn Abilities:

Passive (Demon Shade): After entering level 5 you can invisible. Only enemies that are very close to you can see you. And when it invisible, you will restore a large part of your health. When you receive damage you will become visible.

Ability n1: Evelynn releases two lines of spikes. Causes high damage.

Ability n2: Curse: When you put a curse on a Champions and then hit him with any of your abilities, you will charm him (pull it).

Ability n3: This skill deals damage and gains you Movement Speed. If you are invisible you will cause more damage.

Ultimate n4: Evelynn jumps in the air, becomes untargeted for a while, cuts everything around, and lands far to escape. Dragons and Baron can be stolen with this skill. Ultimate dealt very high damage when enemy health is low.

IV- Mid Laners:

The Mid player in Wild Rift is the same as the Mid player in Football. Protect The Mid turret, and if anyone needs you from a team, you go and help them, even if at the beginning of the match. If the enemy team gives you a chance to take the turret, don’t hesitate. Because the Mid turret is the most important tower.

1- Ahri:


Ahri is an assassin mage. Easy and one of The Best Wild Rift Champions. She is a little weak at the start of the match but after she reaches level 5 she becomes very strong and the damage she causes is also high. Ahri’s skills help her reach enemies quickly and kill them quickly as well. You can move from place to place quickly and kill the ADC. She can enter or exit battles as she wants and this feature makes her a safe champion.

* Ahri Abilities:

Passive (Essence Theft): If Ahri spells hit a target 3 times. The fourth spell if it hits a target, Ahri will regain a portion of her health.

Ability1:  Fires a crystal that does damage on its way and on the way Return.

Ability2: Ahri releases 3 Flame Balls, which seek after nearby enemies Ahri.

Ability3: She throws a heart and causes damage to enemies and charm the first enemy he strikes. This makes him walk towards you.

Ultimate n4: Ahri dashes ahead and fires 3 lightning bolts, dealing damage to the nearest enemies.

2- Diana:


Diana Champion is easy and plays with many lines. But the best place to play Diana is MID. Because of Passive and Ultimate, Diana is aggressive. You must engage in combat and inflict the greatest possible damage. And focus on ganking in other lines, the third ability will help you a lot on ganking. Diana has high damage but does not die as quickly as other high damage Champion, which is why it is so powerful. One of the Easiest and Best Wild Rift Champions.

* Diana Abilities:

Passive (Moonsilver Blade): In every third base attack, Diana deals extra damage in a certain circle area. And Using any of Diana’s abilities gains Attack Speed for the next 3 hits.

Ability1: It launches a curved light that causes damage, and if it hits enemies, the effect of moonlight applies to them.

Ability2: This skill gives you a shield and spreads 3 balls around Diana, and any enemy that touches the balls blows into it.

Ability3: Diana dash into an enemy Champion and deals him damage. If enemy Champion has the moonlight effect. You will be able to use this skill again.

Ultimate n4: Diana charges moon power in a circle, and any champion in a circle is drawn to Diana and is subjected to great damage and is marked with a moonlight sign.

V- Baron Lane:

The Baron line is often played by tank Champions. You should not die in the laning phase at the start of the match early game. Buy a Teleport (TP) to help your team if they need you at an important time. At the end of the match, if you are a tank champ, you will protect your team and become their shield to take damage.

1- Darius:


Darius, king of the baron line. Tank Champion deal very high damage due to Passive. This champion will remain strong no matter how the game changes. All you have to do when playing Darius is activate his Passive and you will easily take PentaKill. The most unique thing about Darius is that he recovers Ultimate if Champion is killed by it. One of the Easiest and Best Wild Rift Champions. Strong throughout the game (EARLY GAME – LATE GAME).

Darius Abilities:

Passive (Hemorrhage): Darius attacks deal bleeding to enemies. Can be stacked to 5. When hitting enemies 5 hits. Whether basic attacks or abilities, Passive will activate in full. Darius causes very high damage and also very high bleeding of enemies.

Ability n1: He hits the ax with a circular blow around himself. If the blade of the ax hits the enemy, Darius will regain a part of his health and the enemy will start to bleed.

Ability n2: Strong hit with an ax, deal high damage, and slow down the enemy.

Ability n3: Draws the enemies of those in front of him, more than one enemy. And slow them down.

Ultimate n4: Darius jumps to execute Champion with his ax. Deals very high damage if Passive is active. When you kill the enemy with ultimate, You will regain Ultimate.

1- Garen:


All Champion Tank basics are in Garen. Strong Champion in EARLY GAME. In LATE GAME it becomes a tank that cannot be killed. If you are feeding, you can enter the middle of the enemy team and kill the dangerous Champion on the enemy team. Garen is one of the easiest and best Wild Rift Champions. The thing that stands out most is “Passive”. And second ability.

Garen Abilities:

Passive (Perseverance): If “Garen” has not suffered any damage in the last 5 seconds. He begins to recover health.

Ability n1: When this ability is activated, Garen is released from all slows, And it is immune to slowing down, and speed of movement. And when you hit the enemy, you will cause damage, and also the enemy will not be able to use his abilities for a short time.

Ability n2: Garen Gets armor, which reduces a large percentage of damage. And it also reduces most of movement impairing effects.

Ability n3: Garen spins around, waving his sword for some time. Dealt multiple times damage to enemies and minions. If you hit the enemy with the edge of the sword, you will deal more damage.

Ultimate n4: Garen jumps to execute Champion the enemy. And it causes very high damage, especially if the enemy’s health is low. A nearby enemy Champion will also take damage.

Conclusion: Easy & Best Wild Rift Champions.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a very fun game and it’s my favorite game right now. But its problem is in the complexity and many things that you have to learn, especially for people who are new to the world of Moba games. I wrote this article in a very simple way, and I did not want to complicate it with the many numbers and terms of the game. This article will help beginners to choose the right Best Wild Rift Champions for them and improve their level. If you want me to explain anything related to the game (Champion, game terminology, Items, Runes, ideas, and tricks …. anything). Hope you mention it in the comments.

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