Best Wild Rift Yasuo Skins 2023: List Of All Yasuo Skins.

Best Wild Rift Yasuo Skins 2023: List Of All Yasuo Skins.
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In this list, we’ve evaluated and ranked All Wild Rift Yasuo Skins from worst to best, considering various factors such as visual aesthetics, effects, colors, rarity, and animations.

We will share with you: The Wild Cores Cost, Rarity, Availability, Pros, and Cons of The Skins, To help you choose the Yasuo Skin you want to purchase.

There are 7 Skins available Currently for Yasuo in Wild Rift, and Roit will add more Skins in the future. We will update our list, To ensure you stay up to date with the latest available options.

7 | High Noon Yasuo:


High Noon Collection offers good Skins & Many players like it. But High Noon Yasuo in Wild Rift is just a nice skin. Riot gives it for free to new players.

The things that stand out the most in Skin are the tornado, Wind Wall, and the effects of the 1st ability. They are designed quite well with the Wild West style.

The Skin is normal, and many players have it, but some prefer this type, and it is considered one of the best Wild Rift Yasou Skins.

  • Rarity: Normal.
  • Collection: High Noon.
  • Price: 725 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • You Can Take It For Free.
  • Lovely style

| Cons:

  • Many Players Have This Skin.

I think the High Noon Yasuo is not worth buying. Because many new players get it for free, If you get it for free, that’s good. But Don’t even think of buying it.

6 | Battle Boss Yasuo:


Battle Boss Yasuo offers a great combination of Yasuo’s character and a colorful arcade game world. That Gives Yasuo a visually striking appearance.

Riot has changed almost everything in this Skin, graphics, effects, sounds, appearance, etc. While playing Battle Boss Yasuo, the animation and effects make everything feel lifelike.

Also, the Skin offers a vibrant color scheme, blue, Violet, white, and more. I usually do not prefer this color. But this time, The combination of design, colors, and effects is beautiful.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Battle Boss.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Energetic Animation and Effects.
  • Eye-Catching Color Scheme.

| Cons:

  • Some players don’t like Arcade Colors.

If you like Skin that changes Champion much, I think Battle Boss Yasuo is for you.

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5 | Project Yasuo:


Project Yasuo is an epic skin, presenting a cyberpunk and future theme. The collection gives Yasuo a robotic look with a white, black, and orange color scheme.

The skin theme and tone of voice fit Yasuo’s strong character, and All of Yasuo’s abilities have a futuristic feel. Also, the 3D Model caught my attention as it is full of details.

The orange color that appears while using the abilities is attractive, but it feels like the animation is not smooth, Because the orange color is radiant.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Project.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • The theme Fits Yasuo Character.
  • New Voice Tone
  • Good Abilities Effects.

| Cons:

  • The Animation Is Not a Little Smooth.

Project Yasuo Skin is unique and different from other skins. I think if you like the world of cyberpunk. Then Project Yasuo is Good for you and worth buying.

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4 | NightBringer Yasuo:


NightBringer Yasuo is a skin that has caused a lot of controversy among Players because it is a legendary skin with Strong positives and negatives.

The design and appearance are relatively poor. It feels old and not suitable for Yasuo’s strong character. Also, the wind wall design is poor and devoid of creativity.

The strong side of NightBringer Yasuo is that the animation is smooth than all Yasuo skins, a Sinister tone of voice, and Ult effects.

When Yasuo Stack the 1st ability, or when he uses Ult, he becomes radiant. At this moment, the design and appearance of the skin is crazy.

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Collection: NightBringer.
  • Price: 1325 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • More Smooth Compared To Other Yasuo Skins.
  • New Voice Tone
  • Ult Effects.
  • Rare Compared To Other Skins.

| Cons:

  • The Design is Not For Legendary Skin.

The problem with NightBringer Yasuo is in design. As for the rest of the characteristics, they are excellent. If you like the design and appearance, NightBringer is your first choice.

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3 | Blood Moon Yasuo:


Unlike NightBringer, Blood Moon Yasuo’s design and appearance are good. At first sight, it shows creativity, attractiveness, and charm of colors.

The beautiful combination of red and black is suitable for Yasuo’s character. Also, effects while using abilities and the color of the sword when it becomes radiant are all beautiful.

What also caught my attention about Blood Moon are the details and particles in the 3D model. I wish they had changed the tone of voice and added new vocal lines.

  • Rarity: Normal.
  • Collection: Blood Moon.
  • Price: 725 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • Color Scheme.
  • Ult Animation and Effects.
  • Details and Particles.

| Cons:

  • The Same Voice Tone.
  • Not Rare, A Lot Of Player Have.

Many players own Blood Moon Yasuo. That means that it is not suitable for players looking to stand out. But, If you want cheap skin with good features, you can buy Blood Moon.

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2 | Soul Fighter Yasuo:


Soul Fighter offers a design similar to Japanese anime and is very suitable for Yasuo’s character and abilities, with A colorful and powerful appearance.

The best thing about Soul Fighter Yasuo’s skin is the ultimate. Using Ultimate on multiple enemies is a great experience. That is Completely different from other skins.

Colors, animations, and the way to hit enemies are all different and beautiful. Also, Riot has added new voice lines and maintains the same voice tone.

Soul Fighter Yasuo has its character and charm, which some players may not like. But in my opinion, it is currently one of the best exclusive Wild Rift Yasuo Skins so far.

  • Rarity: Legendary.
  • Collection: Soul Fighter.
  • Price: 1325 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • New Design and Voice Lines.
  • Ultimate Animation.

| Cons:

  • Some players don’t like the Skin theme on Yasuo.
  • 3D Model Design Does Not Contain Many Details.

If you like anime characters and the skin that changes Champion, Soul Fighter Yasuo is the best for you.

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1 | Spirit Blossom Yasuo:


The theme, the colors, the Animation, the details, and the design are Good. Riot designed everything in the skin Well, Legendary Skin Features in Epic Skin.

Many players don’t play Yasuo but buy Spirit Blossom. Also, some players decided to Main Yasuo because of The Skin.

Effects and particles while using abilities are Amazing, vibrant colors and smooth animations, and the look of the sword is beautiful when it is shining.

The skin theme fits Yasuo’s character. He’s a tragic character, and the Spirit Blossom theme perfectly captures that.

Riot has not added a new voice tone and Voice line, but the Spirit Blossom is one of the best Wild Rift Yasuo Skins.

  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Collection: Spirit Blossom.
  • Price: 990 Wild Cores.
  • Availability: In The Store.

| Pros:

  • The Theme Fit Yasuo Character.
  • The colors & Animation.

| Cons:

  • Epic Skin, Many players own it.
  • The Same Voice Tone and Voice Line.

The best Yasuo Skin you can buy in terms of appearance, design, Animation, and colors is Spirit Blossom so far.

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| Final Thoughts:

We hope this list of the best Wild Rift Yasuo Skins helped Narrow Down your options and aid your decision-making process.

We ranked All Wild Rift Yasuo Skins from worst to best based on visual aesthetics, effects, colors, rarity, sounds, animations, The Wild Cores Cost, Availability, Pros, and Cons.

But remember that the main factor in choosing is personal preference, not the opinions of the Other players. I hope I have helped you in some way and wish you well.

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