Best 10 Wild Rift Carry Support Champions: To Carry Team & Win.

Best 10 Wild Rift Carry Support Champions: To Carry Team & Win.
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If you are looking for the best Wild Rift Carry Support to make an impact, carry the team, and climb the ranks. This list will help you.

Support is a Difficult role, Especially when it Comes to carrying the team to Win. But by mastering one of these champions, you will have control over the game and Carry.

Check out our 10 Wild Rift Carry Supports and their strengths, playstyles, and strategies. Choose what suits your playing style and enjoy it more.

1 | Yuumi:


In Wild Rift, Enchanters Supports are the more popular option, and you can always find them in high Meta TIER LIST S+ & S.

Yuumi is one of the best Enchanters and has a Great ability to carry the team Because it can protect allies by giving Shields, movement speed, and health.

Also, an Ult that enables her to deal high area damage and crowd control. If your ADC ally is not good, he can support another Ally and carry the team.

| Tips To Carry As Yuumi:

  • Attach to the champion Who Can Carry team not only On ADC.
  • Try to active Yuumi passive as much as possible.

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2 | Thresh:

Thresh-Wild-Rift-Carry Support

In my opinion, Thresh is the best support in terms of mechanisms. It has many Mechanisms and micro, and it is So Fun.

A tank that can take Damage has a lot of crowd control, can provide utility and protection, roaming ability, can adapt to different team compositions and play styles, and Playmaking potential.

Taking Thresh as an OTP is a perfect choice if you like to play Tank Engager Support. It’s not an easy Champ, but he’s worth the time to learn.

| Tips To Carry As Thresh:

  • Learn and practice using the hook effectively.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to Roam and help the team.
  • Learn how to use 2nd ability (Dark Passage) effectively.

3 | Pyke:


Many players love the Support role but hate protecting the ADC and not taking kills. Pyke solved this problem.

Pyke Assassin Support, his role is to collect killers. This Champ characterizes by his ability to Roam and quickly engage and disengage in team fights.

What makes Pyke Wild Rift Carry Support is the Ult and Passive. Ult that enables him to execute enemy Champions below a certain amount of health and re-use it if Pyke takes a kill.

Also, the passive allows Pyke to generate extra gold for himself and his teammates when he takedowns. That helps give your team an advantage and snowballs the game.

| Tips To Carry As Pyke:

  • Be patient, and don’t rush. Wait for an opportune moment to execute and reset.
  • In team fights, Don’t stop engaging and disengaging. Until you find a good opportunity for the ULT.

4 | Lux:


Lux is one of the most popular and Easiest champions in Wild Rift. Many ADC players hate playing with LUX. But it is Very Powerful.

She can deal a lot of damage, has a long-range, and has Crowd Controle. If you master it and know when to play Support for ADC and when to play alone, you can carry your team.

Playing Lux in Low Elo is not the same as in High Elo. All players anticipate her moves and know how to play against her, and this is the challenge of climbing the rank with LUX.

5 | Lulu:


Most ADC players like to play with Lulu because she’s a classic Enchanter Support that provides the Buffs needed by Carry.

As an assassin player, I hate playing against Lulu Because she won’t let me take Carry one shot. Lulu forms a Very Strong combo with some champions, like Jinx & Vayne & Olaf.

Using the Ult at the right time and on the right champion Is What separates a good player from a bad one. Don’t use Ult Always on ADC only.

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6 | Leona:


Leona can carry the team in the Wild Rift by crowd control, Tank damage, and helping teammates to deal more damage thanks to her passive.

Her ability to engage and catch enemy carry can start team fights and create advantageous situations for her team. Leona Hard Engage champion, Always make sure your team follows you back.

Leona is also Strong in roaming. You can go to the Mid Lane and use the ULT to catch the enemy. This type of champ is weak in the early game. You have to keep that in mind.

| Tips To Carry As Leona:

  • Don’t Build The Same Items Every Game. Understand All Tank Items & When To Use It.
  • The Flash & 1st Ability or The Flash & 3rd Ability Combos are powerful. Practice doing it fast.
  • Try To Put Sunlight (Passive) in as many as a possible enemy champions for maximum damage.

7 | Senna:


Senna is an ADC Support With a unique combination of damage and utility. If your ADC is good, you can support him and provide utility.

If your ADC is Bad, you can focus on the farm souls and wait for the late game. Senna is Very Powerful in the late game, and She can do a lot of damage.

َAlso, she has a long-range. That will help harass and catch enemies with CC.

8 | Rakan:


Rakan is different from the rest of the Support Champions. He can carry his team through his exceptional engagement potential and playmaking ability.

As a highly mobile support, he can initiate team fights, catch enemies by surprise, and set up opportunities for his team to secure kills. In addition, ULT can change the course of the Fight.

Using Rakan’s mobility ability, you can create advantageous positions for his team to secure objectives and dominate team fights.

9 | Karma:


Karma is a champion that is appropriate and useful in all match-ups. It can assist and protect the team, provide shields, movement speed, crowd control, and Deal damage.

Also, Karma’s ability to poke and harass in the lane can create advantages for the ADC by putting pressure on opponents and affecting the rest of the map.

Karma is always at the S+ TIER and is one of the best and easiest Wild Rift Carry Support that can help with Climbing the rank.

10 | Alistar:


Alistar is one of the Strongest tanks in Wild Rift and is good against all types of damage. He has many mechanisms and a high ability to Playmaking.

Alistar can carry his team with his Powerful crowd control, engagement abilities, and peeling and protecting the ADC. As tank support, the Alistar’s primary role is to engage and disrupt the enemy team.

The ULT can absorb a lot of damage. Which is what makes Alistar super tank in the team fight.

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| Conclusion:

In conclusion, as a Support Role Player, it can sometimes be hard to carry games, especially in Low Elo. But, by mastering these Best 10 Wild Rift Carry Support Champions. You can significantly increase your impact and Carry your team.

Remember, it is crucial to practice and learn from your mistakes. Focus on mastering the fundamentals, such as wave management, vision control, and objectives control.

So, who is the best support to carry Wild Rift? The answer lies in your dedication to learning and mastering the champions on this list.

Take the time to practice, adapt, and refine your strategies, and soon enough, you’ll be carrying your team to win and climb the ranks.

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