Wild Rift Warding Guide: Everything About Vision Control & Ward Locations.

Wild Rift Warding Guide: Everything About Vision Control & Ward Locations.
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The most critical skill in Wild Rift that all High-Elo and professional players have is Warding and Vision Control. Without this skill, you cannot make correct decisions during a match, and therefore you will lose a lot. That is what we will learn in Wild Rift Warding Guide.

Without Ward and Vision Control, you will find it difficult to survive from the beginning of the matches to the end. The player with good Warding and Vision Control is the one whose Win Rate is higher than the rest of the players, Because of the information available to him and his team.

By using Wild Rift Warding in the Right Way, You will be able to determine the location and movements of enemies and make Smart decisions. That will increase your Win Rate and Climb Up Fast in Rank.

What is Wild Rift Warding?

It is the process of providing Vision for you and your team, In areas where you cannot see what is happening (fog of war), By using Ward items and placing them in appropriate places on a map.

Warding is One of The Most Important things in Wild Rift and all MOBA games. If you are good at Warding, You will improve The Decisions You make during a match, and your Win Rate will increase. That is what we will learn in Wild Rift Warding Guide.

Why is warding so important in Wild Rift?

Warding is very important in Wild Rift as it is the main factor in making the right decisions, and as you know, the whole game depends on The decisions you make during a match.

The benefit of Wild Rift Warding is from the beginning of a match to the last minute, helping you to gather information, save your life, analyze the enemy and take kills, and all of this increases your win rate and rise in Rank.

What You Have To Know:

There are some things and terms in Wild Rift Warding that many beginners don’t know their meaning.

1- Fog Of War:

In Wild Rift, Most of the map is covered with the Fog of War, which prevents you from seeing enemy Champions as they move and Prevents you from seeing Objectives in the Jungle (Dagon and Baron).

You can get rid of this fog by using Ward and Vision.

2- Wild Rift Vision Control:

It is a method you use to provide the Vision for your team, Using the various available elements and ways in a game. It is all about Vision and how to use it, and Warding in Wild Rift is how to use Ward items.

3- Types Of Vision in Wild Rift:



They are 3 Items that you can use in a map and provide you with a vision. Each item has its characteristics and features. These 3 are Key components of warding and map awareness in Wild Rift.

Scryer Bloom Plants:

There are four types of plants on the Wild Rift map. But only one of them is responsible for Vision, is Scryer Bloom.

When hitting this plant, it releases pollen in a conical shape to reveal the area in a direction that determines the player, To Detection of Enemy champions for 3 seconds, and all other units (jungle monsters, minions, etc.) for 12 seconds. Detection Enemy Traps and Wards appear permanently.

The plant comes back to life 100 seconds after being destroyed.

Rift Scuttler:

There are 2 of Them on the map, one at the top and one in the bot river. When you kill Rift Scuttler, It will create a circle next to the Dragon pit or the Baron pit. Depending on the side on which you kill it.

Any enemy champion passing on that circle will be seen and recognized. Also, any ally champ walking on that circle Gets a 40% increase in speed for 2 seconds.

Some Champions Abilities:

There are some champs or spells. That provides you with a vision and Enables you to see the enemy champs, Like Twisted Fate ult.

Types Of Wards in Wild Rift:


You can choose only one item from these 3 Trinkets to use on a map. If you want to change Trinket, you must be in the base.

1- Sight Ward:

  • You can place it anywhere you want on a map.
  • It Grants you a vision of the surrounding area.
  • Enemy champs can’t see it.
  • Its life span is 90 seconds.
  • Any player can charge 2 Sight Wards and recharge One for 120 seconds.
  • When placing Sight Ward directly, it is visible to enemies for 2 seconds, after which it disappears.
  • If enemies hit it 3-times, it will vanish.
  • It Can’t see stealth enemies (Like Evelynn) and hidden traps.
  • You get 30 gold if you destroy the enemy ward.

2- Oracle Lens or Sweeping Lens:

  • When Oracle Lens activated
  • You can use it for 10 seconds and recharge it for 75 seconds.
  • Can detect enemies’ Sight Word surrounding you and destroy them.
  • You can Detect hidden traps and stealth units surrounding you.
  • Detect enemy Champions in the fog of war.
  • The most important feature. Cancel Enemy Sight Ward Vision Surrounding You.

3- Control Ward:

  • You can place it anywhere you want on the map.
  • Each player is allowed to Place one Control Ward on a map.
  • If a player places another Control ward, The one before will vanish.
  • You can charge one Ward and recharge time 100 seconds.
  • Provide a large field of Vision compared to Sight Ward.
  • Enemies can see it.
  • Detect Sight Ward, traps, and Stealth enemy units.
  • The most important feature. Cancel Enemy Sight Ward Vision.
  • 3 Hits to get rid of Control Ward.
  • You get 30 gold if you destroy the enemy ward.

How To Ward in The Early Game/ Laning Phase:

Before diving into How to Wild Rift Warding, You should know that there are two types of Warding, Defensive and Aggressive.

Use Defensive Warding if you want to play passively. Save your life and save Important objectives.

Use Aggressive Warding If you want to control the enemy side, kill them and take Turrets and objectives. By vision control and providing map awareness.

How Ward in Top Lane And Ward location:

At the beginning of the game, you do not need warding many areas if you are playing in Baron lane. Because there are limited Areas, they will provide you with all the information you need.

For most of the matchup, you will need to put a Control or sight Ward in the bush of the River near your lane. Place a ward on the edge of Bush, To see as much space as possible in the River.

If you push, you will need to reveal the entrance to the Enemy jungle near you, to see the Jungler if they try Gank you.


Don’t forget to help your ally Jungler and give him some vision into a river. So he knows how to move around on a map. By Placing a Control or sight Ward in the River bush (the Pixel Brush).

Champions who play safely at the start of a match and are afraid of getting Dive should put a Control or sight Ward in the bush from the side of your Jungle here, Especially if you are playing against an early-game champ.

Always remember that there is no benefit in placing offensive wards in a losing match and vice versa. Wild Rift Warding is Based: on your game performance and The way you play. If you lose, you need defensive vision control. If you are Ahead, you need offensive vision control.

Also, You should consider your champion style. For example, a split pusher champion Needs to provide a vision of your lane along the Jungle.

When you put pressure on your opponent, you should provide more Vision into the enemy jungle, so be careful. I don’t recommend placing Control Ward in the enemy jungle because it will remove, and you can do nothing to protect it.

How Ward in mid Lane and Ward location:

Mid Lane has many areas that need to be warding, and a mid-lane player can’t provide a Full vision for them. So he needs the help of Support and Jungler.

In the beginning, you need to place Ward in the River or at the entrance of the enemy jungle. Don’t put a Ward in a bush next to your lane.

When your opponent is Stronger than you, ward one side of the River well and stand in a lane on the side you are Warding. So if enemies attack you, you have enough time to react.


One of the best Ward locations that mid-lane should use is In the enemy jungle. To tracker the Jungle. All the team will benefit from this valuable information. If his hp is low, you can dive into him and kill him.

As a mid-lane Player, you need to think about several things:

  • Enemy Jungler: Determine where he is and what he wants to do. That is information that will help your entire team.
  • Enemy Support: Be careful that enemy support comes to you.
  • Your Champion: If your champ is weak, the enemy team will focus on you. You should expect diving Because the mid lane is open from all sides. Ward the entrances to your Jungle near you.
  • Preparing for roaming: when you push and start roaming on a map, you have to provide a vision to Roam and move carefully in a river.

How Ward in Dragon Lane and Ward location:


When it comes to Dragon Lane Two most important things most players focus on are playing it safe and avoiding enemy jungle gangs and Enemy mid-lane roams.

If you freeze a wave in the middle, you have to put Sight Wards at the entrance to the enemy jungle and in the bush and the middle of the River to see Jungler if he is taking Scuttle Crab and the enemy mid lane if he is coming.

As for playing Under the Tower, you will only need to place Wards at the entrances to your Jungle. to see enemy if they try to dive. Always provide a vision to your jungle entrance to See the Jungle, Free kill.

When you’re ahead, “Vision” becomes incredibly important, and a slight mistake costs double kill. You Have to place Sight Ward and Control Wards in high traffic entrances and paths of the enemy jungle.

Also, if you are late, you have to prevent the enemy from continuing his snowball and going ahead more, By providing Vision around the tower and avoiding enemy diving.

Support helps set up a vision with ADC and Jungler. Provide Vision in the Dragon lane, River, at the entrances to the Jungle, and objectives.

How Ward as Jungler and Ward location:


Your Role as a Jungler at the beginning of a match is to protect your allies and your Jungle. Set Up a vision in the River and at Jungle entrances to prevent your Allies from dying and see if the enemy tries to Invade.

Jungler is the only one who can set up a vision across the entire map, given that he’s constantly roaming.

Always place wards near lanes and in the River. If you detect someone, alert your allies. That will greatly help your team in the long run.

When you are ahead, start tracking down the enemy Jungler and finding out where he is. Placing wards at the entrances to an enemy jungle will enable you To find out where Jungler is. If you can kill Enemy Jungler, Set up a vision in a jungle to dive and kill him.


Also, If you expect that enemy will invade your Jungle, You have to provide a vision at the jungle entrances and not inside It. To see the enemy early and have time to react.

Many players don’t use Oracle Lens even though it’s Incredibly Useful. This item can detect and destroy the enemy sight ward.

Your Role in the middle of a match is to remove enemy vision as possible, turn on the Oracle Lens in Important areas, and at times take out objectives to prevent the enemies from seeing. Also, if you want to invade an enemy jungle, turn it on so that enemy can’t see you.

How To Ward in The Late Game:

In a Late Game, teams begin to focus on objectives, removing the enemy vision, setting traps, and not dying.

First, you need to know your position in a game to Know how to perform the process of vision control. Are you ahead or late?


If you are ahead, you have to set up a vision inside the enemy jungle to put more pressure on them and not allow them to come back in a game. Because it is useless to ward your Jungle. and the enemy is late. They Will was not able to advance.

If you are Late, you have to provide a vision into your Jungle to farm safely and take monsters. To come back in a game and take objectives. Don’t move until you see the enemy on the map.

Dying in a Late Game affects a lot, especially if you’re the carry. Never walk into the fog of war if you don’t see enemies.


Distribute the Sight wards and Control Ward evenly across the map. If you don’t place it well, you won’t be able to tell if an enemy is setting a trap for you. Also, be sure to remove enemy vision and set traps.

Don’t forget to use the Oracle Lens, which is very important in Wild Rift Warding. It will make it easier for you to clear objectives.

How To Choose The Right Ward?

When to choose Sight Ward:

Sight Ward is a constant in all match situations. You will need this Ward at all times of a match and in all Situations. But it is very suitable when playing safely. If you want to save lives and play Defensively, choose Sight Ward.

When to choose Control Ward:

Control Ward can use it in both defensive and offensive situations. Provides you To see Stealth enemies like Evelynn and traps, detects enemy Sight Wards, and eliminates them. That helps to compress and play offensively.

When to choose an Oracle Lens:

The best case for using Oracle Lens is while taking Objectives and diving into an enemy jungle Because it detects all enemy Trinkets and cancels them. (They won’t be able to see you.)

Warding Objectives:

First thing you need to do before Warding Objectives is to decide how to take the target, be it a Dragon or a Baron.

  • Are you going to take it straight because you are ahead of the enemy team?
  • Fight 5v5 and then take it?
  • Are you going to hide in a jungle and steal it because your team is late?
  • If it’s a Normal Dragon, Leave him or fight?

After selecting the method of taking an objective, the Warding process begins.


Put a ward in the enemy’s path to see if they Are Going to take the objective. Then you will have plenty of room to react.

Always focus on providing Vision and map awareness into the enemy’s side. To know if the enemy is trying to fight or steal. Also, if the objective is on your side, you must guard the dragon and its environs to detect the enemy. Don’t put Wards in your Jungle. But if it is on the enemy’s side, you need to guard the objective and provide a vision of the enemy’s side to know their movements.

Before taking an objective, one should place the Control ward in a pit To detect and eliminate enemy Wards. After starting, One in the team must have Oracle Lens, and he activates it when his team is about to finish the objective, as it cancels the enemy Vision, and thus they cannot steal.

If the enemy Jungler is not Visible, When you start to take the objective, he is 100% trying to steal it. Try to provide a vision around a pit to locate him and make an appropriate decision.

Best Ward Locations:

In this section, We will learn about: The Best Challenger Wild Rift Warding Location.


1- Between Gromp and Blue Buff:

You can see the two monsters. That is a Very Valuable Ward at the beginning of a game. See two higher experience monsters and see an enemy jungle from the start.

The best time to place this Ward is right after you’ve seen an enemy Jungler elsewhere. To ensure you don’t die when placing a Ward.

2- In The Wolf Pit:

Detection Wolves pit in the first match, Enables you to know about Jungler’s next move. You will know if wants to go to Top or Bot, Mid, or even a river.

3- Deep in Mid Lane:

When destroying the first tower in Mid, place a Ward there. It will enable you to see all the movements of the enemy champs.

4- In The Bush Next To Raptors:

This place gives you all the information you need to stay safe in the lane, One of the Most Important wards you have to do if you want a Good wild rift warding.

5- In Your Jungle Entrances at River:

Defensive Ward in your Jungle and River, always when you play a passive role. It will protect you if the enemy is trying to dive into you. It is best to use Control Ward, as it will give you more range, and if they try to destroy it, you will retreat.

6- Enemy Jungle Entrances:

When playing an aggressive role and looking to make Aggressive moves, Do Vision control in the enemy jungle and use all ward types.

7- The Pixel Brush:

It is the best place to ward for mid-lane. You will see most of the River and know what happens near you.

8- River Brush:

Nothing new, but it is Very Useful to use. Do not place it at the beginning of the Brush. Put it at the end near the baron pit. To detect a larger area and see the Jungle from a farther distance.

Wild Rift Warding Tips and Tricks:

  • Always try to put Wards in the bushes to see what’s in and out of the bushes. But sometimes putting Ward out bush in some places is very useful.
  • The sight ward and Control Ward not only provide Vision. But your team can also take advantage of it, For example, by using Teleport on Ward. Also, some champs can dush on Trinket. Such as Jax and Lee Sin.
  • Each player is responsible for vision control, not only support.
  • Always make sure Warding the objective and Main Locations. All times if possible.
  • Use Wards whenever you have it To provide map awareness.
  • Always try to put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and anticipate what he wants to do.
  • There are some places on the map. You can place a Ward on the wall. It is placed opposite the wall, even if it is far away.
  • If you want to take a Dragon or Baron, you can put Ward in this place which will help you a Lot. Find out if the enemies want to steal a dragon.
  • Put Ward at the edge of the Brush, not in the middle. That helps you see more space outside Brush.
  • When a tower is down, try to put Ward in his place. Because losing it reduces Map awareness and vision control. Doing so helps in reading the enemy movements.
  • As a Jungle player, always try to switch between Sight ward and Oracle Lens. Provide and cancel Vision.
  • Clearing the enemy’s Vision is as Important as providing a Vision. So you and your team used the Control Ward and Oracle Lens more.
  • I hope you will benefit from this Wild Rift Warding guide and apply everything in it.


One of the most important parts to learn in Wild Rift is Warding and Vision Control, which is incredibly important for every Role and every move you make. If you want Climb Up in the Rank, you must understand and learn this guide, Wild Rift Warding.

If you benefited from this guide, let us know In the comments on the Next topic you want to learn, Wild Rift Laning, TeamFight, Wave Controle, Jungle, etc.

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